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Registered by YagoBCN of Barcelona, Barcelona Spain on 6/12/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by YagoBCN from Barcelona, Barcelona Spain on Thursday, June 12, 2003
El BookRing del DIARIO DE MOMENTOS ROBADOS #1 nace en la víspera del día en el que voy a cumplir 30 años. Tenía dos opciones: inaugurar la consabida crisis o tratar de hacer algo realmente especial. Y este proyecto (quimérico quizás) se ha revelado como la mejor opción.

El DIARIO nace en blanco. Todo BCer que lo reciba puede incluir en él lo que quiera: escritos, citas, fotos, dibujos... Puedes hablar de lo que quieras, pero me gustaría acotar el tema a algo muy concreto: cómo te sientes en este momento, en relación al libro, a tu vida, a tus sueños, a tus recuerdos. Es un diario de momentos concretos; de los momentos en los que abrimos ese libro y dejamos que nos robe un cachito de nuestra alma.

Y cuando alguien llegue a la última página... que lo devuelva a su creador. Entonces iniciaremos otro Bookring para que todo el mundo pueda leerlo.

La lista del BookRing, más abajo.

The STOLEN MOMENTS DIARY #1 BookRing is born the day before I'm going to turn the thirties. I had two choices: falling in the usual crisis or managing to make something really special. And this project (chimerical, perhaps) turned out to be the best option.

The DIARY is born blank-paged. Every BCer who finds it may include whatever he/she wants: writings, quotations, photos, drawings... You can tell us whatever you feel like to, but I'd rather stretch the subject to a very limited point: how do you feel right now, due to finding the book, your life, your dreams, your memories... This is a diary of concrete moments; of these moments in which we open that book and let it steal a little piece of our soul.

And when someone reaches the last page, send it back to its creator. Then, we'll start a new BookRing, so that everyone can read it.

Here's the definitive BookRing list:

1- CRAVE - Madrid (Spain)
3- MAMIKAEM - Missouri (USA)
4- PALMERSPAL - San Diego (USA)
5- RONI1173 - Arizona (USA)
8- KEYCOLLECT - South Dakota (USA)
9- NAYIPIVOTED - Tennessee (USA)
10- WHITERAVEN13 - California (USA)
11- BOOKSCOUT - California (USA)
12- JESSE250 - Sidney (Australia)
13- KATRINA77 - Napier (New Zealand)-----> The journal is here!

14- ATENEA-NIKE - Vitoria (Spain)
15- MELE - Vitoria (Spain)
16- NYNEPH - Asturias (Spain)
17- LIBERANDUM - Asturias (Spain)
18- MAGONIAEXPRES - Zaragoza (Spain)
19- PAPATONI - València (Spain)
20- CESARVLC1974 - València (Spain)
21- PETRUZZI - Murcia (Spain)
22- ROZONDA - Córdona (Spain)
23- ATLACO-ILHUIS - Badajoz (Spain)
24- WAKIRA - Sevilla (Spain)
25- MATINDAUTOMNE - Lille (France)
26- ROEMER-SIMON - Oldenburg (Germany)
27- LYCKA - Cologne (Germany)
28- CHIREL - Tampere (Finland)
29- YOWLYY - London (United Kingdom)
30- COCOROTO - Barcelona (Spain)
31- SUSKIIN - Barcelona (Spain)
32- GYD - Barcelona (Spain)
33- IKEBANNA - Barcelona (Spain)
34- FLANEUSE - Barcelona (Spain)
35- OGIDNI - Barcelona (Spain)
36- ESTEL - Barcelona(Spain)
37- WOOLFBCN - Barcelona (Spain)
---------> back to YAGOBCN (that's me!)

Please, consider the following:

a) As soon as you get the Diary, type de BCID and write a journal entry letting us know what you think of the Diary, including a favorite quote, a picture... if you like. Also journal when you are sending the book to the next BookCrosser on the BookRing list or make a release note.

b) When you get the book, please also PM the next person in line to get his or her mailing address.

c) Mail the book to the next person on the list. It's recommended to get Delivery Confirmation for it at your local Post Office. In Spain, usad correo certificado, por favor.

d) In case you don't get any answer from the next BCers in line, please PM me. We'll decide whether we move him/her down on the list, so that you can send the book to the following one.

e) Enjoy!

Released on Friday, June 27, 2003 at Mandado por correo: ¡EMPIEZA EL BOOKRING! in MADRID, Madrid Spain.

Primer paso: de Barcelona a Madrid. Quedan 37 BCers por delante...

Journal Entry 3 by Crave from Madrid, Madrid Spain on Monday, June 30, 2003
Acabo de recibir, excitado, el Diario. Y ahora mismo, en esos segundos de no reconocer al del espejo -que en este caso empuña un bolígrafo- temo echarlo a perder, como el autor del retrato...

Journal Entry 4 by Crave from Madrid, Madrid Spain on Saturday, August 02, 2003
Enviado por correo a barefootrain. Sigue el larguísimo ring...

Journal Entry 5 by barefootrain from Katonah, New York USA on Saturday, August 02, 2003
Just received this in the mail today, and have not yet made an entry in it. I will do so later and mail it out early next week. I was really excited, because I didn't remember making any trades, and then I opened the envelope, and it was the diary. Yay!

Released on Saturday, August 09, 2003 at US Post Office in Katonah, New York USA.

Mailed to fellow bookcrosser mamikaem, who is the next on the list to receive the diary. The whole thing is in Spanish up to this point- this is so cool!

Journal Entry 7 by Mamikaem from Maryland Heights, Missouri USA on Monday, August 11, 2003
I received this diary today and immediately sat down to write in it. I feel like such an oddball since mine is the first entry in English! Aaah, time to go back and take Spanish lessons once again ;o) It will be in the mail again once I get the address of the next person.

I'm jealous of this little book and all the places it will travel!

Journal Entry 8 by PalmersPal from Ramona, California USA on Thursday, August 28, 2003
I received the Stolen Diary in the mail today. I am going to take it in to work and have my friend translate the Spanish entries for me. I will think about what I want to write and add it in a few days. Thanks yago!

Journal Entry 9 by PalmersPal from Ramona, California USA on Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Great idea, Yago! I finished what I was writing, and I got Roni's address so I'll get this in the mail to her tomorrow. I found some cash and I've held on to it long enough. I'm looking forward to reading it on the next go round.

Journal Entry 10 by Roni1173 from Avondale, Arizona USA on Monday, September 08, 2003
Just got it in the mail. Thanks Palmerspal! Well it's still pretty empty, but I enjoyed readind what is in it thus far. Will bring it to my Writer's group tomorrow. Maybe get some help reading the Spanish entries. Then I can get to the post office on Saturday.

Journal Entry 11 by sweetsangria from Clackamas, Oregon USA on Monday, September 15, 2003
I came home today to find this journal along with another bookcrossing journal in my mailbox! I also do not know I couldn't read the first few entries. I liked the photos of the grand canyon(I've never been) and I think the other was of cape cod? I will add my entry and pass it along soon.

Journal Entry 12 by sweetsangria at on Thursday, September 18, 2003
Release planned for Friday, September 19, 2003 at to fellow bookcrosser in postal release, postal release USA.

going to Jenniewhite.

Journal Entry 13 by jonnijones from Tucson, Arizona USA on Monday, October 06, 2003
I'm number 9 on the mailing list. I got the book the day before I moved back to Colorado. While I drove the 1400 miles, I thought and thought of what I wanted to write in the book. As I drove across the never-ending desert of Nevada, I composed this for you, YagoBCN. I hope you like it:

When I was 10, the Tinman said,
"Come visit me and we'll break bread.
We'll talk of things of which we know,
Of what we want,
And where we'll go.

The Emerald City was Tinman's goal,
To beg from the Wizard a heart.
I munched on my cakes,
And I sipped at my tea,
My journey just barely past "start".

When I was 20, the Cheshire cat smiled
At the madness of men
With their greed running wild.
He looked at me slyly and said,
"My dear girl -
Did you give your love freely?
Did you give it a whirl"?

That cat he did vanish,
but his grin stayed behind.
It continued to haunt me for days.
I thought of the Tinman and his search for a heart.
I thought of my life and it's ways.
And I thought of my love in a jungle so far,
And I wished that my heart was a gift,
I could pluck from my breast along with the pain,
And give it to Tinman who had nothing to gain,
But the grief and the tears that this gift would impart.

When I was 30, White Rabbit said,
"You're grown now,
You mustn't be late.
You know now my dear that the time it has come,
To grow up and be an adult.
But I smiled at White Rabbit and said, "I'll be late,
From heartache and worries, from which I must run.
With headaches and sorrows I'll not make a date,
My life must be happy, I'll not follow fate."

So White Rabbit paused and then said with a smile,
"You're grown, but your heart is a child".
But my heart it had gone to that jungle so far
and along with my Love it had died.
The Tinman had journeyed to find it for me,
A friend ever to the far end.
But my heart it had shriveled and puffed into dust.
To find it all whole, no it was not to be.

When I was 40, Toto said,
"Let's journey on to Oz again. I'm tired here, it's all so lame,
the days and nights are all the same".
So off we went,
along the way of yellow bricks and golden poppies,
Emerald skies and flying monkeys,
Yes, life it was a game.
And days were night and night was day and
Scarecrows sang....
Nothing was the same.

When I was 50, Wizard said,
"Your childish heart is a rock.
And a rock it can't feel, and a rock it can't touch and a rock it can't love -
My poor dear.
So just still yourself now and remember these words,
"Your heart it is beating inside of you now,
your heart it is loving inside of you now,
your heart it is feeling inside of you now,
your heart it will always be near".

And I felt that soft heart as I clasped at my breast,
And Tinman he smiled and said "I have mine".
We'll travel together -
Oh don't we feel fine? We feel and we hurt and we love and we ache".
I laughed and agreed for my lost lover's sake.
And we set down that brick road, all yellow and gold.
Our story just starting.
It's barely been told.

Dear YagoBCN - The story is worth telling only if there's love somewhere inside. Happy 30th birthday. Salud!

And now, on to Jennie White, my dear friend who kindly consented to letting me make this contribution before she added hers.

Journal Entry 14 by jonnijones at on Monday, October 06, 2003
Released on Monday, October 06, 2003 at Fellow Bookcrosser in Centennial, Colorado USA.

Returned to my dear friend Jennie White.

Journal Entry 15 by jenniewhite on Friday, October 10, 2003
Oh how wonderful! I gave the book first to my dearest friend, jonnijones who returned it to me. Now on to the next person. It's wonderful!

Happy 30th Yago!

Salud! Jennie White

Journal Entry 16 by jenniewhite at on Friday, October 10, 2003
Released on Friday, October 10, 2003 at Fellow Bookcrosser in Centennial, Colorado USA.

Journal Entry 17 by keycollect from Rapid City, South Dakota USA on Thursday, October 16, 2003
Just received this beautiful little book in the mail today. I LOVE these journals. This is my second one. Hope to add something interesting and get it on it's way soon.

Journal Entry 18 by keycollect from Rapid City, South Dakota USA on Friday, October 17, 2003
Great fun. My 15 year old daughter practiced her Spanish by trying to translate the first few journalers. I got my entries done in 1 day (luckily it came on my day off work). I had fun.

Journal Entry 19 by keycollect at To a fellow bookcrosser in Sunnyvale, California USA on Friday, October 17, 2003
Released on Friday, October 17, 2003 at To a fellow bookcrosser in Sunnyvale, California USA.

will put in mail today

Journal Entry 20 by wingwhiteraven13wing from Quartzsite, Arizona USA on Monday, October 20, 2003
Arrived safe and sound here in Sunnyvale. More later.

November 28

Well, the diary's on the way again. It caught me at one of the busiest times I've ever had this year, but I did enjoy journalling in it and reading the other entries. Bookscout is next!

Journal Entry 21 by wingbookscoutwing at Post office on Oxford St at Third in Chula Vista, California USA on Friday, August 13, 2004
Released on Friday, August 13, 2004 at Post office on Oxford St at Third in Chula Vista, California USA.

Finally sending this little diary to Jesse250 in Australia.

Journal Entry 22 by Jesse250 from Sydney, New South Wales Australia on Monday, October 04, 2004
Did receive this a few weeks ago. have written in it and waiting for a reply from the next person on the list

Sent to Katrina77 last week. she should receive it soon


Journal Entry 23 by katrina77 from Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia Australia on Wednesday, November 10, 2004
nice positive little journal. shame I cant read spanish! everyone seems so nice. its good to see that there are normal people in the world with normal stuff happening in their lives. cood luck all katrina
Status: been read will read again

Journal Entry 24 by katrina77 at napier mail office in Napier, Hawkes Bay-Poverty Bay New Zealand on Sunday, November 21, 2004
Released on Monday, November 22, 2004 at about 6:00:00 PM BX time (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) at napier mail office in Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand.


ok I am ready to send this to spain. man what a busy week this week will be! i hope it arives before xmas be a nice xmas treat for the next bookcrosser! cheers to all. katrina

Journal Entry 25 by Atenea-Nike on Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Just got it - spanish mail is lousy in christmas time. I'll pour a bit of my soul in it and send it onward in its journey.

Journal Entry 26 by mele from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba/Álava Spain on Monday, January 10, 2005
Acaba de nacer y sin embargo ya tiene mas de un año de edad, cuando lo volvamos a ver será más sabio que nosotros y nos enseñará grandes cosas de la vida y del mundo por el que tanto habrá viajado. Te espero.

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