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I love the idea of "Bookcrossing", and the wonderful, warm people I have come to meet while here, many who I have come to think of as my "adopted" family.
I love books, and have a reading room in my home; it is my favorite room of all, the one I am most proud to show when quests visit, and there is always something available for them to read.
It's become my private sanctuary filled with quotations ,photos , and nature treasures that I find personally enjoyable, as well as plaques of my written poetry.
(I am a published writer, with some of my poems appearing in various anthologies)
I am also an extreme cat lover, sharing my life with 2 beautiful Maine Coons who have captured my heart, and are always readily available any time I need a cuddle or hug.

*** The picture on my page is a photo of Suzie - my 18 year old beautiful girl , whom I recently lost due to extreme kidney problems , and other ailments. She will never be forgotten.

My booklist is not necessarily reflective of my tastes as I often buy my books at thrift stores, sales, used book stores, or obtain them from friends in trades.
I try to include a synopsis whenever possible, and have also begun to list books in my permanent collection. While I will rarely part with these, I find it often helps others get a "feel" for various authors and books they may not otherwise have heard about, or considered reading. It provides a good source of reference.
My TBR books generally are books I have yet first to read one day, then will decide to either pass along to friends and family or release.
(I do go through these periodically to thin out the bookshelves of those I consider less important and am not worrying about reading, but if they are presently marked TBR that means I do wish to read them before I release them elsewhere; please respect this.)

I am not one who worries much about my stats since many of my books listed are my own and I tend to pass alot of books on to friends , family, charitable causes. Therefore the stats would not be a true representation.
I trade alot of my books and also offer up many fun RABCK's to give back to everyone who has been kind to me in one way or another , I generally host at least one RABCK monthly, along with many others of which are non-book related since I sometimes like to send out other surprises which I think readers will enjoy besides books -- so many tend to already have large TBR's that often something other than a book is appreciated.

My Wishlist:

Link to my Amazon Wishlist :

- "wings" or any symbol behind my BC name
- any bookcrossing stuff (labels, stickers, notepads, would LOVE a T-shirt , tote,
or anything neat ! I would LOVE one of the Denim BC'ing totes or the other red one -just saw them and they are wonderful ; it would be awesome for taking my books with me)
- I am always in need of envelopes, or notepaper , printed labels of any sort.
- Coke cap pins for points would be amazing ! (I collect them ,
and unfortunately don't drink as much coke anymore;
if you are in Canada, the US ones dont work here )
- Kittie treats for my babies (they love the flavored Greenies or Temptations treats)
- I collect miniature teddy bear or elephant figurines
- anything "earthy" in nature - photo frames ,collectors items,etc
made from wood, stone, metal, etc.
- unusual candy (maybe from your country or symbolic
of your town; or YOUR favorite treat)
- any sort of pamper items (bath stuff, soaps, lotions,
etc; note: I love mango!)
- pretty notebooks,journals, cute scratch pads,or pens of any kind
- coins from different countries
(I collect them as it is nice to get things from other countries)
- any sort of cloth item or trinket symbolic of your area
- knitted, crocheted type items
- I would love anything "handmade"
- BEADS !(I do various crafts and these are great for making bookstrings)
- rubber stamps , waxed string, ribbon

Also, check out my wishlist :

***Note: (I will not be adding new books to Cliff's list. The most up to date will be the Bookcrossing wishlist- please refer to the Wishlist on my profile page here at BC'ing )

-My wishlist is not intended to be one of greed,
but rather,a reflection of the many books I have
noticed that I would be interested in and would hope
to find and read one day.

I am also registered on RABCK -( please PM to ask for my address, as I have not listed it for security reasons)

I have found out my Birthday Buddy is AcountKel !
We share the same birthdate, (June 4th) wow !

my additional Birthday Buddies are :

Shemchin (April 12th)
olered (June 13th )
College Lady (July 20th )
Xamantha (Sept 4th)
flossie771 (Sept 28th)

Please Note:
Due to ongoing illness , I am currently not able to work , and have very limited income assistance at this time.
I am therefore forced to put trades on hold for the time being, but will be making efforts to wild release books.
Once I am able to obtain some means of supplementary income, I will be happy to once again proceed with book trades.
Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience in the meantime.

Some places where my books have travelled:
Canada - Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia,
USA - Washington, Tennessee, Pennsylvannia, Oregon, North Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana,
New York, Georgia, Nebraska,Illinois,Indiana, Texas,California, Virginia, Maryland,Nevada,Missourri,

Finland, United Kingdom , Isle of Man, Greece, Australia,New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Scotland,

I have also sent RABCK's (non-book items ) to:
Belgium, Phillipines, Portugal, Sweden , Netherlands,
South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Kentucky, Utah, England,Italy,

....(to be continued)

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