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New to this (obviously, from joining date!). Have tried a couple of releases - "cold drops" locally, neither caught yet (at least no journal entries) - checking and hoping to see something soon. Also gone hunting locally, but all recent releases seem to have gone, although again no journal entries yet. Presume all this is normal, as perhaps most caught books are passed direct from bookcrosser to bookcrosser?

For next release will probably send a message out first to some local bookcrossers to see if we can get some success.

Will also try registering a few more books and waiting for contact if anyone wants one.

Hoping lack of apparent success (very early stage I know) is usual, and probably due to delays in journalling or lack of internet access rather than a great big book black hole!

Very intrigued and excited by bookcrossing - excitement level bound to rise even further when I get some success!

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