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Journal Entry 1 by ETMadrid from London, Greater London United Kingdom on Friday, July 30, 2010
Yesterday I went to the exhibition and launch of this zine, I Digress.

I Digress is a collaborative residency at The Grosvenor Pub, Stockwell, London, where writers and illustrators have responded to each others' work, producing writing inspired by illustrations and illustrations inspired by pieces of writing.

I Digress has taken place over three months, engaging fourteen writers and illustrators. Starting from an illustration of the Grosvenor Pub by Hannah Carding six London writers wrote their own creative interpretation. At the same time, six London illustrators created a response to a story by Evie Wyld, set in the Grosvenor Pub.

A month later, each illustrator was given one of the written pieces to inspire a second creation, while each writer was given one of the illustrations to inspire a second text.

The three phases of creation are brought together in a limited edition pair of zines. The other one in the pair is here. This is the 43rd of 300 copies.

At the pub Charlie Fish gave a great rendition of his piece "Nadine". The pub has a very local London feel, slightly on the grungy side (no offence meant), has lots of board games, a large party room at the back (where the manager was very happy to hold the exhibition), serves pizza and is unusual in that it has table football. (But I'm not a regular so my impressions are merely transitory.)

The illustration that is in the place of the cover (it's not the actual cover) is by Elli Chortara.

I'm proposing this as a book ray (I have my own copy).

What do you think of the project? Which contributions do you appreciate most? (I'm not a participant in the project, just a friend of one of the organisers.)

Participants are:

lucy-lemon (UK)
Nell-Lu (UK)
Pooker3 (Canada)
lils74 (Nepal)
akosikulot (Philippines)

Journal Entry 2 by ETMadrid at Southwark, Greater London United Kingdom on Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Released 10 yrs ago (8/17/2010 UTC) at Southwark, Greater London United Kingdom


This is on its way to Wales. I've still only read extracts of the texts, but I can say that my favourite illustration in this is the one by Joe Sumner.

Journal Entry 3 by lucy-lemon at Llandudno, Wales United Kingdom on Friday, September 03, 2010
So sorry - they had been "tidied" away. Will read and send on asap.

Journal Entry 4 by Nell-Lu at Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom on Monday, September 27, 2010
These two zines were waiting for me when I got back from holiday at the weekend. Thanks lucy-lemon for passing them on and thanks ETMadrid for starting the ray.

Journal Entry 5 by Nell-Lu at Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom on Thursday, October 07, 2010
Great project!

The two zines are very different. The other started with a piece of writing, which led to six illustrations with common themes, which in turn led to six pieces of writing with recognisable similarities (actually, the final piece of writing, based on the most abstract illustration, had a similar setting to the others but went in a totally different direction: the start of a relationship rather than the end).

This zine starts with a series of illustrations. They are rather fanciful, featuring fairies and a very small horse. The resulting writing is more varied, and the final illustrations further away from the starting point.

Neither approach is bad, they're just different and interesting.

In this volume, my favourite illustration is Staffan Gnosspelius's adorable velveteen horses. My favourite text is "Trethwewy's Rest" by Liam Roberts.

Journal Entry 6 by Nell-Lu at Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom on Thursday, October 07, 2010

Released 10 yrs ago (10/7/2010 UTC) at Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom


I have this all packaged up to go to Pooker3 and will take it to the Post Office this afternoon. Happy reading, Pooker 3!

Journal Entry 7 by Pooker3 at Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on Monday, October 18, 2010
Both of these zines arrived today. I've started "reading" the other one. I suspect I chose to start the other one because if I were going to be a writer or an artist, I'd choose the writing bit. I have absolutely no artistic talent but can string some words together now and then. So it was with relish that I read "The Nature of Things" by Evie Wyld and I laughed quietly to myself as I read and then right out loud when I glanced at Naomi Sloman's artistic interpretation on the page facing. Oh but I digress! (Sorry, couldn't resist) First things first.

I've now had a peek at Hannah Carding's drawing. I think I'll have to scupper the writing bit too as I suspect anything I could write would not do the drawing justice. How fabulous and fanciful! I'm most anxious to see what the real writers did. This is going to be such fun!

I'd love to keep these zines. I don't suppose I'm last on the list here?

Bugger. Just had a look. I'm going to have to pass these along to Lils74.
Alright then, who has the other 299 copies? And what would it take to have one of you part with your pair?

Journal Entry 8 by Pooker3 at Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on Wednesday, October 27, 2010
As I said earlier, I started with the other of these two zines, thinking it would be the easiest for me to relate to and at first go round it was. But now I've read them both and after much thought and "conversation" with the artists, writers and, in particular each of their creations, I think I favour this one.

It was quite intriguing trying to fathom how the writers got what they did from the initial illustration (Andy Feltham's poem, At Bar and Paul Homme's story, "A Quiet Transaction" in particular). Most curious of all for me though was Naomi Sloman's response to Evie Leigh's "At least in the Play They Weren't Such Fucking Bullies." I'm sure that Edwin, aka Bill would never use the "f" word or even "assholes" and surely he knows that Frances (Tracy) made those wings herself? He is such a wienie!

But my favourite couplet (or triplet really) in the whole project has to be Hannah Carding's illustrations, Charlie Fish's "Nadine" and Staffan Gnosspelius's responding drawings. I am thoroughly delighted by them and I've done something that might be bad. I've photocopied pages 12 & 13 of this zine and slipped it under my blotter at work. I am convinced that Nadine will enjoy spending some time with me, exploring my office while I'm away, and venturing out into my city. I'm equally sure she'll never return to Grosvenor Pub to tattle. :P

All ready for shipping to Lils74 upon receipt of her address.
ETA: Sent a second pm today (October 29) for lils74's address in case she didn't get my pm on the 27th.

Journal Entry 9 by Pooker3 at Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on Friday, November 05, 2010

Released 10 yrs ago (11/5/2010 UTC) at Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada


Off with its partner to Nepal today. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did, lils74.

Journal Entry 10 by lils74 at Kathmandu, Bagmati (incl. Kathmandu Valley) Nepal on Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Received the pair of these today--looks like lots of interesting JEs on both of them, and I am looking forward to reading them both!

Journal Entry 11 by lils74 at Kathmandu, Bagmati (incl. Kathmandu Valley) Nepal on Monday, February 14, 2011
I picked up this Zine first, and to be honest I had a really hard time getting into it. Maybe it was because of the mood I was in, very preoccupied with preparing for a busy time of travel, but the horse and the fairies didn't really hold my interest, and while I appreciated the quality of the writing, I was not really drawn in, and didn't finish it till recently, here in London. I liked the other one much more (see other JE) - but I do have to admit that tonight I went into a pub to have a pint and I found myself remembering the story ... :) and I really felt that a pub was a good setting for stories, and how cool the whole idea behind the zines was. Great ring!

Journal Entry 12 by lils74 at Exchange/Trade, A Bookcrossing member -- Controlled Releases on Friday, March 11, 2011

Released 10 yrs ago (3/11/2011 UTC) at Exchange/Trade, A Bookcrossing member -- Controlled Releases


Sent this out yesterday with the other zine to the Philippines--happy trails and happy reading! I'm sorry that it's taken me a while to get these travelling again.

Journal Entry 13 by akosikulot at Panabo City, Davao del Norte Philippines on Tuesday, March 29, 2011
OH MY GOSH - the zines made their way to me, and after leafing through a couple pages I just cannot wait to dive into both! These are definitely gonna tickle my fancy (did I even use that expression right?). Thank you lils74 for sending them out, and to ETMadrid for hosting this ray! :)

Journal Entry 14 by akosikulot at Panabo City, Davao del Norte Philippines on Saturday, April 30, 2011
The concept of this collection - responding to the form of art of another person, whether by prose or by illustration - is quite interesting. It's nice to know that a collective is formed, and that each response maintains an aspect or two of the original piece but at the same time makes up its own story to tell.

In this zine, Hannah Carding's illustrations have generated quite an eclectic bunch of written responses. Paul Homme's "A Quiet Transaction" is by far my favorite of the bunch, and I love the illustrations by Noami Sloman (again, so quaint) and, most especially, by Joe Sumner (The Laboured Punchline Inn still makes me grin).

A great project - I look forward to seeing more of I Digress.

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