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From Klagenfurt, Kärnten Austria
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BC in 2024

After a hiatus of about two years I got back to BC in 2021. I have greatly enjoyed taking part in various rings, rays, games and challenges in the past and I am looking forward to staying active this year. I read in English and German and I like to discover new material through different channels.

One challenge I thoroughly enjoyed for a number of years is the 666 challenge, as it managed to broaden my horizon on different levels and got me out of my (cultural) comfort zone.

To get a little extra motivation in 2024 I decided to join efells Lesechallenge 2024 . I almost finished the complete challenge in 2023 and I'd love to complete the whole thing this year.

~*~ for secret santas and other Wichtel :) ~*~

My family and I like to take part in a few exchange games throughout the year. We appreciate any kind thought. This year I've been asked to include some of my preferences, so our partners job is a bit easier. So here goes:

I like sweets and chocolate, tea, tea towels and mugs. My partner and I love motorcycles and travelling. I have two young kids (6 & 8) who love to try sweets from other countries, any kind of stickers and enjoy all kinds of stories.


~*~ 666 Challenge (69 states read so far) ~*~

How many countries I visited. Create your own travel map
I visited 69 countries of the United Nations (35.7%) out of 193.
Create your own travel map .

2013: 27/36

AFRICA: (5) Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Rwanda, Darfur
ASIA: (3) Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iraq
EUROPE: (6) Sweden, France, Germany, Albania, England, Austria ***DONE***
OCEANIA: (4) Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea
SOUTH AMERICA: (4) Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil

2014: 20/36

EUROPE: 5 (England, Finland, Russia, Ireland, Scotland)
ASIA: 5 (China, Japan, Yemen, India, Saudi Arabia)
AFRICA: 3 (Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Rwanda)
SOUTH AMERICA: 3 (Guyana, Peru, Colombia)
OCEANIA: 2 (Australia, Marshall Islands)

2015: 32/36

EUROPE: (6) UK, Macedonia, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Ireland
ASIA: (6) Sri Lanka, Tibet, India, Iran, Japan, Israel
AFRICA: (6) Uganda, South Africa, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Congo
NORTH AM./CARIBBEAN: (6) Trinidad &Tobago, US, Haiti, CAN, Mexico, Puerto Rico
SOUTH AM.: (3) Venezuela, Colombia, Peru
OCEANIA: (5) Samoa, Niue, Tonga, French Polynesia, New Zealand




The Bathhouse (Iran) Ray[finished]
Breath, Eyes, Memory (Haiti) Ray[finished]
Mondnächte erzählen Patenring[finished]
Andrasthe's Amma...Frail wooden Door (Oceania) Ring[finished]
Andrasthe's Things Fall Apart Ray [finished]
Bambaren's Samantha Ray [finished]
Andrasthe's Dark Heart of the Night Ring [finished]


~*~ BOOK RAYS & RINGS finished ~*~

fannynatalies Reise in die Nacht
97idefix' Bauch des Ozeans
Xirxe's NOX Ring
kiwiinengland's New Neighbours Ring
RalfH's On Burning Books Ring
bluezwuzl's conjuror's bird Ring
suddenlyisee's Queer & Krimi Box
dugöngche's Himmelsbegräbnis
Olagorie's Cereus Ring
Favourite book of 2013 roundabout
alexiapapa's remains of the day ring
Ayandras Fünf Ring
Gaudenta's Shaun Tan Ein neues Land Ring
Gnomili's Warrior Cats Ring
Gnomili's Warrior Cats 2 Ring
Lamilla's Snuff INTL Ray
Int'l ring: Bookring D
Soheyde's Manzonebox
Wildboar's Hotel New Hampshire Ring
Olagorie's Dilemma of a ghost Ring
Lady-Liberty's Fräulein Else Ring
Ghanescha's Erotik Buch Box 2013
beate2830's Der zerrissene April
Gory Details' Gifts of Blood
Sfogs' Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad
goldenwattle's month in the country
Gatoleer's Weisser Neger
Lemon Crisis' Thu Hundred-thousand Kingdoms Ray
Fremde-Welten's Lachen des Geckos Ring
Olagorie's Kigali Ring
Sfog's Heart of Darfur Ray
Oedi's Adressat Unbekannt Ring
KiwiinEngland's Little Girl Too fond of matches Ring
D-A-N-I-Es Handwerk des Teufels Ring
Zaunkönigs Als ich ein kleiner Junge war Ring
pam99's Solomon Time Ring
Pam's Singing Grass Bookring
Dracessa's Im Jenseits ist die Hölle los Ring
Hyphen8's Nujood Ray
Pam's Hansomest Man in the World Bookring
eurydikes Nachtbibliothek
Danielle23's Aspidistra Ring
Dracessa's Meister Atami Ring
Olagorie's Buxton Spice Ring
lila-Entchen's Fukushima Ring
Gory Details' I shall never Return Ring
Lily Kip's BookXerpting Round 3
blups25's Cinnamon Gardens
bookworm-lady's Molecules Ray
phideta's Küchenbox
anathema-device's Last Days of New Paris Ring
Literaturpower's Kästner Apotheke
Ghanescha's Dr. Who Box
fannynatalie's Weihnachten bei den Manns Ring
Xirxe's Farm Ring

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