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From Banyo, Queensland Australia
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If you've found or received one of my books it is yours to do with as you wish. Keep it forever, share it with your friends, or release it to continue its journey in the wild.

The only exceptions would be if it is part of a bookring or bookray, or a loaner from my Permanent Collection. The journal entries for the book on the Bookcrossing website will tell you if it is.

My only request is that you PLEASE journal the book when you receive it.


I don't actually have one. If I've really wanted to read a book I've always gone out, bought it, read it, and added it to my library. So if you are looking for something to send me … surprise me! (You can't really go wrong with science-fiction or crime or history or aircraft or weird facts/trivia or ... well, anything except romance I suppose.)


I think the TBR and PC books on my Bookshelf give a fair indication of what I read. In the main the books I release are ones that I have discovered I have two (or more) copies of in my personal library, purchased for a release challenge, or as is getting to be more common, deliberately bought more than one copy of so I can keep one and release the other(s). I tend to always look in the discount bin of every bookshop I wander past, and have been known to purchase every copy of a book or all the books in the bin if the price is right. My worst (or best, depending on your outlook), effort so far has been 80+ copies of the same book purchased in one hit.

I am more of a book collector than anything, and the books on my TBR list will almost always become part of my Permanent Collection once I've read them (unless they are ones I have received from other BCers in which case they will become Available as soon as I've read them, and then released as soon as possible after that).

Next to KEMS books are my main passion, my oldest friends and fill all the available space in my home. You have to walk around piles of books in the living and dining rooms, squeeze past them in the halls, and they surround the bed in the main bedroom. I started cataloguing them years ago, but it was just getting too hard, but have resumed cataloguing them on this web site, so it is sort of an on-line catalogue of my library for me. Any new acquisitions are also being registered on BC.

And when I've finished doing that, I can start on my other garbage ... I mean my collections of magazines, comics, LPs, cassettes, videos, CDs, DVDs, Doctor Who stuff, Star Wars collectibles ...

Luckily KEMS is fairly tolerant of my little foibles.


My profile picture is of me at the Australia Day 2006 Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane - my natural habitat as KEMS put it! I will admit that I can't resist book sales and always leave with literally a car load of second-hand books, and always look out for multiple copies of the same book to make it easier to register them for Bookcrossing purposes.


2019 TV Series Books Release Challenge (1 January to 31 December 2019)

2019 Science Fiction Release Challenge (1 January to 31 December 2019)

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