Letters for Emily

by Camron Wright | Literature & Fiction |
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Registered by EllyMae58 of San Diego, California USA on 7/22/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Tuesday, July 22, 2003
You are so young. You may wonder what an old man like me could teach? I wonder as well. I certainly don't claim to know all the answers. I'm barely figuring out the questions...Life has a strange way of repeating itself and I want my experience to help you...My hope is that you'll consider my words and remember my heart.

Harry Whitney is dying. He has Alzheimer's disease, and he knows his "good" time is dwindling. So he compiles a book of poems for his favorite granddaughter, Emily, hoping that his words of hard-won wisdom will heal the old wounds that are tearing his family apart. But Harry's poems contain much more than meets the eye - clues and riddles that lead to an extraordinary cache of letters and a promise of hidden gold. As Emily and her family uncover Harry's secrets one by one, they learn unforgettable lessons about romance, forgiveness and hope that might hold them all together.

Journal Entry 2 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Sunday, August 03, 2003
I absolutely loved this book!

Journal Entry 3 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Sunday, August 03, 2003
Sorry, but this bookray is now closed!

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ellymae58 - California, USA*
Tamster33 - California, USA
booknhand - California, USA
16stepper - Arizona, USA*
melissaparcel - Washington, USA*
readinme - Maine, USA
wandeca - Canada*
zyana - Portugal
talkland - UK*

starbytes - Malaysia*
TramGirl - Australia*
fio-dagua - Portugal
suzen - France*
gumshoe007 - Canada*
meshe - Georgia, USA
kymberlie - Texas, USA
hyacinthblue - Maryland, USA

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Journal Entry 4 by Tamster33 from San Francisco, California USA on Monday, August 11, 2003
Received today. Will read ASAP, make comments, and pass on. Thanks :)

Journal Entry 5 by Tamster33 from San Francisco, California USA on Thursday, August 14, 2003
What a delightful story.

I lost my grandma this past May, so I could really relate to a lot of the story. I wish she had left me some letters to remember her by. I was alway trying to get her to write about her past, since she didn't like to talk about it. Apparently she didn't like to write about it either, so a part of my family history is now gone. Such is life. At least I have my memories.

I've sent this off to Booknhand today.

Released on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at mailed to fellow bookcrosser in San Francisco, California USA.

Sent to booknhand.

Journal Entry 7 by booknhand from San Jose, California USA on Saturday, August 16, 2003
YEAH!!! I am so excited - this is the first bookray book I recieved. It came in the mail today.

Perfect timing as I just finished my first class in a masters program and won't start the next one until Monday. I can't wait to start reading it tomorrow when my eyes aren't so blurry from all that text book reading and paper writing :)

Will post as I read and then pass it on to the next ringer. Give me a week or two - or maybe just this week-end, depending on how into I get :)

Addendum 8/17/03:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It is so endearing that I don't want to put it down and yet such a sweet story I don't want to rush it's reading. I am about half way through and will probably be ready to send it on by the beginning of next week - if that long.

I want to personally own this book in hardcover, so it will definitely be put on my friends and family wish list to recieve as a gift.

Journal Entry 8 by booknhand from San Jose, California USA on Saturday, August 23, 2003
I absolutley LOVED this book. It was such a sweet story of family discovery and the misconceptions from childhood that we hold onto as adults. Both of these concepts were framed in the use of words. A must read!!!!

It was very difficult to part with, but it was sent on to the next bookcrosser on the bookray list, along with keepsakes for future readers - or at least enough for the readers currenly on the bookray list as of 8/22.

Enjoy :)

Journal Entry 9 by booknhand at US Post Office in San Francisco, California USA on Saturday, August 23, 2003
Released on Saturday, August 23, 2003 at US Post Office in San Francisco Bay Area, California USA.

Sent to next bookcrosser on list - stepper16.

Journal Entry 10 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Monday, August 25, 2003
I received my 'keepsake' from booknhand today. How lovely! Thank you for going to such time and effort to do something so nice. My new bookmark will be used in a bookring book that arrived in today's mail as well. Each time I see the bookmark, I will think of that lovely story, and the kindness of the BookCrosser that sent the keepsake to me. :)

Journal Entry 11 by 16stepper from Gilbert, Arizona USA on Thursday, September 04, 2003
Received in the mail today along with lovely keepsakes made by the last reader. Very nice! Adding to my pile of bookrays to read.

Journal Entry 12 by 16stepper from Gilbert, Arizona USA on Friday, October 03, 2003
This is a heartwarming book! I loved every bit of it. So many destroyed relationships between parent and child in our country today could benefit from the wisdom in this book. I loved finding out at the end the real secret of this book in the section after the Epilogue. I am very grateful for the opportunity to read this book and to share in the hope it offers so freely.

This goes out in today's mail to melissaparcel.

Journal Entry 13 by melissaparcel from Kelso, Washington USA on Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Received this book today. I have MANY bookrings/rays ahead, and will try to get to this one as quickly as possible.

Journal Entry 14 by melissaparcel from Kelso, Washington USA on Monday, December 22, 2003
I am so sorry it took me this long to get to it, life has been crazy around here.

This is a fabulous book. So many lessons about life, love, and family. I liked it so much I bought myself a copy for Christmas! This ended up being one of my top reads for 2003.
Sending on to readinme today.

Journal Entry 15 by readinme from not specified, not specified not specified on Sunday, January 04, 2004
I received the book and keepsake last Tuesday. Instead of journaling. I just started reading. I am pretty close to being done. This was a great story.
Thanks so much Ellymae and bookandhand.

Journal Entry 16 by Wandeca from Kitchener, Ontario Canada on Friday, January 16, 2004
Got the book in today's mail, I'll be reading it in the next couple of days. Thanks ellymae58 for sharing and thanks to booknhand for the lovely keepsake bookmark.

Journal Entry 17 by Wandeca from Kitchener, Ontario Canada on Sunday, January 18, 2004
What a wonderful book! I loved it! I started reading the book on Friday evening, and I finished it this morning.

Thanks so much for sharing, ellymae58!

Journal Entry 18 by Wandeca from Kitchener, Ontario Canada on Monday, January 19, 2004
Mailing the book to Zyana in beautiful Portugal. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Journal Entry 19 by Zyana from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Friday, February 06, 2004
"Letters for Emily" arrived today safe and sound in Porto on a beautiful sunny day. Thank you so much wandeca for sending it, booknhand for the lovely keepsake and naturally ellymae58 for sharing it with the BC's from around the world. After reading so many positive reviews I'm really looking forward to reading this one. Unfortunately I'm overwhelmed in TBR bookrings at the moment and it will be a while before I can get to this one. Bear with me! :)

Journal Entry 20 by Zyana from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Tuesday, February 24, 2004
One can't help but be touched by such a heartwarming tale ... It's sure to move even the most emotionally detached individuals. "Letters for Emily" is written in an honest, flowing manner and speaks to the heart of the reader. It's not a literary achievement but like a homemade apple-pie it beats any posh gourmet dessert. It's like a feel-good movie: maybe no Oscars but a hell of a lot of comfort.
I enjoyed it immensely and read it in one seating.

Posted to Talkland on February 26th.

Journal Entry 21 by talkland from Eastbourne, East Sussex United Kingdom on Saturday, February 28, 2004
This arrived together with another bookray. I also received a little present from Booknhand, so thank you for the surprise. Looking forward to reading the book.

Journal Entry 22 by talkland from Eastbourne, East Sussex United Kingdom on Monday, March 08, 2004
A delightful novel about the legacy a grandfather leaves behind for his granddaughter and children. The legacy is rather unusual in that it is in the form of letters and poems. It is a simple but beautifully told story.

Journal Entry 23 by talkland at on Monday, March 08, 2004
Released on Monday, March 08, 2004 at the post office in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, in Controlled Releases.

Released to Starbytes in Malaysia

Journal Entry 24 by starbytes from Calgary, Alberta Canada on Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Received today!! What a surprise, I wasn't expecting it! Thanks, talkland! LOL! Can't wait to read this after reading all the journal entries about it, but I have some other bookrings to finish first. Don't worry, they'll be real quick coz I really can't wait to read this. :)

Update 10th April 2004: OMG, I loved this!! It was such a sweet and heartwarming read. I loved how it ended and I loved all the beautiful words of wisdom. Honestly, I've never been close to any of my grandparents, mostly due to language barriers, but I love the stories my parents tell me about them. I have, on more than one occasion, thought about writing a book about my paternal grandfather's life, he has written journals that I could use, but they're all written in Chinese... I'll have to see what I can do about it. Oh, what a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing, ellymae58!!

Journal Entry 25 by starbytes at on Sunday, May 09, 2004
Release planned for Monday, May 10, 2004 at Another bookcrosser in Victoria, Australia Controlled Releases.

Mailed to TramGirl!

Journal Entry 26 by TramGirl from Ballarat, Victoria Australia on Sunday, May 16, 2004
Received this in the post on Friday 14th May. Look forward to reading it!

Journal Entry 27 by TramGirl from Ballarat, Victoria Australia on Sunday, May 30, 2004
Wow! What a great book and what a quick read!! I read this over the weekend and absolutely loved it! I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but it was a book which captivated me with the poems and riddles and then the letters (lessons) to Emily, and the background family story! It had a bit of everything and was very well written. Thanks Ellymae58 for sharing!!

Off to fio-dagua sometime this week...

3/6/04: Posted today, don't you love it when a book is the right size to be considered a letter!! Only cost me $4.50 to post airmail from Australia to Portugal!!

Journal Entry 28 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Saturday, August 14, 2004
fio-dagua has received this. Waiting for her to journal.

Journal Entry 29 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Monday, May 23, 2005
Via PM, fio-dagua indicated that she believes she's already sent the book on, although she never made any journal entries.

Journal Entry 30 by fio-dagua from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Friday, July 08, 2005
well, I'M SORRY!!!
i wasn't in portugal this year and tryed to deal with the bookcrossing situstion the best i could, but anyway some books got stuck and this was one of them. i was asking people who were here in portugal to send them on, giving them the addresses and all, but confusion was inevitable. now i'm reeeealy sending it on! i apologise to those who were waiting for it and of course to EllyMae58.

Journal Entry 31 by suzen from Montreuil, Ile-de-France France on Wednesday, December 21, 2005
I got this today, thanks! I'm not doing great at keeping book rays moving these days, but I will try to read it and mail it soon. Maybe I'll have a little more money after the holidays.

Journal Entry 32 by EllyMae58 from San Diego, California USA on Sunday, April 02, 2006
Suzen currently is holding this book, but she has her PMs turned off, so I am unable to contact her. She has had the book for over 3 months now.

At this point, I'm assuming this bookray is stalled indefinitely. :(

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