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Books I've been reading recently:

May 2022
Never Fall for Your Fiancee: Virginia Heath

January - April 2022
The Reluctant Widow: Georgette Heyer
The Foundling: Georgette Heyer
Sprig Muslin: Georgette Heyer
April Lady: Georgette Heyer
A Civil Contract: Georgette Heyer
Lady of Quality: Georgette Heyer
Preternatural Affairs 1-7: SM Reine
Crowbones: Anne Bishop
Jonquil Friends and Foes: Sarah Eden
Jonquil Kiss of a Stranger: Sarah Eden
Once a Spy: Mary Jo Putney
Another Time, Another Place: Jodi Taylor
Alphas's Claim: Amelia Hutchins
One Fine Fae: Molly Harper
Nice Werewolves Don't Bite Vampires: Molly Harper
The Invisible Husband of Frick Island: Colleen Oakley
Three Wishes: Sristen Ashley
The Spinster's Secret: Emily Larkin
Regency Buck: Georgette Heyer
The Nonesuch: Georgette Heyer
Lake Silence: Anne Bishop
Three Souls: Janie Chang
The Marquess: Patricia Rice
Lessons in Enchantment: Patricia Rice
The Lady Jewel Diviner 1-4: Rosalie Oaks
The Lost Locket: Marie Harte
My Favourite Witch: Lisa Plumley
Wild Country: Anne Bishop
Sylvester: Georgette Heyer
The Talisman Ring: Georgette Heyer
The Rake: Mary Jo Putney
An Infamous Army: Georgette Heyer
Devil's Cub: Georgette Heyer
These Old Shades: Georgette Heyer
Brimstone Inc 1-3: Abigail Owen
BaitnWitch: Abigail Owen
Cousin Kate: Georgette Heyer
Once a Rebel: Mary Jo Putney
Enticing Miss Eugenie Villaret: Ella Quinn
The Black Moth: Georgette Heyer
Fated Blades: Ilona Andrews
The Black Sheep: Georgette Heyer
The Convenient Marriage: Georgette Heyer
Frederica: Georgette Heyer
The Grand Sophy: Georgette Heyer
Haunting Secrets: Marie Higgins
The Witches of Wolverton: Emma Wulfstan

July-December 2021
The Keeper of Lost Things: Ruth Hogan
Spellmaker: Charlie Holmberg
Spellbreaker: Charlie Holmberg
How to Talk to Goddeses: Emily Croy Barker
The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic: Emily Croy Barker
Threadneedle: Cari Thomas
Witches Handbook of Kisses and Curses: Molly Harper
A Gentleman in Moscow:
Star Mother: Charlie Holmberg
Graveminder: Melissa Marr
Accidental Sire: Molly Harper
Saving Time: Jodi Taylor
Rebel's Karma: Rebecca Zanetti
Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs: Molly Harper
Single Undead Moms Club: Molly Harper
Driving Mr Dead: Molly Harper
Meet Me in Another Life: Catriona Silvey
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: Gail Honeyman
The Eternal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Rebecka Skloot
If He's Noble, Daring, Dangerous, Wild: Hannah Howell
Dance with the Fae Prince: Elise Kova
The Highlander's Excellent Adventure: Shona Galen
Long Shadows: Jodi Taylor
Sasha Urban: Dina Zales
Bloodlines 1-6: Richelle Mead
Come Find Me: Megan Miranda
The Gentleman and the Thief: Sarah Eden
The Lost Duke of Wyndham: Julia Quinn
A Short History of the World According to Sheep: Sally Coulthard
Relatively Dead: Sheila Connelly
Enchanted Chaos: Jessica Sorensen
In Arcadia: Andrea Host

June 2021
The Dark In-Between: Elizabeth Hrib
Bridgertons HEA: Julia Quinn
An Offer from a Gentleman: Julia Quinn
Glimmer of Hope: Sarah Eden
Longbourn: Jo Baker
Life and Death: Stephanie Meyer

May 2021
The Midnight Library: Matt Haig
Forever: Maggie Stiefvater
Linger: Maggie Stiefvater
Shiver: Maggie Stiefvater
Sorcery of Thorns: Margaret Rogerson
An Enchantment of Ravens: Margaret Rogerson
Followed by Frost: Charlie Holmberg
Another Time, Another Place: Jodi Taylor

April 2021
Always be my Banshee: Molly Harper
On the Way to the Wedding: Julia Quinn
It's in His Kiss: Julia Quinn
Midsummer Night: Charlie Holmberg
When He Was Wicked: Julia Quinn
To Sir Phillip, With Love: Julia Quinn
Romancing Mr Bridgerton: Julia Quinn
Bridgerton 1-3: Julia Quinn
Dark Stars: Danielle Rollins
Twisted Fates: Danielle Rollins
Stolen Time: Danielle Rollins
First Comes Scandal: Julia Quinn
Because of Miss Bridgerton: Julia Quinn
The Other Miss Bridgerton: Julia Quinn
Witherward: Hannah Matthewson
Marriage Bargain: Louise Allan
The Garden of Promises and Lies: Paula Brackston
Troy: Stephen Fry

March 2021
The Lost Apothecary: Sarah Penner
After the Crash: Michel Bussi
Stray, Touchstone, Cassandra: Andrea Host
How to Love your Elf: Kerrelyn Sparks
An Unlikely Countess: Jo Beverley
A Deadly Education: Naomi Novik

February 2021
What Cats Want: Yuki Hattori
Romancing the Deadly: C Owens
Magic and Manners: C E Murphy
Unnatural Magic: C M Waggoner
The Secret Duke: Jo Beverley
Make Believe Husband: Julia Quinn

January 2021
Tall Duke and Dangerous: Megan Frampton
The Duke Effect: Sophie Jordan
Guardian's Grace: Rebecca Zanetti
A Deal with the Elf King: Elise Kova
Ten Thousand Stitches: Olivia Atwater
Half a Soul: Olivia Atwater
Daughters of the Witching Hill: Mary Sharratt
The Ordeal of the Haunted Room: Jodi Taylor
Blood Magic: J T Lawrence

December 2020
A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking: T Kingfisher
Grave War: Kalayna Price
Grave Destiny: Kalayna Price
Blinded: Teyla Branton
Mistletoe and Mr Right: Sarah Morgenthaler
Never Kiss a Duke: Megan Frampton
The Near Witch: Victoria Schwab
Shadows in the Mist: Jeri Westerson
Deadly Rising: Jeri Westerson
Booke of the Hidden: Jeri Westerson
The Sisters of Straygarden Place: Hayley Chewins

November 2020
Midnight Sun: Stephanie Meyer
The Cadaver Client: Frank Tuttle
Hold the Dark: Frank Tuttle
The Mister Trophy: Frank Tuttle
Where the Wild Things Bite: Molly Harper
The Work of Art: Mimi Matthews
Dead Man's Rain: Frank Tuttle
Betrayal: Gillian Shields
The Lefthanded Booksellers of London: Garth Nix

October 2020
Under Fire: Teyla Branton
Upstaged: Teyla Branton
On the Hunt: Teyla Branton
Touch of Rain: Teyla Branton
Hard Time: Jodi Taylor
Immortal: Gillian Shields
This Time Tomorrow: Tessa Bailey
The Lady and the Highwayman: Sarah Eden
The Lost Letters: Mimi Matthews
Gods Behaving Badly: Marie Phillips

September 2020
A Guide to the Birds of East Africa: Nicholas Drayson
The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires: Molly Harper
Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper 4): Ilona Andrews
Brimstone: Cherie Priest
How the Dukes stole Christmas: Tessa Dare
Sweep with Me (Innkeeper 5): Ilona Andrews
Shadows in Time: Julie McElwain

August 2020
Emerald Blaze: Ilona Andrews
Parish 1-4: Mimi Matthews
Mystic Bayou 1, 2, 2.5, 3: Molly Harper
Runemarks: Joanne Harris
Echoes of the Runes: Christina Courtenay
3rd Freak House 1-3: CJ Archer
The Will and the Wilds: Charlie Holmberg

The Captive Wife
Freak House series 2
The First Time Lauren Pailing Died: Alyson Rudd
The Cecilia & Kate novels: Patricia Wrede
Sex in the Sticks: Sawyer Bennett
Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street: Karen White
Echo Moon: Laura Spinella
Foretold: Laura Spinella
Taking, Replaced, Countdown: Kimberley Derting
Bruny: Heather Rose
The House in the Cerulean Sea: TJ Klune

May 2020
Time watch: Linda Grant
Mind Dimension 0-4: Dima Zales
Monstrous Heart: Claire McKenna

April 2020
Havenfall: Sarah Holland
You Were There Too: Colleen Oakley
Daughter from the Dark: Marina Dyachenko
Secrets of the Chocolate House: Paula Brackston

March 2020
13 Dates: Matt Dunn
The Devil in the White City: Eric Larson
Saturn's Children: Charles Stross
Have you eaten Grandma: Gyles Brandreth
The Porpoise: Mark Hadden
Plan for the Worst: Jodi Taylor
Doing Time: Jodi Taylor

February 2020
The Sparrow: Mary Doria Russell
Forged in Ember, Fire, Smoke and Ash: Trish McCallan

January 2020
The Honk and Holler Opening Soon: Billie Letts
The Vine Witch: Luanne Smith
Soundless: Richelle Mead
Shut up and Run: Robin Arron
The truth about Melody Brown: Lisa Jewell
Start a Scandal: Tessa Dare
The Almanack: Martine Bailey
Ryker: Sawyer Bennett
Outcast: Adrienne Kress
Sacrifice: Brigid Kemmerer
City of Lost Dreams: Magnus Flyte
City of Dark Magic: Magnus Flyte
Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen
Darwin Awards
Why is Nothing Ever Simple?: Jodi Taylor

December 2019
Hidden: Rebecca Zanetti
Storm Watcher: Lilith Saintcrow
Dark Watcher: Lilith Saintcrow
Distant Magic: M J Putney
Stolen Magic: M J Putney
Kiss of Fate: M J Putney
Soul Screamers: Rachel Vincent
Ghosts: Paul Dowsell
Daemon’s Fall: Karalynn Lee
Tainted Night, Tainted Blood: E S Moore
To Walk the Night: E S Moore

November 2019
Unleashed: Sophie Jordan
Uninvited: Sophie Jordan
Diamond Fire: Ilona Andrews
Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence: Michael Marshall Smith
Road No Good: Bridget Isichei
The Clockmakers Daughter: Kate Morton
Uprooted: Naomi Novak

October 2019
Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Laini Taylor
Black Blade 1,2,3: Jennifer Estep
In Another Life: C C Hunter
Silver Shark: Ilona Andrews
Silent Blade: Ilona Andrews
Thin Air: Lisa Gray
Postcards from kitchens abroad: Diana Holuigue

September 2019
Gentlemen and Players: Joanne Harris
All the birds, singing: Evie Wyld
The Case of the Imaginary Detective: Karen Joy Fowler
A Bachelor Establishment: Jodi Taylor
When did you last see your father: Jodi Taylor
Sienna, Archer: Rae Rivers
Possessed: PC Cast
Lord Dashwood: Tessa Dare
Lady by Midnight: Tessa Dare

August 2019
Opal, Onyx, Obsidian: Jennifer Armentrout
Alex, Garrett, Zack: Sawyer Bennett
The Schemer: Avery Flynn
Storm, Spirit, Secret, Spark: Brigid Kemmerer
Where underpants come from: Joe Bennett

July 2019
The Dysasters: PC Cast
Wild Country: Anne Bishop
Three Heartbeats Away: C C Hunter
Two Feet Under: C C Hunter
One Foot in the Grave: CC Hunter
Witch Hunt: Syd Moore
The Last Runaway: Tracy Chevalier
The Charmer: Avery Flynn
Betrayal in Time: Julie McElwain
The Silence of the Girls: Pat Barker
The Universe versus Alex Woods: Gavin Extence
The Negotiator: Avery Flynn
Spinning Silver: Naomi Novik
Talking Pictures: Ransom Riggs
Spindle Cove 1, 1.5: Tessa Dare

June 2019
The Deadliest Bite: Jennifer Rardin
Bitten in Two: Jennifer Rardin
Bite Marks: Jennifer Rardin
Golden Hill: Francis Spufford
The Lieutenant: Kate Grenville
One More Bite: Jennifer Rardin
Bitten to Death: Jennifer Rardin
Biting the Bullet: Jennifer Rardin
Winnie the Pooh: AA Milne
Moll Flanders: Daniel Defoe
Another One Bites the Dust: Jennifer Rardin
Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Jennifer Rardin
Cats Are Smarter than Jack: Jenny Campbell

May 2019
Indelible: Adelia Saunders
Spellcaster 1-4: Claudia Gray
Islam: Karen Armstrong
Beyond your touch: Pat Esden
A hold on me: Pat Esden
Conjured: Sarah Beth Durst
Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club 1-3: Alison Goodman

April 2019
The Outcasts of Time: Ian Mortimer
Rose, 1944: Helen Dunmore
Hope for the Best: Jodi Taylor
The Ravenous Dead: Natasha Hoar
The Stubborn Dead: Natasha Hoar
Dragon Justice: Laura Anne Gilman
Tricks of the Trade: Laura Anne Gilman
Pack of Lies: Laura Anne Gilman
Hard Magic: Laura Anne Gilman
Crooked Letter: Tom Franklin
A Map of Days: Ransom Riggs
Burning Bright: Tracy Chevalier
The Witching Hour: Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Playing with Fire: C J Archer
Heart Burn: C J Archer
The Wrong Girl: C J Archer

March 2019
The Wisdom of Madness: C J Archer
Vow of Deception: C J Archer
Forty Days Without Shadow: Olivier Truc
Veiled in Moonlight: C J Archer
Of Fate and Phantoms: C J Archer
From the Ashes: C J Archer
Ashes to Ashes: C J Archer
Grave Expectations: C J Archer
Beyond the Grave: C J Archer
Her Majesty's Necromancer: C J Archer
The Last Necromancer: C J Archer
Where the Forest Meets the Stars: Glendy Vanderah
Blue Twilight: Maggie Shayne

February 2019
Migrant Journeys: Adrienne Jansen (ed), Liz Grant (ed)
Edge of Twilight: Maggie Shayne
Twilight Hunger: Maggie Shayne
At Twilight: Maggie Shayne
Twilight Illusions: Maggie Shayne
Beyond Twilight: Maggie Shayne
Lady of Ashes: Christine Trent
Royal Shifters: Nancy Corrigan
Mackade: Nora Roberts
Flat Broke with Two Goats: Jennifer McGaha
Stars of Mithra: Nora Roberts
Beautiful Lies: Jessica Warman

January 2019
Vanished 1-4: Meg Cabot
And Now For Something Completely Different: Jodi Taylor
The Little Shop of Found Things: Paula Brackston
Grave Ransom: Kalayna Price
Grave Visions: Kalayna Price
Grave Memory: Kalayna Price
Grave Dance: Kalayna Price
Grave Witch: Kalayna Price

December 2018
Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead
Dark Light: Jodi Taylor
Cowboy Pride: Lacy Williams
Ghost Maker: Robin D Owens
A Kiss in Time: Alex Flinn
Charming: Sophie Brooks
Tempting: Sophie Brooks
Night Shift: Charlaine Harris
Day Shift: Charlaine Harris

November 2018
The Sister's Secrets Rose: Katlyn Duncan
Urban Arcana 1-4: Cindy Spencer Pape
Midnight Crossroad: Charlaine Harris
White Silence: Elizabeth Cage
Mythos: Stephen Fry
The True Darcy Spirit: Elizabeth Aston
Tips for the Lazy Gardener: Linda Tilgner
Phantom Embrace: Dianne Duvall

October 2018
Take Six Girls: Laura Thompson
The Mirror Crack’d: Agatha Christie
At The Sign of the Sugared Plum: Mary Hooper
The Mapmaker’s Apprentice: C J Archer
The Watchmaker’s Daughter: CJ Archer
Lord Immortality: Alexandra Ivy
Lord Eternity: Alexandra Ivy
Lord Vampire: Alexandra Ivy

September 2018
Resonance: Celine Kiernan
Witchmark: C L Polk
Date with Darcy: Tiffany Schmidt
Caught in Time: Julie McElwain
Ghost Talker: Robin Owens
Steel's Edge: Ilona Andrews
Fate's Edge: Ilona Andrews
Bayou Moon: Ilona Andrews
On the Edge: Ilona Andrews
The Steam Pump Jump: Jodi Taylor
Ghost Killer: Robin Owens

August 2018
Ghost Layer: Robin Owens
Ghost Seer: Robin Owens
Y is for Yesterday: Sue Grafton
x: Sue Grafton
W is for Wasted: Sue Grafton
V is for Vengeance: Sue Grafton
R is for Ricochet: Sue Grafton
Hidden Figures: Margot Lee Shetterly
Burn for Me: Cynthia Eden
The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper: Phaedra Patrick

July 2018
Sorceress: Celia Rees
Witch Child: Celia Rees
Haunted: Alexandra Adornetto
Ghost House: Alexandra Adornetto

June 2018
Opal: Maggie Stiefvater
Once Bitten, Twice Burned: Cynthia Eden
Thicker Than Water: Brigid Kemmerer
Major Misconduct: Kelly Jamieson
Tantalize 1-4: Cynthia Letitch Smith
The Love that split the World: Emily Henry
The Good Doctor: Lance O'Sullivan
Lords of the Underworld: Gena Showalter
Noir: Christopher Moore

June 2018
The Far West: Patricia Wrede
Across the Great Barrier: Patricia Wrede
Thirteenth Child: Patricia Wrede
Dirty Blonde: Lisa Scottolini
An Argumentation of Historians: Jodi Taylor
The Battersea Barricades: Jodi Taylor
The Witches of Cleopatra Hill 1-4: Christine Pope
Dark Moon: Christine Pope
Lake Silence: Anne Bishop

May 2018
Ghost Talkers: Mary Robinette Kowal
Long Shot: Kelly Jamieson
Wickedest Lord: Christina Brooke
Kiss at your own risk: Stephanie Rowe
Wicked Kiss: Rebecca Zanetti
The Hand That First Held Mine: Maggie O’Farrell
Freeks: Amanda Hocking

April 2018
Knight of Runes: Ruth Casie
School for Psychics: K C Archer
Cahill 1-3: Jessica Spotwood
Wicked Bite: Rebecca Zanetti
I am Malala: Malala
Sweet Spot: Stephanie Evanovich
Hot Shot: Kelly Jamieson
Practical Magic: Alice Hoffman

March 2018
The Rules of Magic: Alice Hoffman
Highlander Obsession: Vonnie Davis
Forest of Memory: Mary Robinette Kowal
Huntress of Thornbeck Forest: Melanie Dickinson
Body Shot: Kelly Jamieson
Blue Moon: Linda Howard
Hidden Legacy 1-3: Ilona Andrews
The Innkeeper Chronicles 1-3: Ilona Andrews
Before I Go To Sleep: S J Watson
All our wrong todays: Elan Mastai
Slap Shot: Kelly Jamieson
The Julius House: Charmaine Harris
A Sea of Troubles: Donna Leon

February 2018
The Astrologer’s Daughter: Rebecca Lim
A Perfect Storm: Jodi Taylor
Christmas Past: Jodi Taylor
Top Shelf: Kelly Jamieson
Thunderbird Falls: C E Murphy
Halo, Hades, Heaven: Alexandra Adornetto
Urban Shaman: C E Murphy
St Zita Society: Ruth Rendell
Icing: Kelly Jamieson
The Stonekeepers Daughter: Linda McNabb

January 2018
Vintage Magic: Sally Anne Morris
Police: Jo Nesbo
Rockfort Security Bad Nights: Rebecca York
Deadly Intent: Margaret Daley
Lord John and the Hand of Devils: Diana Gabaldon

December 2017
Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga: Sarah Kate Lynch
On Top of Everything: Sarah Kate Lynch
Dolci Di Love: Sarah Kate Lynch
Screw You Dolores: Sarah Kate Lynch

November 2017
Hide: Lisa Gardner
A Question of Belief: Donna Leon
Colters Daughter: Maya Banks
Dream Lover: K Wright
A Spot of Bother: Mark Haddon
How to Stop Time: Matt Haig
Boss 1-3: Kat Martin
Sovay: Celia Rees

October 2017
Say Yes: Tessa Dare
The Duke: Tessa Dare
The Avenger: PC Cast
Lady Midnight: Tessa Dare
Spellbinder: CC Hunter
Drake Out For Blood: Alyxandra Harvey
Rephraim 1-4: Paula Weston
Afterlight: Rebecca Lim

September 2017
St Mary’s 1-8: Jodi Taylor
Hush Hush: Becca Fitzpatrick
Tradd Street 1-5: Karen White

August 2017
3 Bedrooms, 1 Corpse: Charlaine Harris
Hindsight: Sarah Belle
Slayer: Cindy Dees
Seeker: Lindsay McKenna
Heart of Darkness: Shayne Krinard
Pisces of Fate: Paul Mannering
The Long Song: Andrea Levy

July 2017
Weddings from Hell: Various
Virgins: Diana Gabaldon
Lethal Legacy: Linda Fairstein
Vampire Journals 1-3: Morgan Rice
The Man in the Picture: Susan Hill
Playing: Tracy Wolf
Even Vampires Get the Blues: Sandra Hill
Lords 1-8: Mary Jo Putney
Unearthly, Hallowed, Boundless: Cynthia Hand

June 2017
Only the Dead Know Brooklyn: Thomas Boyle
A Twist in Time: Julie McElwain
A Murder in Time: Julie McElwain
The Forbidden Wish: Jessica Khoury
Union Jack: Val McDermid
Etched in Bone: Anne Bishop
The Tin Princess: Phillip Pullman
Starling: Fiona Paul
Belladonna: Fiona Paul

May 2017
Venom: Fiona Paul
Lost Lords: Mary Jo Putney
The Tiger in the Well: Phillip Pullman
The Shadow in the North: Phillip Pullman
The Ruby in the Smoke: Phillip Pullman
Scots ties knots: Tessa Dare

April 2017
Beautiful Redemption: Kami Garcia
Beautiful Chaos: Kami Garcia
Beautiful Darkness: Kami Garcia
Beautiful Creatures: Kami Garcia
The Pink Herring: Tom Grove
Engines of Empathy: Paul Mannering

March 2017
Hidden Among Us: Katy Moran
Big Girl Panties: Stephanie Evanovich
The Rosie Project: Graeme Simpson
Start a Scandal: Tessa Dare
Vampire Bites: Alyxandra Harvey
The Heart Goes Last: Margaret Atwood
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: J K Rowling
Vampire Julian, Jerome, Jonah: Ann B Morris
The Princess Bride: William Goldman

February 2017
Drake 1-6.5: Alyxandra Harvey
Shadow Falls After Dark 1-3: C Hunter

January 2017
Spellcaster: C Shultz
Spellbound: C Shultz
Ultraviolet: Nancy Bush
Electric Blue: Nancy Bush

November 2016
Cop Town: Karin Slaughter
Hollows 1-13: Kim Harrison

October 2016
Eternal: C Hunter
Reborn: C Hunter
One Summer: Bill Bryson
The Ghost of Harry Black: Dave Garry
No Room for Secrets: Joanna Lumley
Realm Enforcers 1-3: Rebecca Zanetti
Angel 1-3: LA Weatherly
A God in Ruins: Kate Atkinson

September 2016
The Road to Little Dribbling: Bill Bryson
Stormy Gale: Christine Bell
H&W Investigations 1-6: Jess Haines
The Total Package: Stephanie Evanovich
Burkheart Witch 1-3: Christine Sutton
Avena 1-3: Marianne Curley

August 2016
Raven King 4: Maggie Stiefvater
Call after Midnight: Tess Gerritson
Library of Souls: Ransom Riggs
Marked in Flesh: Anne Bishop

July 2016
Seven daughters of Eve
Oh Dear Sylvia: Dawn French
According to Yes: Dawn French

June 2016
Dark Protectors: Rebecca Zanetti
The Wedding Bees: Sarah Kate Lynch
Star struck: Val McDermid
I only have eyes for you: Bella Andre

May 2016
Dear Fatty: Dawn French

April 2016
Crack Down: Val McDermid
Kick Back: Val McDermid
Of Poseiden: Anna Banks

March 2016
Plum Lucky:Janet Evanovich
Dead Beat: Val McDermid
Clean Break: Val McDermid
Ghost Gifts: Laura Spinella
Demons and Djinns: Various

February 2016
Witches 1-3: Maggie Shayne

January 2016
Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn
Bad Days in History: Michael Farquhar

December 2015
Rapture in Death: J D Robb
Girl in the Spider's Web: David Lagercrantz
Tickling the English: Dara O'Briain
Secondhand Souls: Christopher Moore
A Dirty Job: Christpher Moore
Raven 1-3: Maggie Stiefvater

November 2015
The Downside Ghosts 1-6: Stacia Kane
Boom!: Mark Haddon
African Diary: Bill Bryson
Empress Orchid: Anchee Min
The Ballad of Lee Cotton: Christopher Wilson

October 2015
Emma: Jane Austen
Romeo Redeemed: Stacey Jay
Juliet Immortal: Stacey Jay

September 2015
Sleeping Dogs and Other Lies: Joe Bennett
Guardians 1-5: Dianne Duvall
Red Snow: Christine Sutton
Killing Me Softly: Maggie Shayne
Forgotten: Maggie Shayne
V is for Vengeance: Sue Grafton
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies: Alexander McCall Smith
Alpha: Willow
Blackwater: Kerstin Ekman

August 2015
The Last Girls: Lee Smith
A Certain Slant of Light: Laura Whitcomb
Kilmeny of the Orchard: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Keep Quiet: Lisa Scottoline
The Full Cupboard of Life: Alexander McCall Smith
The Kalahari Typing School For Men: Alexander McCall Smith

July 2015
Notes from a Big Country: Bill Bryson
Mythean Arcana: Linsey Hall
Affinity: Sarah Waters
Silent Scream: Angela Marsons
Underlight: Jax Garren
Defrosting Edmund: Brian Faulkner
Guardian Witch: R Casie
The Real Thing: Brian Faulkner
We are all completely beside ourselves: Karen Joy Fowler
Shooting Fish: Graeme Grant

June 2015
Morality for Beautiful Girls: Alexander McCall Smith
Love Reborn: Yvonne Woon
Life Eternal: Yvonne Woon
Yvonne Woon: Dead Beautiful
Blindsighted: Karin Slaughter
The Little White Car: Danuta de Rhodes
Dead in the Water: Dana Stabenow
Dark Souls: Paula Morris
Spy Glass: Maria Snyder
Sea Glass: Maria Snyder
Storm Glass: Maria Snyder
A Walk in the Woods: Bill Bryson
Chaotic: Kelley Armstrong
Vision in Silver: Anne Bishop
Pros and Cons: Janet Evanovich
Never Say Die: Tess Gerritsen
Unbroken: Paula Morris
Ruined: Paula Morris
Tears of the Giraffe: Alexander McCall Smith
The Ladies' Number 1 Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith
I Love You to Death: Amy Garvey

May 2015
Wings, Spells, Wild and Destined: A. Pike
The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Nightime: Mark Haddon
Highway to Hell: Rosemary Clement Moore
Brimstone: Rosemary Clement Moore
The Splendour Falls: Rosemary Clement Moore
Murder of Crows: Anne Bishop
Written in Red: Anne Bishop
Emotionally Weird: Kate Atkinson

April 2015
House of the Seven Gables: Nathanial Hawthorne
Ruins: Kevin Anderson
Deadly Pursuit: Irene Hannon
Fatal Judgement: Irene Hannon
Dark Beauty: C M Owens
Red Moon Secrets: C M Owens
Poison's Kiss: C M Owens
Blood's Fury: C M Owens
A Will and a Way: Nora Roberts
Mind Over Matter: Nora Roberts
The Art of Deception: Nora Roberts
Treasures Lost, Treasures Found: Nora Roberts

March 2015
Notes from a Small Island: Bill Bryson
Fatal Exchange: Lisa Harris
Dangerous Passage: Lisa Harris
Jennifer: Dee Henderson
Danger in the Shadows: Dee Henderson

February 2015
Marked: PC & K Cast
1000 Splendid Suns: Khaled Hosseini
Started Early, Took My Dog: Kate Atkinson

January 2015
The Collected Works of JD Fikry: Gabrielle Zevin
When will there be good news?: Kate Atkinson
One Good Turn: Kate Atkinson
Case Histories: Kate Atkinson
Overbite: Meg Cabot
Insatiable: Meg Cabot
Killing Me Softly: Maggie Shayne
Hollow City: Ransom Riggs
Portrait in Sepia: Isabel Allende
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Washington Irvine
Something Deadly This Way Comes: Kim Harrison
Early to Death, Early to Rise: Kim Harrison
Once Dead, Twice Shy: Kim Harrison

December 2014
Asterix the Legionary: Goscinny & Uderzo
The Chrysalids: John Wyndham
Before I Go to Sleep: S J Watson
Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children: Ransom Riggs
The Ghost Files: Apryl Baker
The Fixer Upper: Mary Kay Andrews
Deep Dish: Mary Kay Andrews
Sacre Bleu: Christopher Moore
Neither here nor there: Bill Bryson
Body Movers 6: Stephanie Bond
Blue Bloods 6-8: Amy Bartol
Dirty Secrets of Daylilly Drive: Stephanie Bond
Fractured Legacy: Skye Callaghan

The Vintner's Luck: Elizabeth Knox
The Casual Vacancy: J K Rowling
The Body Farm: Patricia Cornwell
Moving On: P.D. James
Death from the Woods: Brigitte Aubert
Anna of the Five Towns: Arnold Bennett
The Radleys: Matt Haig
Blue Bloods (whole series): Melissa De La Cruz
Death Comes to Pemberley: P.D. James
Texas Gothic: Rosemary Clement-Moore
Shade: Jeri Smith-Ready
Moral Disorder: Margaret Atwood
Haunting Violet: Alyxandra Harvey
Serpent's Kiss: Melissa De La Cruz
Lady Caroline Lamb: Elizabeth Jenkins
Shogun: James Clavell
Jessica: Bryce Courteney
The Mulberry Empire: Philip Henshaw
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Jonathan Safran Foer
Tights, Pantaloons & Genes: Yvonne Edwards
Book of Incredibly Short Stories: Brian Edwards
Swing, Brother, Swing: Ngaio Marsh
Our Maoris: Lady Martin
The Prisoner of Zenda: Anthony Hope
Where We Once Belonged: Sia Figiel
Dork Whore: Iris Bahr
Above Suspicion: Lynda La Plante
The Time Traveller's Wife: Audrey Niffenegger
Simisola: Ruth Rendell
Fat Land: Greg Critser
Witch: Christopher Pike
Living Dead in Dallas: Charlaine Harris
Blue Genes: Val McDermid
The Phantom of Manhatten: Fredrick Forsyth
Felix in the Underworld: John Mortimer
Hot Shot: Charlotte Hughes
Great Expectations: Charles Dickens
Jigs and Reels: Joanne Harris
A Fine Balance: Rohinton Mistry
Waiting to Exhale: Terry McMillan
The Blind Assassin: Margaret Attwood
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: JK Rowling
A Crack in Forever: Jeannie Brewer
Who Killed Bianca?: Emma Darcy
Peaches and Screams: G.A. McKevett
My Point...and I Do Have One: Ellen Degeneres
Lovely Bones: Alice Sebold
In The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon: Joanna Lumley
Stuart, A Life Backwards: Alexander Masters
Ella: Uri Geller
Mister Pip: Lloyd Jones
The Glass Castle: Jeanette Wells
The Letters: Edith Wharton
The Bookseller of Kabul: Asne Seierstad
The Clothes of Nakedness: Benjamin Kwayke
Snake: Kate Jenkins
The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Mitch Albom
18 Seconds: George Schuman
The Lollipop Shoes: Joanne Harris
The Secret River: Kate Grenville
Mrs Cook: Marele Day
Rosetta: Barbara Ewing
The Temp: Brigitte Lozerech
The Sea for Breakfast: Lillian Beckwith
The Favoured Child: Philippa Gregory
The Myth of Captain Cook: Jilian Robertson

This is the world I've seen so far... much more to see!

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