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Hello :)

After a couple of years away from bookcrossing, I'm back! I've been busy with moving house, having children and taking care of my family but it's lovely to return to the community :)

Like everyone on here, I love reading and always have. My books are very precious to me but currently taking up more space than is possibly healthy! Bookcrossing was supposed to be a great way of helping me move some of these books and share my passion with other people but has actually seen me accumulate even more books. When I first joined I was warned that Bookcrossing can become addictive but I never imagined it would reach this level!

I've been very fortunate to receive many books from friends and family and I also pick up books from charity shops especially to bookcross, which means my bookshelf isn't a true indicator of my reading tastes. Having said that, I can't think what is *typical* about the books I like -I read most genres and really enjoy finding new authors.

My Bookrays
To celebrate my second bookcrossing birthday (18/08/08) I started my first bookray: Beloved by Toni Morrison. It's on the '1001 books to read before you die' list and is a great book. I'm no longer keeping a record of where this book is being sent, but it appears that it's still being passed among Bookcrossers so please PM the current owner if you want to read it. Thank you to everyone who took part in this and made it a success.

Bookcrossing Challenges
I decided to take the plunge in 2008 and joined in with two challenges that ran throughout the year as well as two smaller challenges. In total I released about 570 books as part of a challenge (although this figure includes a few books used for a dual release).

The first was the Never Judge a Book By its Cover Challenge, organised by Danesnboxers.
The second challenge I joined was the Books by the Numbers Challenge, which was hosted by KateKintail.
The smaller challenges were Oh, the Places We Can Go Release Challenge, co-ordinated by Secretariat and the Stephen King Birthday Challenge hosted by Wyando.

I shall be taking part in the Never Judge a Book By its Cover Challenge again throughout 2009 as well as joining the 52 Towns in 52 Weeks Challenge for the first time, which is being hosted by Haugtussa.

Holiday Gift Giving
I’m really happy to be taking part in the Holiday Gift Giving Thread 2009 again this year. I’ve participated for the last two years (2007 and 2008) and as well as granting many wishes to other bookcrossers all over the world, I’ve received some lovely items from some very generous people (thank you to Lemonitsa, yorkshire-lass, JPix, bsliv1219, GlitterLover; shemchin, Vekiki, cinderess and Oak-MediaCenter).

I'm looking forward to finding even more wishes to grant this year and have now got my wishlist up on the thread.

Books read in 2007

Books read in 2008

Books read in 2009

My Wish List
My wishlist is simply there to remind me which books I've been recommended and would like to read. I don't expect to receive one of these books from anyone but love hearing about other books I might enjoy. I do like discovering new authors and enjoy reading something different, so if you are kind enough to be thinking about sending me something, please surprise me!

I mainly wild release my books but I am happy to send books / swap books for wings or postage (depending on my finances at the time) to other bookcrossers, so if you do see something in my AVL or TBR pile that you would like, feel free to pm me :)" width="250" height="300" quality="high" bgcolor="ffffff" pluginspage="" flashvars="cn=quackers&an=blaze30&clr=0xff0bf0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
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