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I like reading books of almost any kind. May it be a classic like The Great Gatsby, Phantom of the opera, Ivanhoe, Twelfth Night or maybe some suspense from John Sandford. Mostly though I like to read romance or romantic suspense.
My favourite authors are Nora Roberts, Linda Lael Miller, Lucia St. Clair Robson or Elizabeth Lowell .

Books with the status PC can be borrowed only.

Ich möchte diesen BC-Mitgliedern danken, für RABCKs und Tausch/I want to thank these BC-members for RABCKs and trades:
°°" target="_blank">Jessi626 (The Secret Garden, Saiving Faith, Intruder, ...) °°" target="_blank">Markuzz(A little Princess) °°" target="_blank">SudoKris(Der Pate) °°" target="_blank">Malgo(Rules of Prey) °°" target="_blank">Nordkind(The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia), Once a thief, The Sign of Four ) °°" target="_blank">Pidray(romance and more romance) °°" target="_blank">akkolady(Little Lord Fountleroy, The Chronicles of Narnia) °°" target="_blank">seacloud49(Angels and Demons) °°" target="_blank">KarenBC(Postmortem, September, The lion's lady,...) °°" target="_blank">Karioka(Aus ruhmreichen Tagen) °°" target="_blank">nordie(Lonely Planet Edinburgh) °°" target="_blank">m7c57(Geronimo, NightPrey) °°" target="_blank">sweety-pie(Always a thief) °°" target="_blank">keksi2(Sommer in Lesmona) °°" target="_blank">Geegal(Husband by request, Late for the wedding) °°" target="_blank">Aldawen(Knochenfunde) °°" target="_blank">Kichererbse01(Der Diamant des Salomon) °°" target="_blank">Lilo37fee(Die Nase, Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts) °°" target="_blank">Jukes(Bulletproof Heart) °°" target="_blank">Milk(Sherlock Holmes - Späte Rache) °°" target="_blank">Liandraa(Dinner für drei, Die Reisen mit meiner Tante) °°" target="_blank">nikel27(Romance books) °°" target="_blank">DarkestLady(Ain't she sweet) °°" target="_blank">soleille(Survivor in Death) °°" target="_blank">coolboxuk(Hornet's Nest, Southern Cross) °°" target="_blank">penelopewanders(romance books) °°" target="_blank">Lluthiel(romance books) °°" target="_blank">redsoxbookguy(Against all enemies) °°" target="_blank">kittyscastle(Eden Burning) °°" target="_blank">Plum-crazy(romance books) °°" target="_blank">Wasserseele(Washington Square, Die Darwin-Kinder) °°" target="_blank">jokey(Mr. Perfect) °°" target="_blank">bonniesr67(diet/Diät) °°" target="_blank">jennysbkpgs(romance books) °°" target="_blank">bija007(SEPs) °°" target="_blank">140704(Schattengäste) °°" target="_blank">justin23(Medizin der Mutter Erde)°°" target="_blank">sonnenscheinHD(J.D.Robb novels)°°" target="_blank">sbutler25(The Endearment)°°" target="_blank">NorthernLights(Native materials)°°" target="_blank">shemchin(Black Hills + more romance novels))°°" target="_blank">Into-the-Blue(I'll take Manhattan)°°" target="_blank">Raffizack(Fatherland)°°bookstogive(Linda Lael Miller books)°°lauraloo29(Linda Lael Miller books)

Since 2007 I am a member in the Yahoo" target="_blank">European Romance Trading Group where books revolving around romance can be discussed, experiences shared and so on.

Since end of May 2007 I'm registered at" target="_blank"> I was surprised by a rabck book before and thought this was a nice thing to do. Please consider registering yourself at RABCK. It makes it easier for those of us who like to surprise others with RABCK books.
Surprise RABCKs released so far: 43
Surprise RABCKs received so far: 21

Series I'm reading:
author - series - last finished book
George R.R. Martin - The Song of Ice and Fire - A Storm of Swords (#3)
Elizabeth Peters - Amelia Peabody - The Curse of the Pharos (#2)
Lynn Flewelling - Nightrunner - Luck in the Shadows (#1)
J.D.Robb - in Death - Judgement in Death (#18)
Patricia Briggs - Mercy Thompson (#4)
Patricia Briggs - Alpha & Omega (#2)

Rory Gillmore Challenge - 10/year - 0
Read out of my comfort zone

bookRings or bookRays" style="color:#282C10;">Luck in the Shadows (Nightrunner series) - Lynn Flewelling
Surprise Book Xcerpts (chicklit/romance)
My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult" style="color:#4D5621;">Märchenprinz - Marian Keyes" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio] Hercule Poirot's Christmas - Agatha Christie
[Audio] Ich, Molly, kürzlich verstorben - Sally Koslow, Anja Kling" style="color:#282C10;">Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult" style="color:#282C10;">Salem Falls - Jodi Picoult" style="color:#282C10;">Die Märchen von Beedle dem Barden - J.K.Rowling
[Audio] Im Takt des Todes - Stephen Baldacci" style="color:#282C10;">Furious Observations of a Blue-eyed Ojibway: Funny, You Don't Look Like One III - Drew Hayden Taylor" style="color:#282C10;">Toronto at Dreamer's Rock - Drew Hayden Taylor" style="color:#282C10;">The Berlin Blues - Drew Hayden Taylor" style="color:#282C10;">The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel - Drew Hayden Taylor" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio] The return of the native - Thomas Hardy" style="color:#282C10;">Zeig mir die Sterne - Linda Gillard" style="color:#282C10;">The Seduction of His Wife - Janet Chapman
Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest - Jennifer Crusie" style="color:#282C10;">Outlander - Diana Gabaldon" style="color:#282C10;">Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon" style="color:#282C10;">Voyager- Diana Gabaldon" style="color:#282C10;">Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase" style="color:#282C10;">Don't Look Down - Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer" style="color:#282C10;">Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella" style="color:#282C10;">Crazy Hot (The Steele Street Series #1) - Taran Janzen" style="color:#282C10;">Crazy Cool (The Steele Street Series #2) - Taran Janzen" style="color:#282C10;">Crazy Wild (The Steele Street Series #3) - Taran Janzen
Crazy Kisses (The Steele Street Series #4) - Taran Janzen
Crazy Sweet (The Steele Street Series #5) - Taran Janzen
Crazy Love (The Steele Street Series #6) - Taran Janzen
On the Loose (The Steele Street Series #7) - Taran Janzen
Cutting Loose (The Steele Street Series #8) - Taran Janzen" style="color:#282C10;">Stealing Shadows - Kay Hooper" style="color:#282C10;">Hiding in the Shadows - Kay Hooper" style="color:#282C10;">Out of the Shadows - Kay Hooper" style="color:#282C10;">Touching Evil - Kay Hooper" style="color:#282C10;">Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase" style="color:#282C10;">#1:The Velvet Promise - Jude Deveraux" style="color:#282C10;">#2:Highland Velvet - Jude Deveraux" style="color:#282C10;">The Search - Christiane Heggan" style="color:#282C10;">A Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast - Bill Richardson" style="color:#282C10;">A Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book- Bill Richardson" style="color:#282C10;">Affinity - Sarah Waters" style="color:#282C10;">Romance BookXerperting for European Members Only" style="color:#282C10;">I'll Be Watching You - Andrea Kane" style="color:#282C10;">McClairen's Isle: The Passionate One (McClairen's Isle #1) - Connie Brockway" style="color:#282C10;">McClairen's Isle: The Reckless One (McClairen's Isle #2) - Connie Brockway" style="color:#282C10;">McClairen's Isle: The Ravishing One (McClairen's Isle #3) - Connie Brockway" style="color:#282C10;">The Seductive Imposter - Janet Chapman" style="color:#282C10;">The Dangerous Protector - Janet Chapman" style="color:#282C10;">While She was Sleeping - Suzanne Forster" style="color:#282C10;">Wildfire - Cheyenne McCray" style="color:#282C10;">Wildcat - Cheyenne McCray
Mein Lieblingsbuch reloaded" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio] Die anglophone Audiobookbox" style="color:#282C10;">The Devil You Know - Liz Carlyle" style="color:#282C10;">The Fig Eater : A Novel - Jody Shields" style="color:#282C10;">Fortune's Rocks : A Novel - Anita Shreve" style="color:#282C10;">Isabel's Daughter - Judith Ryan Hendricks" style="color:#282C10;">My Steadfast Heart - Jo Goodman" style="color:#282C10;">My Reckless Heart - Jo Goodman" style="color:#282C10;">With All My Heart - Jo Goodman" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio]Peter Lustig liest die schönsten Winter- und Weihnachtsmärchen von Andersen" style="color:#282C10;">Dead Voices - Gerald Vizenor" style="color:#282C10;">Native American Literature, A Brief Introduction and Anthology" style="color:#282C10;">Native American Short Stories" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio]Vergiss nie, dass ich dich liebe - Elizabeth George / Hannelore Hoger" style="color:#282C10;">Soll ich an die große Liebe glauben? Prominente antworten auf kluge Kinderfragen" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio]Der Schatten des Windes - Carlos Ruiz Zafon" style="color:#282C10;">Verliebt in eine Diebin - Jennifer Crusie" style="color:#282C10;">On Beauty - Zadie Smith
Dové i Libri's International Recipe Journal (Book 2)" style="color:#282C10;">Weihnachtsgabe 2005 "Mag ich, mag ich nicht"" style="color:#282C10;">Wenn Coyote tanzt" style="color:#282C10;">Mein Lieblingsbuch" style="color:#282C10;">Bubbles Unbound" style="color:#282C10;">Bubbles in Trouble" style="color:#282C10;">Bubbles a Broad" style="color:#282C10;">The Giver - Lois Lowry" style="color:#282C10;">Devils Bargain - Rachel Caine" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio]Die Nase - Nikolaj Gogol" style="color:#282C10;">[Audio]Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts - Eichendorff" style="color:#282C10;">The Chronicles of Narnia (Adult)" style="color:#282C10;">The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett" style="color:#282C10;">Little Lord Fountleroy - Frances Hodgson Burnett

[die Bücher sind verlinkt ~ the books are linked]

[sind gerade bei mir ~ are currently with me]

[waren schon bei mir ~ passed on already]

bookRings / bookrays started by me" style="color:#282C10;">Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest- Jennifer Crusie" style="color:#4D5621;">Der Gesang des Flusses - Sue Harrison" style="color:#282C10;">Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas" style="color:#282C10;">Cover the Night - Linda Howard" style="color:#282C10;">The Stranger In Her Bed - Janet Chapman" style="color:#282C10;">[RAY]Naked Pictures Of Famous People - Jon Stewart [ENG]" style="color:#282C10;">Morrigan's Cross (Cricle Trilogy #1) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#282C10;">Dance of the Gods (Cricle Trilogy #2) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#282C10;">Valley of Silence (Cricle Trilogy #3) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Ride the wind - Lucia St.Clair Robson (intl.)" style="color:#4D5621;">Springwater Series - Linda Lael Miller (intl.)" style="color:#4D5621;">Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips (european)" style="color:#4D5621;">Romance Surprise Bookring(european)" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Wenn du es eilig hast, gehe langsam (national)" style="color:#282C10;">Appaloosa - Robert B. Parker(intl)RAY" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Beat Shakespeare(national)" style="color:#4D5621;">[BOX]Romance Regency, historical, romantic suspense, contemporary... (national)" style="color:#4D5621;">The Tokaido Road - Lucia St.Clair Robson (intl)" style="color:#4D5621;">[BOX] Kochbücher (national)" style="color:#4D5621;">Once a thief - Always a thief (intl)" style="color:#282C10;">September - Rosamunde Pilcher (intl)" style="color:#4D5621;">Die Weide am Fluß by W.M.Gear (national)" style="color:#4D5621;">[BOX]Frauenliteratur (national)" style="color:#4D5621;">Robbie Williams Somebody Someday by Mark McCrum, Scarlet Page (intl)" style="color:#4D5621;">Mrs.Dalloway by Virginia Woolf(intl)

[die Bücher sind verlinkt ~ the books are linked]

[sind noch/wieder bei mir ~ are still/again with me]

[sind unterwegs ~ travelling]

Books 2005 (as far as I can remember) - ordered by author

Tales of the city - Amistad Maupin [ENG]
Blind Curve - Annie Salomon [ENG]
Kates Geheimnis - Brenda Joyce [GER]
Davita's Harp - Chaim Potok [ENG]
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte [ENG]
Hinter dem weißen Horizont - Christopher Ross [GER]
Beyond Eden - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
The Magician's Nephew - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
The Horse and His Boy - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
Prince Caspian - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
The Silver Chair - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
The Last Battle - C.S.Lewis [ENG]
The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown [ENG]
[Audio]Diabolus - Dan Brown [GER]
Der Scheich - Edith M. Hull [GER]
Nero Corleone - Elke Heidenreich [GER]
Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett [ENG]
Little Lord Fountleroy - Frances Hodgson Burnett [ENG]
A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett [ENG]
[Audio]Der Schakal - Frederick Forsyth [GER]
Picture Me Dead - Heather Graham [ENG]
Zwischen Liebe und Gefahr - Heather Graham [GER]
[Audio]Die Wanderhure - Iny Lorentz [GER]
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen [ENG]
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire - Joanne K. Rowling [ENG]
The Pursuit - Johanna Lindsay [ENG]
[Audio]Der Elbenstern - John R. R. Tolkien [GER]
Rules of Prey - John Sandford [ENG]
Verführt - im falschen bett - Julie Kistler [GER]
Once a thief - Kay Hooper [ENG]
Always a thief - Kay Hooper [ENG]
Leidenschaft, die dich verführt - Linda L. Miller [GER]
Die Schwester des Apachen - Lucia St.Clair Robson [GER]
Der Pate - Mario Puzo [GER]
Downsize This! - Michael Moore [ENG]
Dude, Where's My Country? - Michael Moore [ENG]
Love by Design - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Temptation - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Reunion - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Blue Dahlia - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Black Rose - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Three Fates - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Mysterious - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Winner Takes All - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Rules of Play: Opposites Attract\The Heart's Victory - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Die Stimmen der Steine - Priscilla Cogan [GER]
[Audio]Pompeji - Robert Harris [GER]
House of God - Samuel Shem [GER]
Feuer in Eden - Sandra Brown [GER]
Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrring - Tracy Chevalier [GER]
[Audio]Echo einer Winternacht - Val McDermit [GER]
Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray [ENG]
Das Herz des Waldes - Wolfgang Hohlbein [GER]
[Audioray]Intruder - Wolfgang Hohlbein [GER]
Unter dem Tonto Rim - Zane Grey [GER]

[GER] = read in German: 22
[ENG] = read in English: 35

Books 2006 (as far as I can remember) - ordered by author

Native American Short Stories [ENG]
Late for the wedding - Amanda Quick [ENG]
Tell me no lies - Annie Solomon [ENG]
Dead Ringer - Annie Salomon [ENG]
Fluß der Träume - Ashley Carrington [GER]
Flucht aus Lissabon - Barbara Cartland [GER]
The Bean Trees - Barbara Kingsolver [ENG]
Spur der Flammen - Barbara Wood [GER]
[Audio]Necroscope / Das Erwachen - Brian Lumley [GER]
Hemlock Bay - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
Eleventh Hour - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
The Wild Baron - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
The Wyndham Legacy - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
The Nightingale Legacy - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
The Valentine Legacy - Catherine Coulter [ENG]
...mag ich, mag ich nicht - diverse [GER]
Heißer Zauber einer Nacht - Elizabeth Boyle [GER]
Too hot to handle - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]
Warrior - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]
Outlaw - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]
[Audio]Vergiss nie, dass ich dich liebe - Elizabeth George [GER]
A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin [ENG]
A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin [ENG]
Dead Voices - Gerald Vizenor [ENG]
American Literature, A Brief Introduction and Anthology - Gerald Vizenor [ENG]
Hummer zum Dinner - Helen Fielding [GER]
The Cooperman Variations, A Benny Cooperman Mystery - Howard Engel [ENG]
Knochenfunde - Iris Johansen [GER]
Welcome to Temptation - Jennifer Crusie [ENG]
Nothing Wagered - Jo Ann Ferguson [ENG]
[Audio]Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts - Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff [GER]
The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood [ENG]
Have you seen her? - Karen Rose [ENG]
Tränen aus Gold - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss [GER]
The Tokaido Road - Lucia st. Clair Robson [ENG]
The Giver - Lois Lowry [ENG]
In the dark - Marliss Melton [ENG]
And The Ass Saw The Angel -Nick Cave [ENG]
[Audio]Die Nase - Nikolaij Gogol [GER]
Der Diamant des Salomon - Noah Gordon [GER]
Blue Smoke - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Northern Lights - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Red Lily - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Spellbound - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Key of Light - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Key of Knowledge - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Key of Valor - Nora Roberts [ENG]
Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Fluß - Norman Maclean [GER]
Hornet's Nest - Patricia Cornwell [ENG]
Postmortem - Patricia Cornwell [ENG]
Aus ruhmreichen Tagen - Penelope Williamson [GER]
Devils Bargain - Rachel Caine [ENG]
Husband by request - Rebecca Winters [ENG]
Bubbles in trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer [ENG]
Bubbles a broad - Sarah Strohmeyer [ENG]
Bulletproof heart - Sheryl Lynn [ENG]
Sherlock Holmes - Späte Rache - Sir A.C.Doyle [GER]
Sherlock Holmes - The sign of Four - Sir A.C.Doyle [ENG]
Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit - Sten Nadolny [GER]
Ain't she sweet? - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [ENG]
Lucky's Lady - Tami Hoag [ENG]
Verführt - Teresa Medeiros [GER]
The Princess Bride - William Goldman, S. Morgenstern [ENG]
On Beauty - Zadie Smith [ENG]

[GER] = read in German: 18
[ENG] = read in English: 47

Books 2007 ordered by author" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]1001 Nacht: Ghanem und die Geliebte des Beherrschers der Gläubigen [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Hamburg. Merian live. [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">The complete Winnie-the-Pooh - A.A. Milne [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Know-It-All - A.J. Jacobs [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">I'll be watching you - Andrea Kane [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]A Wedding In December - Anita Shreve [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Vineyard - Barbara Delinsky [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Georgia's Groom - Barbara McMahon [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Der Schatten des Windes - Carlos Ruiz Zafon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Point Blank - Catherine Coulter [ENG] target="_blank">Mein Leben im Liegen - Chelsea Handler [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Wildfire - Cheyenne McCray [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Wildcat - Cheyenne McCray [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Kiss me, Kat - Claudia Kratochvil [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">McClairen's Isle: The Passionate One (McClairen's Isle #1) - Connie Brockway [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McClairen's Isle: The Reckless One (McClairen's Isle #2) - Connie Brockway [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McClairen's Isle: The Ravishing One (McClairen's Isle #3) - Connie Brockway [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bildung - Alles was man wissen muß - Dietrich Schwanitz, Matthias Ponnier [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Soll ich an die große Liebe glauben? - diverse [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Whirlpool - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Reckless Love - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Eden Burning - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Lots of Love - Fiona Walker [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">LOGI Guide - Franca Mangiamelli [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Montana Red - Genell Dellin [ENG]
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - No5 - Sturm der Schwerter - George R.R. Martin[GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Cotillion - Georgette Heyer [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Maneater - Gigi Levangie Grazer [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Kiss the girls - James Patterson [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Seductive Imposter - Janet Chapman" style="color:#4D5621;">The Dangerous Protector - Janet Chapman" style="color:#4D5621;">Crazy for You - Jennifer Crusie [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Verliebt in eine Diebin - Jennifer Crusie [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">My steadfast heart - Jo Goodman [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">My reckless heart - Jo Goodman [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">With all my heart - Jo Goodman [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Big Sky Country - Joan Johnston [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">No Longer a Stranger - Joan Johnston [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix - Joan K. Rowling [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Joan K. Rowling [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Joan K. Rowling [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Gentlemen and Players - Joan Harris [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Shadow's Kiss - Joan Hohl [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Fig Eater - Jodie Shields [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Labyrinthe - Jorge Luis Borges [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Double Standards - Judith McNaught [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Isabel's Daughter - Judith Ryan Hendricks [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Eager to please - Julie Parsons [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Dark of the moon - Karen Robards [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">When a stranger Calls - Kathleen Long [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">After Caroline - Kay Hooper [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Exodus - Leon Uris [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Between Strangers - Linda Conrad [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Flynn - Linda Turner [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Kat - Linda Turner [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Devil You Know - Liz Carlyle [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Wenn du es eilig hast, gehe langsam - Lothar Seiwert [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Forget Me Not - Marliss Melton [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Time to Run - Marliss Melton [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Moonlight becomes her - Meagan McKinney [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]A Long Way Down - Nick Hornby [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Angels Fall - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Remember When - Nora Roberts/ J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]At Risk - Patricia Cornwell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Nobody's Hero - Patricia Keelyn [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Hotel Pastis - Peter Mayle [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Midnight Caller - Rebecca York [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Appaloosa - Robert B. Parker [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Beyond Recall - Robert Goddard [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">As night falls - S. K. McClafferty [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Fancy Pants - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Kopfüber in die Kissen - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Dinner für 3 - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Ladies' Man - Suzanne Brockmann [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Ask for it - Sylvia Day [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Wenn Coyote tanzt - Thomas King [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">All A Man Can Be - Virginia Kantra [ENG]

[GER] = read in German: 16
[ENG] = read in English: 62

Books 2008 ordered by author" style="color:#4D5621;">Scent Of Danger - Andrea Kane [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Fortune's Rocks - Anita Shreve [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Born To Be Wild - Anne Marie Winston [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Shadow and Silk - Anne Maxwell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]The Bookseller of Kabul - Asne Seirstad [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Passions of Chelsea Kane - Barbara Delinsky [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bachelor Brother's Bed & Breakfast - Bill Richardson [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bachelor Brother's Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book - Bill Richardson [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Blindside - Catherine Coulter [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Blowout - Catherine Coulter [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Search - Christiane Heggan [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Outlander - Diana Gabaldon [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Voyager - Diana Gabaldon [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Death is forever - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Running Scared - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer: Die Königin der Drachen - George R.R. Martin [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Stranger in her bed - Janet Chapman [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Seduction of His Wife - Janet Chapman [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Holiday in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Glory in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Immortal in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Julie and the wolves - Jean Craighead George [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Don't Look Down - Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Captive of my Desires - Johanna Lindsay [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Naked Pictures of Famous People - John Stewart [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Temptress - Jude Deveraux [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Zwischen Leidenschaft und Liebe (The Duchess) - Jude Deveraux [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Mr.Cavendish, I presume - Julia Quinn [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Mystic Horseman - Kathleen Eagle [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Nicole's Revenge - Lisette Allen [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase [ENG] style="color:#4D5621;">Wie Kater Zorbas der kleinen Möwe das Fliegen beibrachte - Luis Sepúlveda [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Hidden Legacy - Margaret Hodapp [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Morrigan's Cross (Cricle Trilogy #1) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Dance of the Gods (Cricle Trilogy #2) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Valley of Silence (Cricle Trilogy #3) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">A Little Fate - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Gabriel's Angel - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven #1) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Hollow (Sign of Seven #2) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">High Noon - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Southern Cross - Patricia Cornwell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Wagnis des Herzens - Penelope Williamson [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Im Herzen des Hochlandes - Penelope Williamson [GER] style="color:#4D5621;">Der goldene Kompass - Phillip Pullman [GER] style="color:#4D5621;">Das magische Messer - Phillip Pullman [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Brandende Sehnsucht; Dornen der Leidenschaft - Rebecca Brandewyne [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Between Breaths: A Teacher in the Alaskan Bush - Sandra K. Mathews [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Cowboy - Sarah Davidson [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Affinity - Sarah Waters [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Die Herzensbrecherin (Hot Shot) - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bleib nicht zum Frühstück (Nobody's Baby But Mine) - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Küß mich, Engel (Kiss An Angel) - Susan Elizabeth Phillips [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Shelter in a Soldier's Arms - Susan Mallery [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Firebrand - Susan Wiggs [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">While she was sleeping - Suzanne Forster [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Crazy Hot - Tara Janzen [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Crazy Cool - Tara Janzen [ENG]

[GER] = read in German: 12
[ENG] = read in English: 50

Books 2009 ordered by author" style="color:#4D5621;">Sweet Smarts for Sweethearts: Savvy Advice & Fun Ideas for Celebrating Love" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Hercule Poirot's Christmas - Agatha Christie[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Enchantment - Betina Krahn [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Fastnachtsbeichte - Carl Zuckmayer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">A Merry Little Christmas - Catherine Palmer + Jilian Heart[ENG] style="color:#4D5621;">P.S. Ich Liebe Dich - Cecilia Ahern [GER]
If you could see me now - Cecilia Ahern [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Kiss and Tell - Cherry Adair [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Das verlorene Symbol - Dan Brown[GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Wächter - David Baldacci [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Cabin Fever - Diana Hunter [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Toronto at Dreamer's Rock - Drew Hayden Taylor[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Furious Observations of a Blue-eyed Ojibway: Funny, You Don't Look Like One III - Drew Hayden Taylor[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Night Wanderer: A Gothic Novel - Drew Hayden Taylor[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Berlin Blues - Drew Hayden Taylor" style="color:#4D5621;">Die In Plain Sight - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Crocodile on the sandbank - Elizabeth Peters [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Curse of the Pharaos - Elizabeth Peters [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">To Tame a Texan - Georgina Gentry [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Dancer's Angel - Holly Harte [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Snowbound - Janice Kay Johnson[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Eyre Affaire - Jasper Fforde [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Rapture in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Out of this world - J.D.Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Vengeance in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Conspiracy in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Loyalty in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Witness in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Judgment in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest - Jennifer Crusie[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Beyond the savage sea - Jo Ann Wendt [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Die Märchen von Beedle dem Barden - Joan K. Rowling [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Salem Falls - Jodi Picoult [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Die Blackstone Chroniken - John Saul [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Ride the Painted Pony - Kathleen Eagle [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Hiding in the Shadows - Kay Hooper[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Stealing Shadows - Kay Hooper[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Touching Evil - Kay Hooper[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Leopardin - Ken Follett [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Für jede Lösung ein Problem - Kerstin Grier [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Endearment - LaVyrle Spencer [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Zeig mir die Sterne - Linda Gillard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Heart of Fire - Linda Howard [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Touch of Fire - Linda Howard [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Kill and Tell- Linda Howard [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Cover of Night - Linda Howard [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Miss Wonderful - Loretta Chase [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The last Hellion - Loretta Chase [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Don't tempt me - Loretta Chase [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Luck in the Shadows - Lynne Flewelling [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Girls' Guide To Hunting And Fishing - Melissa Bank [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Mike'S Election Guide 2008 - Michael Moore [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Anil's Ghost - Michael Ondaatje [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Pagan Stone (The Sign of Seven #3) - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">First Impressions - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Tribute - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Black Hills - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Vision in White - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bed of Roses- Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Radical Cure - Olivia Gates [ENG] style="color:#4D5621;">Ruf des Mondes (Mercy Thompson 1) - Patricia Biggs [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Europeana: A Brief History Of The Twentieth Century - Patrik Ourednik [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Der Name des Windes: Die Königsmörder-Chronik. Erster Tag - Patrik Rothfuss [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Nicht mein Tag - Ralf Husmann [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Fatherland - Robert Harris [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Simon's Cat - Simon Tofield[ENG] style="color:#4D5621;">Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen - Stephanie Meyer [GER] style="color:#4D5621;">Bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde - Stephanie Meyer [GER] style="color:#4D5621;">Bis(s) zum Abendrot - Stephanie Meyer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bis(s) zum Ende der Nacht - Stephanie Meyer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Tara Janzen - Crazy Wild [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Thomas Hardy - The Return of the Native [ENG]

[GER] = read in German: 15
[ENG] = read in English: 6o

Books 2010 ordered by author" style="color:#4D5621;">The Paid Companion - Amanda Quick [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Grayson's Surrender - Catherine Mann [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Stimmt's?Moderne Legenden im Test - Folge 2 - Christoph Drösser [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Stimmt's?Moderne Legenden im Test - Folge 3 - Christoph Drösser [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Ausgelöscht - Cody McFadyen [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Gut gegen Nordwind - Daniel Glattauer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Alle sieben Wellen - Daniel Glattauer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Todesregen - Dean Koontz [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Rogue Stallion - Diana Palmer [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Beweise, daß es böse ist - Donna Leon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Acqua Alta - Donna Leon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Always Time To Die - Elizabeth Lowell [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Artemis Fowl 2 - Eoin Colfer [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Artemis Fowl 3 - Eoin Colfer[GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Der Schakal - Frederick Forsythe [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Maigret und der Gehängte von Saint-Pholien - Georges Simenon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Maigret und die Bohnenstange - Georges Simenon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Maigret und der gelbe Hund - Georges Simenon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Maigret und seine Skrupel - Georges Simenon [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">False Colours - Georgette Heyer [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Dezembersturm - Iny Lorentz [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Tartarin - Iny Lorentz [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Tochter der Wanderhure - Iny Lorentz [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Wer erschoss Tupac? - Jan Gaspard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Tupac's Geheimnis - Jan Gaspard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Die Titanic darf nie ankommen - Jan Gaspard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Die Krebs-Macher - Jan Gaspard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Das Handy-Komplott - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Fußball-Gott - Jan Gaspard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Stonehenge - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Macht - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Gier - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Die traurige Prinzessin - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Die Hindenburg - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Piratenschatz - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Das Wissen der Menschheit - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Das Bernsteinzimmer - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Durst - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Krauts und Rüben - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Die Waterkant-Affäre - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Menschenopfer - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Pyramidensaga - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Jack the Ripper - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Angst - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Fluch des Tutenchamun - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Jungbrunnen - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Ausgespäht und Ausgetrickst - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Sex and Crime - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Wer hat Angst vor Norma Jean - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Mann im Mond - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Untergang der MS Estonia - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: 9-11 - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Lazarus - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Im Netz der Lügen - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Sehnsucht - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Schatz der Loge - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Gesundes Toxin - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Im Namen des Volkes - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Liebesgrüße aus Moskau - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Hexensabbat - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: 60 Minuten - Die Echtzeitfolge - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Insomnia - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Preis der Freiheit - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Der Kronzeuge - Jan Gaspard [GER]
[Audio]Offenbarung 23: Machiavelli - Die andere Seite der Wahrheit - Jan Gaspard [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Betrayal in Death - J.D.Robb [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Shattered - Joan Johnston [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Natural Law - Joey W. Hill[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] 30 Min für den perfekten Small Talk - Jutta Portner[GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Hawai'i - Karl Teuschel [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Mitternachtsfalken - Ken Follett[GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Eisfieber - Ken Follett[GER]
[Audio] Das zweite Gedächtnis - Ken Follett[GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Sarah's Child - Linda Howard[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bridget - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Christy - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Skye - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Megan- Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">High Country Bride - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Shotgun Bride - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Secondhand Bride - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettrick's Choice - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Sierra's Homecoming - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettrick's Luck - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettrick's Pride - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettrick's Heart - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick Christmas \ A Creed Country Christmas - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettricks of Texas: Tate - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettricks of Texas: Garrett - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">McKettricks of Texas: Austin - Linda Lael Miller [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Wilder Days - Linda Winstead Jones[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Because You're Mine - Lisa Kleypas [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Your Scandalous Ways - Loretta Chase [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Cloud Nine - Luanne Rice [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Herrin wider Willen - Martha Sophie Marcus [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Anastasia Syndrome - Mary Higgins Clark [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] True Believer - Nicholas Sparks [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Western Skies: Songs of the West - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Savor the Moment (Bride Quartett #3)- Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">The Search - Nora Roberts [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Bann des Blutes - Patricia Briggs [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Spur der Nacht - Patricia Briggs [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Schatten des Wolfes- Patricia Briggs [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Spiel der Wölfe - Patricia Briggs [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">True Love and Other Disasters - Rachel Gibson [ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Killoyle - Robert Boylan [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Envy - Sandra Brown[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">Behind Closed Doors - Shannon Mckenna[ENG]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Chemie des Todes- Simon Beckett [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Geheime Botschaften - Simon Singh [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">About Adam - Stella Cameron [ENG]
[Audio] Das Universum in der Nussschale - Stephen Hawking [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Otherland - Die Stadt der goldenen Schatten - Tad Williams [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Puppenspieler - Tanja Kinkel [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Merlin - Tankred Dorst [GER]
[Audio] Königsblau - Tom Wolf [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">Walter Moers' schönste Geschichten, On the Road - Walter Moers [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Die Darwin Awards - Wendy Northcutt [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Hui Buh das Schlossgespenst [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Hui Buh in neuen Abenteuern [GER]" style="color:#4D5621;">[Audio] Hui Buh spukt lustig weiter [GER]

[GER] = read in German: 84
[ENG] = read in English: 38
amongst these were
[Audio] = audiobook/radio drama: 78

Books 2011 stats only
books in total: 132
amongst these audiobooks in total: 62" border="0" alt="GWTW">
Darling, it seems that you belong in Gone with the Wind; the proper place for a romantic. You belong in a tumultous world of changes and opportunities, where your independence paves the road for your survival. It is trying being both a cynic and a dreamer, no?

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?

Who would have guessed? ...

you are a romance novel
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What kind of bookcrosser are you
Your Result: ring in bundles

They come and come. Ringbooks come in herds, that's what you say! You made a basket on your mail box, otherwise the frontdoor woldn't open when you return from work. You know your postman by christian name.

Playfull RBACKer
Love to meet
Obsessive releaser
Thematic dropper
Talk of the toy
lucky lurker
strange looking bystander
What kind of bookcrosser are you
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