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Hello and welcome to the BookShelf set up for AnonymousFinder. Sometimes when a book wanders the world, after being sent out in the wild by a BookCrosser, it ends up in the hands of an adventurous, but shy finder. This person may visit the site, and even make a journal entry on the book they have found, but for one reason or another may choose not to join the site right at the moment. Book journal entries made on such occasions are logged to this account, the account of all anonymous finders affectionately called AF by many BookCrossers.

If you are new to the site and made a journal entry that lists you as AnonymousFinder, we hope you'll stick around, join and enjoy the community. Come visit the forum (we've got one set up just for newbies). Register and release a few books-- have fun. Oh! And don't forget to double check that the book that brought you to the site shows up in your shelf. If not, make a new journal entry on it when you are logged in and you, too, will be able to track this book as it travels.

The other way books make it onto this shelf happen on those rare occasions when someone has decided to leave the BookCrossing Community and has asked for Support to delete their virtual bookshelf. All books registered by or journaled on by that particular member no longer reflect their screen name (which has been deleted from the data base at their request) but switch to AnonymousFinder.

This shelf was set up by BookCrossing Support. No stats or lists of books are displayed for this shelf. It just wouldn't be right, and would cause all kinds of havoc with the data base. Thus, you'll always see n/a on the stats for this shelf.

As to wings-- AnonymousFinder periodically sprouts wings from the generous donations of members who choose to gift them or at the whim of the support staff.

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