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HI! I'm back!

I haven't been too active in Bookcrossing this past year or so but I'm back again. I have started reading for pleasure again and I'm looking forward to reading books from the many bookrings and find some good books that I have read to offer!
Not much has changed except I'm getting a bit older.....and looking to reconnect with the many wonderful friends here at bookcrossing.
I still want to thank efs300 for always helping with my bookshelf when needed and to TexasWren for the great website put together which teaches many of the basics and more to bookcrosser's.
So; if by chance you have stopped by I'd love to hear from you!
Click on the mailbox and drop me a line!

I'm having a great time with a new adventure!'s my stats:(click on geocaching icon to go to my geocache profile and join in the fun!) target="blank">Profile for lele2

Did you click over here from GEOCACHING?
Check out Kelli's (lele) dedication and the story of the butterfly; 2-Screenname dedication

Bookmarks to my bookshelf:

2-Release Challenges I've hosted
3-Book Rings
4- First Look Program
5- My Bookshelf


  1. "In MEMORY" 1 BOOK CHALLENGE for Kelli, my daughter
  3. 2nd Annual "International Day of Peace" Release Challenge! Visit the journal page---to see a list of participants and all the books that were released!---Strength to Love by Martin Luther King released for the Challenge.

  4. "that their light may always shine"! Release Challenge.
    Visit the special Bookshelf for this Release Challenge at: light-shine

Screen Name Dedication to Kelli

Kelli loved to read(maybe picked it up from me). Kelli was a giver - she was the cake baker,the birthday locker decorator, the treat person for bus rides home from athletic sports... Kelli is my daughter and she was tragically killed by a car while crossing the street at the age of 14. Two weeks before she was killed she took the nickname - lele - and had it airbrushed on a t-shirt at Great America Amusement Park. This name has become very special to us. At her tree planting ceremony, given by her classmates, a"
alt="Image hosted by">Monarch" alt="Image hosted by"> kept flitting, gliding and alighting on her tree. My husband wrote profusely that year - his way of dealing with grief. The butterfly finally received a name in one of his writings - lele. This gift she left us stands for l-love, e-everlasting + l-life, e-eternal - lele - love everlasting and life eternal! In honor of her giving spirit, I dedicate this screen name in her memory.
And with her signature, love always and forever!" alt="Image hosted by">" alt="Image hosted by">

My Wish List

~~~thanks Cliff!.... Cliff's web page

Thanks to everyone who has graciously sent me books from my Wish List!
I still enjoy that surprise mail from someone offering a book on my list!

Book Rings

All of the book rings I had started are either: finished or lost. It is time to start a new list with books that I will choose in 2009 to start a tour of world wide readers!
First book ~ Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett

My Bookshelf

Did you ever get to the point where "books" took over every bookcase, flat surface & nook&cranny of your house? I came to that point last fall and just couldn't see all these books continuing to sit here taking up space and not being read!!! That's what books are for isn't it??
Some books began to yellow, the pages began to crackle and fall out even though they hadn't been touched in a long while.

So....I made a decision. I had a gigantic Garage Sale with hopes of selling all the clothes I grew out of and knew I would never grow into again, lots of "stuff" and of course ~ books, books and more books! Well, the garage sale was a bust! A real bust! I was disappointed with all the work that went into setting it up but more so; I did not want to bring all that "stuff" back into my house.

So....I made another decision. I donated everything to two churches that were having Rummage Sales (one in the fall & one this spring). I hope that my "stuff" will become someone's "treasure" and I hope that some of the books which had been registered on
My Bookshelf find their way into the hands of people who just might register the book(s) on and become a member too!

Maybe the joy of bookcrossing will be spread by a few quarters being dropped into the cash register for a worthy cause! This too, is for all the books which have been sent to me that I also had to let go. I really hope that anyone who graciously sent me book(s) while I was recuperating from back surgery will understand.

About the books I still have...I am willing to give-away (after I have read it) most any book that is on my bookshelf (regardless of designation). If you see something that you would like PLEASE ~ click on the mailbox (or PM) and let me know what book it is that you would like. If I still have it it's yours!!! I don't want to sound "cheap" but the cost of sending books has skyrocketed the last few years ~ I wish could make some kind of deal with the postal service! ~ so if the cost of sending the book is within my budget, I'll post it.


Looking for books to read before they hit the bookshelves? Consider enrolling in Harper Collins' First Look Program. After registering you choose the genres you're interested in and check back each month to see if there are any books of interest to you. Then choose the books you'd like to read. Next, you write a few sentences about why you'd like to read the book and sit back and wait. Harper Collins will contact you and let you know if you were chosen to Read and Review an "Advanced Readers Copy".

I joined back in November and have already read 4 books; The Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean, Unburnbale by Marie-Elena John, Flight of the Night Hawks by Raymond Feist and The Remedy by Michelle Lovric - which I have offered as a bookring. I just received notice I will recieve the new book from one of my favorite authors, Paul Cohelo! I'm very excited about this latest book!
Interested? Here is the link to
Harper Collins' First Look Program

**It has been a long time since I was awarded a book to read for the First Look Program and I was almost ready to drop out. This month I received 2 new books to read: The Color of Lightning by Paulette Jiles and Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett." target="_top">Free Web ALIGN="middle" HSPACE="4" VSPACE="2">" target="_top">Free Hit Counter

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