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"You know what we need? We need to get jobs, get the fuck out of that crazy house," Natalie said, dipping a McNugget into her sauce.
"Yeah, right. Jobs doing what? Our only skills are oral sex and restraining agitated psychotics."
— Augusten Burroughs (Running with Scissors)

"The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure." - Severus Snape

“I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment of my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment.” -Raistlin Majere, The Soulforge

"Someday I will tell you all about him. I can't ever speak of him without having tears from my heart flood out from my eyes." -Amy Tan (The Valley of Amazement)

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