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The essence of cryptographic honesty control algorithms in casinos boils down to the fact that up to the game whether it's roulette, poker, or Blackjack a series of results of future games is created (a series of numbers that will drop out on roulette, or a sequence of cards in a deck when playing gambling cards Blackjack or poker). In this case, the created series of future results is the usual text of the format agreed upon in advance and known to the player. That is, the system for controlling the integrity of the course and the results of the game at casinos like jackpot city casino review operates in exactly the same way, no matter what gambling games online casinos were talking about: whether it's slot machines, roulette, or poker.

This document, of course, is not shown to the player, but before starting the game in roulette or poker, it is processed by a special program for a certain algorithm to a known player and necessarily independent from the casino. For example, such an algorithm is MD5 (RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm). This is a universally accepted and widely used algorithm in the world. The result of this algorithm is a text string, which is called a text digest or an electronic digital signature (EDS).

The question arises: "What does this give the player?". The answer is simple: full guarantee of non-interference in the game from the side of the Internet casino. Electronic digital signature (text digest) in relation to the text, something like a fingerprint in a person. Its essence lies in the fact that as a result of the processing of the text, a unique sequence of symbols (actually an electronic digital signature) is obtained, which, with the slightest change in the source text, changes beyond recognition. It is not possible to select a text that, when processed using the MD5 algorithm, will get the same electronic digital signature as when processing another text. And before the game, the player is shown exactly the electronic digital signature obtained as a result of processing the previously created sequence of numbers using the MD5 algorithm.

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