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I live in sunny San Diego and of course love to sit out on a beautiful day and just totally digest a good book. Ever since I was a child I have loved reading. I remember reading to my younger brothers and sisters and then later to my own to my grandkids. At 52 I enjoy reading of course, sewing...trying to perfect my quilting abilities, I do enjoy gardening but am a bit limited due to illness (scleroderma/lupus) and now scrapbooking to leave some memories behind. Cooking is also something I like to do...and have tons of cookbooks, that are not all registered since they are not all up for release just yet...well books are just an addiction for me...that is why bookcrossing is so special as I can spread the love.

My favorite place to release my books is at my local hospital lobby, since there are many people there waiting with much on their minds and a book can take them to another world and give them something else to put in their minds while they wait, plus they have something to take home and pass on to someone else.

Of course doing book exchanging with other bookcrossing members is fun also. Most of my books are available to be read and re-released to others in trade or RABCK or in the wild.

AVL: These are exactly that-available for trade or RABCK...but PLEASE one thing I ask...actually I beg of you is that you JOURNAL when #1 you received the book and #2 journal your thoughts of the book when you have finished reading the book. I have been dissapointed that so many of the books I have sent out do not get journaled when received, much less when they have been read. It has not killed my bookcrossing spirit though, but does sadden it.

TBR: I am willing to loan some of my TBR's always with the promise that they will be returned so I can read them and make available for others. For trades I will also move up books on my TBR pile in order to get them out to the person with whom I've made a trade. It may take some time, but I do keep my promise that they will get to you as I put your name on a sticky pad on the last page of that book with your info so that it gets sent out once I finish reading it.

Permanent Collection: I do loan books from my permanent stash and have been pretty lucky in getting them returned...but usually it is with known BC's.

I do not get to the post office but once every two weeks so be patient if your book does not arrive right away. Also keep in mind that due to the high cost of postage I can only send out books within the US for right now. Maybe Canada if the trade is from there. But not international.


None right now>

BOOKRINGS - PM me to join.



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