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Hi Everyone!

I try to remember to journal every book that I send out but sometimes I forget or think I did when I didn't. Please let me know if a book you recieve wasn't journaled and I'll correct it right away. Thanks. I'm also listing books on so if you see anything there you'd like, just let me know.

Job situation still sucks and we are down to only 68 hours every two weeks so I am doing most of my trading on and Nothing out of the United States for now.

I love reading and collecting bookmarks because they are small and all I have room for with all my books. I have bookshelves, floor to ceiling in every bedroom. Now if I could only get some organization. I have three dogs, (Kay-cee, a white male poodle and Kay-dee, a white terrior of some kind and survivor from the animal shelter, pneumonia and starvation) who are the sweetest, lovingest dogs ever and SparkyBud who is a 16 year old teacup poodle whose owner lost his home and had to find homes for three of his dogs. I have 2 inside cats and 1 outside cat,(he doesn't like dogs!!!) They are Cuddlebunny, (sweetest cat I have ever had), SiskoKitty, (neurotic male), and Sylvestor, the outside cat who looks like the cartoon cat and hates dogs!

SPARKYBUD had to be put to sleep June 22, 2009. The vet broke his jaw while pulling his teeth and then wanted to remove his jaw when he was already in too much pain and could barely eat without it hurting even more...

Books Read 2006- 221
Books Read 2007- 173 Chemo treatments slowed me down this year!
Books Read 2008-203 alt="PaperBackSwap - Swap your used paperback books with other club members.">" width="125" height="125">

BOOKS CURRANTLY AVAILABLE here and on (Not Responsible for dog hair, cat hair, baby drool , or chocolate stains! O.k. so occasionally spahghetti stains too! No one is perfect, least of all me!!!)" style="float: left" height="4" hspace="0" />" style="float: right" height="4" hspace="0" />

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