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Central Coast Mom with Eclectic Lifestyle and Reading Interests...
I love Unsolved True Crimes, Mysteries, Thrillers, SciFiFantasy is my new passion! DragonRiders of Pern is a series I collect! As well as Firefly/Serenity books.

Favorite Authors: Agatha Christie, A. Conan Doyle, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, Margaret Weis, Barbara Hodges, Melanie Rawn... E. A. Poe, Stephen King... Anything about Jack the Ripper... or Lucrezia Borgia... or Lizzy Borden - etc.

Have loved reading since I was little, but after marriage and children I didn't seem to have as much time as I would've liked to read. Joined several Bookclubs and collected quite a few boxes full of books (that always made the movers happy! More money per box!) But after moving to the Central coast of California I sorted through the boxes and sold the overflow to the local used book stores for credit towards ones I wanted to read... Or that my kids needed for school.
Then after my Daughter ("Oregongal" bookcrosser) moved to Oregon to go to college, she came for a visit and 'dropped' off a book at the local Starbucks. Told me about Bookcrossing and after visiting the site I found a new love of reading and trading books!
Wish I had found this place before I got rid of all those books! Ah, but hindsight...
I have enjoyed the books I have received from the fellow bookcrossers and have sent a few. Wish I had more to send. Please check out my available books... I'd love to send them out!

I posted in reply to a challenge for Agatha Christie books (during the anniversary week of her first book) that I had 4 books I was willing to send out. Since then I have sent one to Legbamel (it had 3 stories in it) and I have sent one with 4 novel/stories and Elephants Can Remember to Meeko14 for her sister Ladybuggy.

If there is a book you have a 'wish for', I would be willing to search for them at our local used book stores... let me know!

I've been doing a search on (many thanks to Cliff for the wonderful site and wish lists!) for people who are 'wishing for' books that I have... amazingly I found many and sent out PMs to those with wishes on the list the longest. I'll continue to contact anyone with a 'wish' for any book I have till I get them all sent out!

Another favorite book site of mine is
Free Membership - just like this site! - and free books! 3 Free when you register nine, and then 1 free for every book requested from you! Lots of other BC members list on too! alt="PaperBackSwap - Swap your used paperback books with other club members.">" width="182" height="102">
Please put me as your referral if you sign up... AsYouWish54 -- thanks!
Books I have listed at AsYouWish54:
Caravan to Vaccares – Alistair MacLean
If Life is a Bowl of Cherries – What am I doing in the Pits? – Erma Bombeck
A Stranger is Watching – Mary Higgins Clark
The Way to Dusty Death – Alistair MacLean
All I Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten – Robert Fulghum
By the Pricking of my Thumbs – Agatha Christie
Curtain – Agatha Christie
The End of the Road – Tom Bodett
It was on fire when I lay down on it – Robert Fulghum
Love and Marriage – Bill Cosby
The Mirror Crack’d – Agatha Christie
Uh-Oh – Robert Fulghum

Also check out Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness at

Its the BookCrossing address list for members to send 'wish list' books at Random to BCers! (RABCK!) Maintained by fellow BCer Stefan Koopmanschap (skoopmanschap @

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