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The Last Kestrel

by Jill McGivering | category
Registered by lils74 of Kathmandu, Bagmati (incl. Kathmandu Valley) Nepal on 6/9/2014
5 journalers

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Journal Entry 1 by lils74 from Kathmandu, Bagmati (incl. Kathmandu Valley) Nepal on Monday, June 9, 2014
Not sure where I picked this one up. Here's the blurb, though:

Two strong women. Two cultures. One unifying cause: survival. Ellen Thomas, experienced war correspondent, returns to Afghanistan's dangerous Helmand Province on assignment, keen to find the murderer of her friend and translator, Jalil. In her search for justice in a land ravaged by death and destruction, she uncovers disturbing truths. Hasina, forced by tradition into the role of wife and mother, lives in a village which is taken by British Forces. Her only son, Aref, is part of a network of underground fighters and she is determined to protect him, whatever the cost. Ellen and Hasina are thrown together - one fighting for survival, the other searching for truth - with devastating consequences for them both. The Last Kestrel is a deeply moving and lyrical story of disparate lives - innocent and not-so-innocent - caught up in the horrors of war. It is a book which will resonate with fans of The Kite Runner and The Bookseller of Kabul.

Journal Entry 2 by lils74 at Kathmandu, Bagmati (incl. Kathmandu Valley) Nepal on Sunday, July 6, 2014

Released 7 yrs ago (7/6/2014 UTC) at Kathmandu, Bagmati (incl. Kathmandu Valley) Nepal


Though I have only recently registered this book, it's been with me for a while, and I never seemed to be able to get into reading it. So it's travelling abroad for the Wishlist Tag Game; I hope you enjoy it, ApoloniaX!

I'm not sure which kind bookcrosser sent me the label I used inside it, I wish I could remember because it's so artistic: when I was looking for an appropriate label, I somehow thought the design seemed to go with a book about Afghanistan. I think they make tapestries there?

Journal Entry 3 by wingApoloniaXwing at Bremen, Bremen Germany on Tuesday, July 22, 2014
This just arrived - thanks a lot, lils74, for tagging me with it!

Entries for the One-book-a-month RABCK: Maggie01, Askeladda

Journal Entry 4 by wingApoloniaXwing at Bremen, Bremen Germany on Wednesday, August 6, 2014
A brilliant novel! It's about a journalist's experiences in Afghanistan. Jill McGivering states that "any negative portrayals are entirely fictional" ... well... really? Then why invent such a story? Looks as if she herself had once been in Ellen's place and this is her way of telling the truth... However, it's a great read, with lots of background information about Afghanistan.
(BTW, she wrote another book: Far from my Father's House)

"I have seen a green country, useful to the race,
Knocked silly with guns and mines, its villages vanished,
Even the last rat and last kestrel banished—
God bless us all, this was peculiar grace."
Edmund Blunden (1896-1974) - Report on Experience

Here's an interesting interview with Jill McGivering.

Journal Entry 5 by wingApoloniaXwing at Bremen, Bremen Germany on Thursday, August 28, 2014

Released 7 yrs ago (8/28/2014 UTC) at Bremen, Bremen Germany


Travelling to Norway

Journal Entry 6 by wingAskeladdawing at Skien, Telemark fylke Norway on Saturday, September 6, 2014
Thank you very much! And for the Nice BC stickers! I'll love to read this book:)

Journal Entry 7 by wingAskeladdawing at Sanden hotell in Hokksund, Buskerud fylke Norway on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Released 6 yrs ago (7/16/2015 UTC) at Sanden hotell in Hokksund, Buskerud fylke Norway


Took this book to the BC meeting in Hooksund. If no one takes the book, Ill release it in th Town.

The release is part of the international BC Monopoly game, round 2.

Til deg som finner boka sier jeg: velkommen til bookcrossing!
Takk for at du tok vare på boka!

Skriv gjerne en kommentar JE (journal entry) så vet vi at boka er trygt hos deg. Jeg blir glad om du vil skrive hvor du fant boken. Senere kan du skrive hva du synes om boken når du har lest den.

Slipp den gjerne fri igjen, eller gi den til en venn. Da kan du også skrive hvordan du lar boken reise videre, slik at vi kan følge den på reisen. På det skandinaviske forumet deler vi gleden over bøkenes vandring i verden.

Du kan være anonym om du vil. Eller du kan bli medlem (join). Det er gratis. Din e -post adresse blir ikke oppgitt eller videreformidlet til noen. Du får ikke spam. Som medlem kan du følge boka videre reiserute. Du må gjerne referere til meg, Askeladda, som den som gjorde deg kjent med BC.

Under fanen 'Samfunn' vil du finne bokinteresserte mennesker fra mange land. Det er skandinaviske og internasjonale forum hvor du kan delta i bokpraten. Bookcrossere er generøse, vennlige mennesker, bare prøv!

Håper du vil like boka du har funnet!
Les den, skriv et lite bokslipp notat og la boka reise videre!

Journal Entry 8 by bokFOLK at Hokksund, Buskerud fylke Norway on Thursday, July 16, 2015
In my bookshelf

Journal Entry 9 by bokFOLK at Fiskum, Buskerud fylke Norway on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Released 4 yrs ago (3/10/2017 UTC) at Fiskum, Buskerud fylke Norway


Gitt til Fiskumfrue

Journal Entry 10 by Fiskumfrue at Fiskum, Buskerud fylke Norway on Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Interesting and engaging about cultures and war. This time from Afganistan.

Journal Entry 11 by Fiskumfrue at Pte Aux Cannoniers, Grand Baie Mauritius on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Released 4 yrs ago (4/5/2017 UTC) at Pte Aux Cannoniers, Grand Baie Mauritius


Denne boken er nå på reise. Jeg håper at også du har glede av å lese den, og at du synes det er flott at vi sammen skaper et verdensbibliotek.

The book is now on Mauritius, at La Pointe Villas på Point aux Cannonier

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