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I am a woman coming from Greece who knew of Book Crossing since ages ago, but decided to be a member only as of May 2016. I read a lot, more or less every kind of book, although usually I avoid romances and self-help books. Oh, and no fanatic religious books please.

I own tons of books and I admit it is not easy for me to release them, I register on Book Crossing only a tiny percentage of the books I hold in my hands and I may often buy a second copy of a book for book-crossing purposes. This is why I am a slow Book Crosser and will see how this will go, I hope you understand...

Some people asked me to fill in my wish-list but to be honest, it would be endless from the first day I try to fill it, so in case you think of sending me a book, feel free to Surprise me.

I rate my anonymity and my privacy very high and I politely ask people to respect my personal information. I admit I am more fond of wild releases and the serendipity of it all, but I enjoy watching the forums and taking part on some RABCKs, sweepstakes and the like.

For long periods of time I may not be found on my main address, so usually it is wiser to contact me before sending me anything.

I have some basic knowledge of some languages, but I feel comfortable to read books only in Greek (my native language) and in English.

Feel free to PM me for whatever question, issue or idea you may have and I will get back to you, even if it takes a couple of days.

Thanks for checking my profile and Happy Book Crossing!

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