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Before I had even started school I had already traveled halfway around the world thanks to growing up in a military family. I now reside in the Capital Region of New York State with a German shepherd who makes up in energy what she lacks in size. I'm inordinately fond of dark chocolate, calla lilies and emperor penguins. I have a deep-seated aversion to creatures with more than four legs and a morbid fear of clowns. The rest is merely details." alt="" style="border:none;" />That's me to the left with my second guide dog shoving her nose in my treasured leather-bound copy of The Lord of the Rings. As you might have guessed, I am legally blind. Actually, it's part of what drew me to BookCrossing because my vision has gotten to a point where I can no longer read regular (small) print and I'm quite the bibliophile. I've always loved sharing books and this has been a great way to weed out the books I no longer can read (or have duplicates of or plain just don't want).

Thankfully, I can read large print (and, of course, audiobooks), so between my Kindle and the local library I'm just as buried by my mountain of to-be-read books as I ever was. My reading tastes are quite eclectic, but tend to gravitate towards fantasy. I also enjoy science fiction and read quite a bit of young adult, as well as contemporary fiction and literary classics.

It should be noted that my bookshelves here do not adequately reflect my reading tastes as I tend to gather books solely to release. (I also lack the patience to register all of the books I own given that I lost count somewhere after reaching 375!) If you are interested in any of the books I have listed, feel free to PM me.

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