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A majority by definition, society thinks of itself as having other options than reading verses
― Joseph Brodsky

A reader, poet and translator, I love literature and grab a book whenever & wherever I can.

I most often read in my native Finnish, but also in English, French, and Swedish; less in Hebrew, Russian and some other languages (but it happens). Originals and translations. Poetry, prose, drama, comics, non-fiction. Genres aside, I'm sold on subtle twists of humor. And hey—I'm always willing to explore.

Bookcrossing continues to introduce me to genres and authors outside my usual scope. My BC bookshelf does not necessarily reflect my tastes: I often register and release books with the intention of having someone else enjoy them more than I did.

Reading and writing book reviews is my guilty pleasure, and journal entries are by far my favorite feature on I have no demands concerning the books I've passed on, but I would tremendously like to see them journaled with a bit of personality!

I like to keep track of what I read. I won't be making any specific literary resolutions for 2021, but I hope to be yet more diverse and less predictable in my reading, to venture further into Judaica, and to enjoy as many Wish List books as I can. I will be participating in the HelMet Reading Challenge 2021 and, as always, hope to making beautiful discoveries.

My Wish List consists of out-of-print books, new publications that haven't come my way yet, areas of special interest, as well as long-lost childhood favorites. I update my list regularly and wish to hug all the wonderful people who have fulfilled my wishes either via book swapping or RABCKing.

The Tampere BCers meet fortnightly. For meetup dates, any changes in the schedule, or other important notices, please see the Finnish Forum.


Catch Rate of My True Wild Releases: < 29%
Wild Books I Have Found: 70
Countries to Which I've Sent BC Books: Austria, Belarus, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, UK, USA
Countries from Which I've Received BC Books: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, UK, USA
Countries in Which I've Wild Released BC Books: Finland, Estonia, Italy, Russia, USA

Recent reading/release challenges:
I participated in Annimanni's Around the World reading challenge (closed Dec 31, 2019)
I participated in toukokuu's Saksa-haaste challenge for reading German literature (closed Oct 12, 2019)
I participated in Peonio's Ota riski — rakastu suomenruotsalaiseen challenge for reading Finland-Swedish literature (closed Nov 06, 2019)
I participated in Tarna's Yksi kuva kertoo enemmän... photography/release challenge (closed Oct 20, 2019)
I participated in Annimanni's virolainen lukuhaaste for reading Estonian literature (closed Dec 31, 2018)
I participated in toukokuu's Ranska-haaste for reading & releasing French literature (closed May 13, 2018 )
I participated in Lii5a's Ahmimishaaste reading challenge (closed May 9, 2018)
I participated in sakirmo's Countries of the World reading challenge (closed Apr 30, 2018)
I participated in Kesis's outdoor release challenge (closed Oct 30, 2017)
I participated in Paberiliim's LaNu challenge for children's literature (closed September 30, 2013)
I participated in erpax's I have never... challenge (closed September 1, 2013)
I participated in Lii5a's language challenge (closed April 2, 2013).

Reading/releasing/writing challenges organized by me:
Alastalon salissa, a challenge for reading the novel Alastalon salissa by Volter Kilpi (closed Dec 31, 2018)
Ei omena kauas puusta putoa, vai Pojasta polvi paranee, a writing challenge (closed Jan 14, 2019)
Nojatuolimatka for reading and journaling travel literature (closed July 4, 2018)
Oikeita käsiä ja vähän vasempiakin (closed May 31, 2013)


The HelMet (short for Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) annually challenges its patrons to participate in a year-long reading project. The challenge will consist of a collection of 50 topics or criteria for choosing your reading to broaden your worldview, inspire, and surprise; to read more and differently.

The HelMet Reading Challenge 2021
*) signifies re-reading

1. A book featuring keeping a diary
Inoue, Yasushi, Erään väärentäjän elämä* [from my bookshelf]
2. A book written by a teacher

3. A historical novel

4. A book where someone shares their memories
Coupland, Douglas, Generation X* [from my bookshelf]
5. A book related to a TV series or a film
Goldsmith, Olivia, The First Wives Club [from my bookshelf]
6. A book about love
Breton, André, L'amour fou* [from my bookshelf]
7. A book featuring a group of friends
Alcott, Louisa May, Flower Fables [an online book]
8. A book where the world is changing:
Kosovel, Srečko, Punainen raketti [from my bookshelf]
9. A book whose author’s first and last name begin with the same letter

10. A book with a number in its title
Brazil, Angela, The Youngest Girl in the Fifth [an online book]
11. A book about poverty
Yiddish Tales (translated by Helena Frank) [an online book]
12. A book set in the woods

13. A book related to the theatre, opera or ballet

14. A book that is a part of a series
Herzl, Theodor, The Jewish State [an online book]
15. A book that has something in common with your own life

16. A book where people live without electricity

17. A book whose title includes the name of the protagonist

18. A book about an LGBT+ family

19. A book featuring playing

20. A book featuring a profession that no longer exists or that is rare
Envall, Markku, Samurai nukkuu* [from my bookshelf]
21. A book related to a specific season

22. A book featuring cycling

23. A book that you read outdoors

24. A book whose title includes a question mark or exclamation mark

25. A book written by two authors

26. A biography of a person who is still alive
Yousafzai, Malala, Minä olen Malala [from my bookshelf]
27. A book whose protagonist is an animal

28. A book that is useful for you to read

29. A book whose protagonist’s life is changing

30. A book published after the author’s death

31. A thriller or a mystery

32. A book with a cat on the front or back cover description

33. A book that teaches a skill

34. A book where nature is observed
Jylhä, Yrjö, Runoja [from my bookshelf]
35. A book you have been waiting for

36. A book featuring travel through time

37. A book with a character whose work is important to the story

38. A well-translated book
Tagore, Rabindranath, Villilintuja* [from my bookshelf]
39. A book featuring listening to music

40. A book about animal rights

41. A book featuring travel by train

42. A fairytale book

43. A book that does not reveal the name of the protagonist

44. A book including recipes

45. A book written by a Nordic author

46. A book featuring eating treats

47.–48. Two books on the same subject

49. A book published in 2021:
Jančar, Drago, Kaleeriorja [from my bookshelf]
50. A book recommended by a member of the library staff

[15 books to date; *) signifies re-reading; **) signifies a bookcrossing book]

Alcott, Louisa May, Flower Fables
Brazil, Angela, The Youngest Girl in the Fifth
Breton, André, L'amour fou*
Coupland, Douglas, Generation X*
Envall, Markku, Samurai nukkuu*
Gibran, Kahlil, Ajan virta*
Goldsmith, Olivia, The First Wives Club
Herzl, Theodor, The Jewish State
Inoue, Yasushi, Erään väärentäjän elämä*
Jančar, Drago, Kaleeriorja
Jylhä, Yrjö, Runoja
Kosovel, Srečko, Punainen raketti
Tagore, Rabindranath, Villilintuja*
Yiddish Tales (translated by Helena Frank)
Yousafzai, Malala, Minä olen Malala

[205 books]


BOOKBOX: Runoreppu
Nainen ja kuningas
Glömp 9
Rexi on homo ja opettajat hullui
Mandala Colouring Book
Lintu pulpetissa
Isoäitini eroottiset kansantarinat
Dude, Where's My Country?
On Beauty
Lyhyt kantama
Mitä minä teen täällä?
Tyhmyyden ensyklopedia
Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme
The Penelopiad
Punainen erokirja
Glömp 7
Black Rain
Why Read the Classics?
Dictionary of the Khazars
The Importance of Being Earnest
A Woman of No Importance
The Capture of Attu
Kafka on the Shore
The Line of Beauty
Jane Austen -lukupiiri
The Swimming-Pool Library
Gyn/Ecology: Metaethics of Radical Feminism
Unique Item
A Void
Slaughter-house Five
Phaic Tan
Oracle Night
The Labrador Fiasco
South of the Border, West of the Sun
Fahrenheit 451
Atorox kuussa
Pessi ja Illusia
Kotona maailmankaikkeudessa

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