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Last time I updated this, I was reading:
Out of the Wreckage - George Monbiot
Staying Alive - Neil Astley(ed)

Next up:
The Salt Path - Raynor Wynn

How I got here

I have bulging shelves of books. Some are old friends that I return to time & time again. Others I picked up at stations in my commuting days, when I didn't feel like tackling the work in my bag, but had nothing to read on the train (my diary is NOT sensational!). Most of this latter category are candy floss - fun at the time, but a bit sickly, and when looked at more closely there's not much there. I know that sounds a bit snobby - but many of the books I come back to don't count as great literature either - just look at the lists! I kept meaning to give them to Oxfam, but somehow giving such a worthy cause books about people up to all sorts of unworthy things seemed a bit ... distasteful. I thought that if I started this lark, people could pick them up, or leave them for someone else, but someone out there is bound to like them - after all, I doubt I possess the only copy of any of them!

My Wish List

My bookshelf wish list is wish list 1: books I would like to read, or re-read, one day. However it is far from exhaustive! I'm always willing to give anything else that my reading list suggests, or anything from the 1001 list, a go. I also have several, more categorised, lists on Amazon.

Books read so far this year

(R) (in any colour) indicates a re-read
These books are linked to their JEs.
These books are from the library or were lent to me by non-bookcrossers (or by naughty bookcrossers who haven't registered them).
These books are on Kindle (yes, I gave in at last).
These books are in my PC or ones I've not got round to registering and are still in my possession at the time of posting.

I am, of course, willing to at least lend them, or indeed anything from my bookshelf that is marked PC or TBR, to other bookcrossers if asked very nicely ;o)

0. 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami (zero because finished on New Year's Day, but more read last year than this)
1. The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes
2. The Double Comfort Safari Club - Alexander McCall Smith

None (yet) this year.

Books Read 2013 to 2021
Some are on Goodreads but I've not been terribly good at keeping things up to date of late.
Books Read in 2012
Books Read in 2011
Books Read in 2010
Books Read in 2009
Books Read in 2008
Books Read in 2007
Books Read in 2006

A word of warning about 'my' availables ...

Chances are that if these were registered by katisha50, then they are with her rather than me - a slight flaw in the registering party plan!

... and an explanation of my weird stats
Just in case you are wondering how I have managed to catch and release many more books than I have registered.

I'm far too lazy to register much of my PC and too much of a magpie to release it, so most of 'my' books have been supplied by Molyneux who gets more than she can possibly dispose of herself.

Thanks to:

Eleanor A (not a bookcrosser, as far as I know, but I'm working on it) for the picture and
LightSmoker (ditto) for the html book that helped me brighten this up.

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