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From Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear United Kingdom

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I joined bookcrossing in 2010 however didn't really get in to it until a few months later. I think I have tried just about everything there is to do that this site points me too. Looked in all the forums, participated in most over the years, attended bookcrossing meets and Conventions, Controlled Released, Wild Released, entered many challenges, a few sweepstakes, a load of RABCKs. Participated in VBBs and Bookboxes, rings and rays. I try to run a shrinking VBB a couple of times a year (starting Round 8 in February 2016) in order to help me get my pile of books down to a manageable level. I currently have approx 250 books in a couple of cupboards, not to mention the pile by the side of my bed so need something to prompt me to do something about it! I also enter the quarterly SIY challenge, MTBR challenge, Pages Read challenge and the monthly readathon to try to keep up with my reading. Currently it is not as good as I would like, though if I didn't enter these challenges I guess it would be a lot worse!!!

2016 Update: Mount TBR is huge! Not helped by the fact I have just won a sweepstake - the first time I have been so lucky :)
It looked like one of my favourite challenges was going to end this year. The host Nu-Knees wanted to stand down, after almost 10 years and Ibis3 who ran the wonderful tally page suddenly no longer posts (do hope she turns up ok) Luckily one of the participants volunteered to host (Katethegreyt) and I offered to help out. It's rubbing along quite nicely at the moment and I have learnt how to build a webpage (basic but working) SIY Challenge . I am looking forward to adding to my knowledge and hopefully will smooth off the rough edges as time goes on. I don't know if it is because of the New Year or the fact I am seeing how well others are doing in this challenge but my reading has picked up since the beginning of Jan. There was a holiday involved too so only time will tell if I can keep it up or not.
2017 update. For personal reasons this hasn't been a good year and my bookcrossing has suffered :-(
I didn't make it to Oslo for the convention I had to cancel just two days before due to the loss of a close family member . I recently cancelled my ticket for the Loughborough Unconvention too due to health reasons. On the plus side me and two other bookcrossers, greenbadger and paws4books decided to meet up in Leeds so I arranged my first ever bookcrossing meet and about ten of us got together to swap books and chat. Would like to arrange another some time in the future. I set up my first bookbox Mixed Authors and I hear it will be on it's way back to me in the next few days, exciting. I continue with my Shrinking VBB and will be starting off round 11 shortly. I wild release less than I used to but still do so for the snap challenge. I buy mainly children's books for this. Yesterday I got a catch which prompted me to check my catch rate. It's currently at 36.9 % !!!! I am sure there are z few erroneous stats in there so when I have more time I will carry out a manual check. For now though I am one happy bookcrossers :-)

A few of us got our heads together about the demise of in 2014 and came up with a workable solution for sending surprises. This is held in the RABCK forum:

RABCK address thread

If you would like to join in drop me a PM and we will take it from there.#

For anyone wanting to send me something as a surprise, please contact BeckyLizz or Whiskeyjane who both hold my address to issue to other Bookcrossers.

ETA: 27 November 2015, is up and running again - once the 'bugs' are cleared I will be back on there too and will add a link here.
ETA Jan 2016 - I have joined - seems to be working ok for those on computers/laptops but not for mobile devices. One or two problems have been reported but in the main it is doing the trick!
ETA: August 2016 is down for a few months. It appears donations are required to ensure it is a fully secure for more infomation see elizardbreath's profile page.

The RABCK Game asked to list likes and dislikes.

Well I like surprises and in the years I have been bookcrossing have found a use for everything that has been sent to me. Bookcrossers seem to have an excellent skill of knowing just what will raise a smile ☺

However I do dislike marzipan and almonds! ETA. Scratch that - I can live with almonds these days!

BC Convention, Oxford, 10th - 12th April 2015

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