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Hello there!

Well if you've caught one of my books - THANK YOU so much for visiting and journalling it! :-) If you register with your email, you'll also find out how addictive it is waiting for news of the book you release. I hope you enjoy reading it - and the fun of passing it on when you're done!

So why do this? I hate to see books languishing all unloved in charity shops (hence why there's about 3 million copies of the same books on my list - it's my way of donating to charity!) or boot fairs, especially nice crisp new ones, so if the price is right (ie cheap) I'll buy them for release so hopefully more people can enjoy them - it's nice to get something free once in a while, and it's a great way to boost the charity shops' profits! I tend to try and release books that I've read myself (even if it was so long ago I can't remember them!), I like horror and thrillers, and love those little 'snippet' type books with very short chapters or features, ideal to catch a quick read when you're short of time (did I say while you're on the loo? Of course not!! ;-)

If there's something on my available list you wish to trade, please drop me a line - it's fun and I often get to swap for a book I wouldn't normally have read. And if I've traded with you - I *will* read your book, it's just finding reading time is a bit of a nightmare! :-)

Other hobbies include classic car rallies (Morris Minors!), collecting Scalextric and looking after my cats, rats, snails and hissers!

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