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Welcome to the '1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up' Library!

The idea of the 1001KidsLibrary is to collect all "1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up" to this virtual Library for everyone to enjoy.

The library is intended to be multilingual and collects books in all languages. We also welcome duplicates!

You can find the 1001 list here.
And here you can search which books the 1001KidsLibrary has or doesn't have :)." method="GET">    Title:    


How it works?

If you have a 1001 children’s book and would like to give it to this library, kindly PM the library and include you book's BCID in the message. The book will be then journaled to this library and thus made available for everyone. Be prepared to send the book along to the next crosser who wishes to read the book.

In order to take out a book from the library, you first need to 'donate' a book to the library. Then, if you see a book that you are interested in, kindly PM the person who journaled the book before the Library. Please, include your address in the message. If you don't get a reply for the book, kindly inform the Library.

If someone requests a book from you and you want to make sure he or she is a member, check the library's list of friends. All donors are on the list.

After you are finished reading the book, PM the library and include the BCID in your message. The book will then be journaled back to the library's AVL-pile. And -of course- be prepared to send the book along, when requested by the next interested crosser.

Currently there is 1 librarian, but it would be lovely to have more.

The librarian lives in the South of the US.

To reach the librarian:" align="absmiddle"> debnance (speaks English and Spanish)

The librarian wishes to thank 1001-library for their help in making this bookshelf.

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