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From Porto Santo (ilha), Madeira Portugal
Age 51
Joined Thursday, February 10, 2005
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Aqui, posso ficar quieto. Não preciso de ser nada nem ninguém. E ser tudo ao mesmo tempo.

How Trees Talk to Each Other

Please take a look at

Metade dos meus livros ficou no nosso pequeno refúgio, na Serra. Só a outra metade veio connosco para a ilha dourada. Por isso, talvez demore um pouco mais de tempo a encontrar um livro que queiras ler. Mas, chegarei lá :-)

Half of my books stayed in our small cottage, in Portuguese inland. Only the other half has come with me to the island. It means that I can take a little longer to find some book you would like to read. But I'll get there, eventually. Thank you for your patience

I'm a Nature guy and a daydreamer. And I love trees. "Árvores" is the Portuguese word for "trees".
Besides books, I also love chocolate (the darker the better), Lakritsi Original or Choco (Fazer), I love to swim, travelling, languages, music, cinema. I'm interested in anything related to Buddha, Jesus, Philosophy, Yoga, Shamanism... I love sauna, laughter, silence, cooking and baking… I love my girls above all (Pink-Butterfly and PoneiMagico). And I LOVE FINLAND! :-)

I see the world without boundaries (I told you, I am a daydreamer).
In literature, I especially like authors from Northern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. But I'm always open to suggestion on different authors. They can become a wonderful new world for me. So, I'm ready to be surprised by you :-)
I like to trade books and I organize a RABCK every now and then, depending on my budget. So, don't be shy! :-)

I'm sorry if I kept one of your books for too long. For several reasons, I've been a slow reader in the last few years.

Every moment in your life is an opportunity to learn. Enjoy!

Currently reading/Em leitura:
- "Five quarters of the orange", by Joanne Harris
- "Viagem para casa", Lee Carroll aka Kryon

Next/A seguir:
- "Precious Cargo", Craig Davidson
- "Manual para mulheres de limpeza", Lucia Berlin (BookRing)
- "Os anjos morrem das nossas feridas", Yasmina Khadra (book swap marialeitora)
- "Annabel", Kathleen Winter (Bjorg)
- "Um Deus passeando pela brisa da tarde", Mário de Carvalho (empréstimo irus)

- "Cidade de Ladrões", David Benioff (7*)
- "The Quarry", Damon Galgut (8*)
- "O estranho caso do cão morto", Mark Haddon (7*)
- "No. More. Plastic.", Martin Dorey (10*)
- "Nimona", Noelle Stevenson (9*)
- "A Pomba", Patrick Süskind (7*)
- "Insomniac city - New York, Oliver Sacks and Me", Bill Hayes (10*)
- "O mundo em que vivi", Ilse Losa (7*)
- "Bonjour Tristesse", Françoise Sagan (7*)
- "Como a raiva ao vento", Rawi Hage (8*)
- "Deserto/Nuvem", Francisco Sousa Lobo (7*)
- "Nascer de Novo", Anita Moorjani (10*)
- "It's fine by me", Per Petterson (7*)
- "The Book of Ballads", Charles Vees et al. (7*)
- "Safekeeping", Abigail Thomas (7*)
- "The Door", Magda Szabó (9*)
- "O meu nome é Lucy Barton", Elizabeth Strout (7*)
- "Devoção", Patti Smith (6*)
- "Época de migração para Norte", Tayeb Salih (6*)
- "A febre das almas sensíveis", Isabel Rio Novo (8*)
- "God Help the Child", Toni Morrison (7*)
- "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1", Ryan North (5*)
- "Reencarnação e Vidas Passadas", Denise Linn (8*)
- "Star Trek Graphic Novels 1: Countdown", Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman (7*)
- "Paraíso e Inferno", Jón Kalmar Stefánsson (8*)

No dia 04.12.2013, decidi aderir ao desafio da irus "1 país - 1 autor", como se nunca tivesse lido nada até esta data. Vou acrescentando essas leituras no mapa
On the 4th of December 2013, I decided to join irus' challenge "1 country - one author", trying to read at least one author from each country, as if I had never read anything before :) The following map helps me to keep track on the results
1 país - 1 autor

visited 36 states (16%)

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