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From Leeuwarden, Fryslân (Friesland) Netherlands
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My profile & bookshelf were last updated on December 1st, 2018. My wishlist was last checked and/or updated on November 20th, 2018

BC Convention, Oxford, 10th - 12th April 2015

Hello there! Welcome to my bookshelf!

Nice to meet you here. I'll tell you in short something about myself and about the things that are important to me.
I like to tell others what I think of a book I read, but in real life there's too little time to start (going to) a reading club.
I'm very happy with online forums like these. They make it possible to 'meet' other people and discuss books, get ideas on what to read next etc. What I like the most is that they never close. I can go here whenever I have time and spend all day if I want to, without anyone looking at me with strange eyes 'she's still here'... Aside from BookCrossing I am also on LibraryThing, with the nick BoekenTrol71.

In case you suspect PMs do not work, please contact me by e-mail: boekenwurm71 at gmail dot com This address may also be used if you want to find me to connect on Facebook.

Tips for wishlist tags, birthday group etc.
Chremajora is my address buddy, in case you want to sent something without telling me first :-)

If you do not have my address already (it hasn't changed for the last 11 years) and you want to send me a surprise, please contact Chremajora.

I am a very curious person. I'm interested in a lot of things: languages and how they work, history, other cultures and their habits, how things are made.

Hobbies: I love to cook, receive long chatty letters (writing them is not going too well at the moment), take long hikes (in the mountains preferably), to swim. I solve cross word puzzles, put together jig saw puzzle, I picked up cross stitching again and like colouring a lot.
Collection: I collect bookmarks, and, so it seems, books ;-)
Food & drinks etc.: I love coffee: just plain black without anny additions like milk, sugar, mocca or syrups. When tea is concerned, I like rooibos (original), green tea with lemon flavor, plain English black tea ( no Earl Grey!) and black tea with mango or forest fruit flavor. I love chocolate, milk, white or butterscotch with or without nuts but NO raisins. I love salty liquorice (drop) and very sour candy too. Please do not send me (samples of) make up, perfume, masks, lotions, scented candles or incense, anything with wool or feathers in/on it. I have several allergies and sensitivities and it would be a pity if I couldn't use something you've sent to me.
Supplies: BookCrossing supplies are always welcome. Wings, labels, stickers. Home-made or store-bought makes no difference to me.
Books I like & wishlist: Books I really like you find at my PC-shelf and my TBR-shelf. Or you could sort books read on rating, that should also provide lots of information.
My wishlist is part 1001-books, part recommendation, part books by my favorite authors and part I found on other members' shelves. I would like to read those books, but certainly do not expect to receive them all. This long list is also my reminder when I'm in a place where there are lots of books :-)
The complete list of books on my shelves does no longer reflect my taste in reading. I have received books from an inheritance to register and release, I have received boxes of books that were leftovers in (second hand) shops also to register and release.
To give you a general hint about my book taste:I do not like chicklit, books about (children's) abuse based on true stories, romance, erotic or western books. Poetry is a challenge I sometimes try to do, as well as science fiction, especially when sci-fi books are on the 1001-list. Apart from the categories mentioned as a nono, I'm usually willing to try many kinds of books.

Languages I know:
Following my general interest in languages, I have learnt a few along the way. So, I read books in Dutch ;-), English, German and Russian. I like to figure out how a language works, regularities, irregularities, where the differences are with my own, or just the opposite: if they are very similar. Call me crazy, but can't help it: that's an interest of mine

My collection:
I collect "Het Achterhuis" by Anne Frank in different languages. The unabriged edition, that is. I have an old book that nearly lost its letters form the many times I read it over the years. My edition was printed before the last pages were found, so it is not complete. Since I love this book so much and know it was printed in many languages, I have started a collection.
So far I have:
Afrikaans, thanks to Stoepbrak
Armenian, thanks to Dato (a very good Georgian friend)
Dutch, my own doing :-)
English, thanks to yorkshire-lass, Marilina85, lilacwhisper and chucklesthescot
Finnish, thanks to tuittupeppi
French, thanks to SandritaHolland and Ness08
Frisian, my own doing :-)
Georgian, thanks to Irina (a very good Georgian friend)
German, thanks to schwester
Greek, thanks to Lubiette
Italian, thanks to italianeowyn and lizzyblack
Norwegian, thanks to milethe and askeladda
Portugese, thanks to Nakipa
Russian, thanks to Lamilla
Spanish, thanks to Marilina85
Swedish, thanks to Vilda
Thank you all so much for your generosity!

I will try to get a link to LibraryThing, where the list of books I already have should be easier to track than here.
Anne Frank Collection

When you find a book on my TBR- or AVL-shelves that you are interested in, please PM me. Maybe we could trade. The TBR's I might want to keep in my PC, but that's something you'll only learn by asking and waiting till I've finished it :-)


As a member of the 1001-library and part-time librarian I have several books that belong to that library. When I registered these books myself, I put *1001-library* behind the title. When you are a member and are interested in one of the library books on my shelf, please PM me and I'll send it out to you.
There are also books on my shelf that are on the 1001-list, but not (yet) donated to the library. Books, registered by me, get *1001-listed* behind the title. You don't have to be a library member to request one of these.

Another lifelong challenge I decided to undertake and keep track of is to read globally. I list the books and progress on LibraryThing link: but I post my tracker here as well. Starting date of the challenge is January 1st 2018, although I've 'been to' quite a few countries in my books already.

My challenge for 2018 is the same as for 2017: read 75 books and at least 20,000 pages.
With these tickers I keep track of the amount of books and pages read:


In 2018 I continue my serious attempt at lowering MTBR. Books that have been sent to me over the years by generous BookCrossers from all over the world deserve to be read and sent on / released. MTBR is [fill in amount] books high on December 31st, 2017. I hope to have read at least 40 of them by the end of 2018.
With this ticker I keep track of my progress:


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