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Profile updated September 2022 - please note that my age is set as my Bookcrossing age :)

I love bookcrossing and have released most of my home library via bookcrossing activities. This year, instead of wild releasing, I aim to find controlled release receivers / wish lists entries for my books to be sent out. Should you receive a RABCK or book swap message from me, let's connect!

St Valentines Exchange 2022
TBR-mountain challenge for 2022, Finnish forum
Bookray Untamed
2022 HGG
2022 HGG thank yous

The Finnish bookcrossers are happy to host the 2023 Bookcrossing Convention in Tampere, Finland! Welcome!

Should you wish to send me a HGG or RABCK book, kindly see my wish list. I am always delighted to get bookmarks and labelling supplies in English or Finnish. I like strong chai and puerh tea and wear wool socks around the year (EUR size 39). Please do not send chocolate, cookies or candy; instead I'd love to try some of your locally produced honey in my tea. My cuticles really like L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream. I decorate my paper calendars with stickers so those are hugely appreciated as well! Aaaand, I'm a Ravenclaw :) Many thanks!

I read a lot as a kid. My parents took me to the library regularly and would buy me books as presents. My top three childhood favourites are: Wind in the willows, 101 dalmatians, and Uncle Fedja, his dog and his cat. I learned how to read from Aku Ankka (Donald Duck/Disney) and Nakke Nakuttaja (Woody Woodpecker/Universal) comics like so many kids in Finland in the late 1960s :)

In addition to reading my TBR books or getting books from the library, I read and listen books via BookBeat and Libby. Do you use Libby? If you have a library card, you definitely should :) Must also try out PressReader app some time soon ;)

Free Little Library is a fascinating concept! If you have one near you, I'd be absolutely delighted if you would help me in releasing a book there. I'd love to be able to release books like this all around the world! Many thanks in advance!

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