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Registered by Herrundmeyer of Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg Germany on 5/31/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by Herrundmeyer from Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg Germany on Saturday, May 31, 2003
This book is a spoof on the first four Harry Potter books and the hype that goes along with them.

Barry Trotter, star of J.G. Rollins's book Barry Trotter and the Philosopher's Scone (released in America as Barry Trotter and the Magical Biscuit) and its numerous sequels [Barry Trotter and the Chamberpot of Secrets, Barry Trotter and the Acne of Fire, Barry Trotter and the Order of the Penis, Barry Trotter and the Scary Magical Whatever, Barry Trotter and the Knights of Logorrhea, Barry Trotter Goes Crazy and Kills a Bunch of Lawyers (for obvious reasons renamed to Barry Trotter and the Briefcase Brigade] is 22 and still stays at his Wizard School in order to make it more appealing to other students who might bring in the money. Now a Barry Trotter film is scheduled to come out, but the headmaster fears that the school will be trampled by Barry's fans. Barry and his friends have to stop the movie – or Barry will have to get a real job!

It's probably unnecessary to state that this book has not been authorised or endorsed by J.K. Rowling.

Author Michael Gerber pokes fun at the characteristics of the Harry Potter books, sometimes rather subtly, sometimes just in a rude and explicit way. The story itself is not too important, let alone does it make sense, but you should not expect that from a parody anyway.

One of my favourite jokes is the Rollins family motto Semper ubi sub ubi which took me a moment to understand. I've learnt Latin and understood the words, but I had to translate them into English to understand the joke...
For those who want an explanation, please use your mouse to mark the space between the brackets below, and the solution will be revealed magically (I learnt to do this trick on one of the fora):
[Semper ubi sub ubi = Always where under where - Always wear underwear!]

Journal Entry 2 by Herrundmeyer from Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg Germany on Saturday, May 31, 2003
This will be going out on a bookray tour, on occasion of the approaching release of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Up to now, these are the participants (participants with numbers and locations in bold print have already journalled the book) - any new participants will be added at the end of the list from now on:

01. Dani75 [Baden-Württemberg, Germany]
02. MaaikeB [Utrecht, Netherlands]
03. jgralike [Noord Brabant, Netherlands]
04. evelyne [Zuid-Holland, Netherlands]
05. juffie [Zuid-Holland, Netherlands]
06. Bookieboy [Gelderland, Netherlands]
07. Shelbycat [Wales, UK]

08. Robbiesmum [Lancashire, UK] dropped out
09. loopy1 [Kent, UK]
10. pikapolonica [Stockholm, Sweden]
11. allbookedup [Vienna, Austria]
12. boucli [Haute-Garonne, France]
13. net [British Columbia, Canada]
14. cestmoi [Ontario, Canada]
15. sgscarcliff [California, USA]
16. midwestgal [Wisconsin, USA]

17. kbgoffe [Oregon, USA] didn't reply
18. Mom-of-one [Pennsylvania, USA]
19. bkwrm23 [New Jersey, USA]
20. pgsahm [Virginia, USA]
21. ramson [Louisiana, USA]
22. pchemphd [Florida, USA]
23. WickedWordz [Florida, USA]
24. bookaholic1346 [Florida, USA]
25. Hawkette [Victoria, Australia]
If you find the following order a bit confusing - the first 25 members have been sorted before the start of the bookray. All members who joined the ring after I sent it to No. 01 were added at the end of the list, creating a geographically confused order.
26. JPandJo [Massachussetts, USA]
27. ecoboy [British Columbia, Canada]
28. PenelopePitstop [Lombardia, Italy]
29. beckys [Lombardia, Italy]
30. Banshee [Piemonte, Italy]
31. vesna [Piemonte, Italy]
32. shandy [Emilia Romagna, Italy]
33. agnul [Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy]
34. Pargilo [Lombardia, Italy]
35. BlackLilith [Umbria, Italy]
36. a-mia [Lazio, Italy]
37. fuocoblu [Lombardia, Italy]
38. IrasCignavojo [Baden-Württemberg, Germany]
39. Scholly [Baden-Württemberg, Germany]
40. Leanne345 [Merseyside, UK]
41. juliebarreto [Hawaii, USA]
42. Tamster33 [California, USA]
43. Willemijn [Overijssel, Netherlands]
44. Fusselfliege [Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany]
45. TheBakerMan [Thüringen, Germany]
46. boutish [Québec, Canada]
47. hathyia [Selangor, Malaysia]
48. TWIGMAN [Oregon, USA]
49. silverstarry [California, USA]
50. Miss-Lizzy [Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany] left the list
51. drommie [Tel Aviv, Israel]
52. BSPbookBandit [Florida, USA]
53. mel21clc [Florida, USA]
54. YOU? ? ?

If you'd like to join the ray, please PM me! Please join only when you're willing to ship internationally (surface mail is OK), because you never know who signs up after you.

Released on Monday, June 16, 2003 at mailed to a fellow bookcrosser in Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany.

The bookray is on its way to the first participant, Dani75 in Steinenberg, Germany.

Fare thee well, little book!

Journal Entry 4 by Dani75 from Rudersberg, Baden-Württemberg Germany on Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Ohhhh - cute little book, I just opened the letter. Can´t wait to start reading it!

That book was so much fun to read! Plus it prevented me from running into the bookstore to buy the new HP5, which I really,really want to read (but will now wait until it´ll be available in paperback - so much money saved ;-) !!)

Journal Entry 5 by Dani75 at on Monday, June 30, 2003
Released on Monday, June 30, 2003 at BookRay in Fellow BookCrosser, Postal Release Germany.

Off to MaaikeB in Holland by mail. Have fun reading it!

Journal Entry 6 by MaaikeB from Zeist, Utrecht Netherlands on Saturday, July 05, 2003
I received this book today (together with yet another BC book, lucky me!!). It's a cute little booklet. I'll start reading tonight (and leave Harry Potter V untouched on the shelf!). Thanks Dani75 and Herrundmeyer!

Journal Entry 7 by MaaikeB from Zeist, Utrecht Netherlands on Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Had a good time reading this (and some good laughs). Will now send it on to jgralike.

Journal Entry 8 by jgralike from Almelo, Overijssel Netherlands on Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Received the book in the mail today. This is promising a lot of fun, and I'm starting to read it right now!

Journal Entry 9 by jgralike from Almelo, Overijssel Netherlands on Monday, July 21, 2003
Yes, it is funny! The author seems to have read HP very thoroughly, for he masters many turns and tricks that I saw in the 'original', sometimes tongue-in-cheek (hardly), sometimes loud and clear (most).
The first half was the most hilarious for me, later I had the same feeling as with HP: where are we going, how many pages until the end? But you really have to finish it, otherwise you will never know if Hermine is going to marry Valumart....

Journal Entry 10 by jgralike at on Monday, July 21, 2003
Released on Monday, July 21, 2003 at to fellow bookcrosser in sent it by mail, controlled release Netherlands.

On its way to Evelyne! I needed a heavy spell against our mailsystem, but I managed, finally, to get the book in the mailbox.

Journal Entry 11 by evelyne from Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Friday, July 25, 2003
Just received the book by mail. There was a big bar code at the package, think these people at TPG (Dutch Postal office) were measuring the package till they found the little note Jgralike wrote at the back.
I'll start reading it tonight I think, hopefully my boyfriend doesn't want to read it also :)

Journal Entry 12 by evelyne from Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Sunday, August 03, 2003
Finished the book yesterday. In the beginning I didn't like the book. It was too much parody, everything was just too obvious. Later on, when the story really started (it's like HP5, it takes a long time till the story really starts), the parody became more subtle.
At the end, I think I really liked the book. Maybe also because we've just discussed the issue about the movie which ruins the fantasy.
I think Juffie will have a nice evening or two with this book!
(I'll send it to Juffie within two days)

Journal Entry 13 by evelyne from Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Tuesday, August 05, 2003
The book will travel on today to Juffie. I tried the same spell as jgralike for sending.

Have fun Juffie!

Journal Entry 14 by juffie on Thursday, August 07, 2003
Pleased to report the arrival of Barry Trotter in the mail, yesterday. Thanks evelyne, I'm looking forward to reading it. In fact, I did a few pages, can't judge from that, but it's certainly promising!

Journal Entry 15 by juffie on Sunday, August 24, 2003
Very funny. I enjoyed it very much! And shameless it is! But never mind, it's a good reading. Everyone is there. The names are slightly altered. If you are familiair with the Real Thing you will be able to recognize everybody. I would only say: poor Ron, he doesn't deserve the way Michael Gerber pictures him! But then again, it's a parody and there is hardly any nice person in it. It surprised me that in the end everything goes rather well, I thought the story would end in one great big catastrophe. Anyway, a lot of completely strange things happen, mostly in the U.S. of A (!) and you, reader, can have a lot of fun!
It's off to Bookieboy now: have lots of fun!

Journal Entry 16 by LuieLezer from Rhoon, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Just got it today, and of course I will read it. As true Harry Potter fan, I really want to read this book, and to get a copy to keep for myself ;)


Half way this book now, and I still don't get it, it's a boring read. I'm a big fan Harry Potter Books, and don't mind a parody or something but this isn't even closely funny. I will finish reading it, but it can take a long time before I actually close it, for I do only one chapter a day.

Update 2:

Finished this book, and, well, what to say about it, I didn't really liked it, gave it a 7 for the fact that the author seems to have been reading the Real Harry Potter books.

Update 3

sorry, I was sick for a long time, and couldn't send the book out. I will contact hte next person on the list and arrange somehting to get it there.

Update 4

Book send to the UK about two weeks ago. Hope it get there in good condition.

Journal Entry 17 by Shelbycat from Llanelli, Wales United Kingdom on Sunday, November 02, 2003
Sorry to be so slack writing a journal catch entry but i've been away all weekend for Halloween type things and couldn't get near a computer. Anyway, i'll journal again once i'm done reading this book. Thanks everyone for passing it on!

Journal Entry 18 by Shelbycat from Llanelli, Wales United Kingdom on Saturday, November 08, 2003
Some of the jokes were a bit obvious but most of them had me laughing. Plenty of twists at the end to keep you guessing too! I liked the way the author has put into the book a lot of the things that you feel with HP, eg. having to watch/read everything to have the feeling of completeness, not necessarily because they're any good (go on admit it, we all like to have a complete collection of books!):).
Right this book goes to Robbiesmum next.

Journal Entry 19 by loopy1 from Herne Bay, Kent United Kingdom on Thursday, November 13, 2003
Robbiesmum dropped out of the list, which leaves the book with me. Now I've read all the Harry Potter books - it took a while before I read the first one, but I remember getting 4 and 5 on the days they were published, and I finished 5 in one day.
So I'll be very interested to see that I make of this book :-)
It does seem to have travelled fairly fast - so I'll be passing on as soon as I've had a chance to read it. Thanks for sharing!

Journal Entry 20 by loopy1 from Herne Bay, Kent United Kingdom on Friday, November 28, 2003
Interesting to think that when this ray started travelling the new HP book was about to come out. Now that all seems so long ago ...

The trouble with a parody is the question whether, once you've got over the parody bit of it, is it still worth reading? I wasn't sure to start with, and found it rather distracting, but by about halfway I'd got into the swing of it, and enjoyed the storyline. And there was certainly enough food for thought by the end to make the book well worth reading, more than just for the novelties.
My favourite bit was the monk they meet - especially since we've just been discussing St Egbert in the UK :-)
Very interesting, I'll be thinking of this book now whenever I hear all the hype about Harry Potter.
On to Pikapolonica next.
Update: 3rd December.
I've been stuck at home for a couple of days, but will get this to the post office probably Friday 5th.

Journal Entry 21 by pikapolonica on Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Barry Trotter is in Stockholm. This will be a very interesting book to read, but it will have to wait some days, until I finish another bookray book.

Update (15th Dec): well, what to say now that I've read it... It's a sort of monthypythonesque-blackadderish view of the Harry Potter world. I have to admit that it was a bit difficult to get into the story, but then when the Barry-Ermione-Lon trio left the Hogwash for their newest adventure, it grabbed me and I had some quite good laughs. Though I have to say that it is cruel at times, too much exaggeration from the original characters (e.g. Lon, McGoogle, Bumblebore), but on the whole it was fun.

16th Dec: Barry&Co are on their way to allbookedup.

Journal Entry 22 by allbookedup from Wien Bezirk 21 - Floridsdorf, Wien Austria on Friday, December 19, 2003
The book arrived today, thank you pikapolonica. I'm looking forward to reading it! :-)

Update on January 1st 2004: Sorry but with all the Christmas and New Years celebrations I didn't have enough quiet time to read, so I hope you all understand!!

Journal Entry 23 by allbookedup from Wien Bezirk 21 - Floridsdorf, Wien Austria on Thursday, January 15, 2004
It didn't really make me laugh, but smile at some points. It's not easy to write a parody for a successful book, for characters everybody knows so well and I have to give the author some credit for his ideas. For me, it wasn't very convincing. Off to Boucli in France now, hope you'll enjoy it!

Journal Entry 24 by boucli from Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées France on Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Just got it...It's a cute little book !
I have a bookring book to read first, but it's next on my TBR pile !!

Journal Entry 25 by boucli from Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées France on Monday, February 23, 2004
OK, I've had a few laughs, and many sure is a shameless parody !
I didn't really liked the way it began ( a bit too "scatologic" for me - and- poor Dumbledore...), but once the trio left for their adventure, it was more fun...
Plenty of twists in the end, so that you don't know where you are for sure (whose book you're reading, or is it a movie ???)
What's for sure is that the author doesn't take himself seriously (see the hidden bonus at the end), and that's a good point !!

And be sure to read the "legal mumbo jumbo" at the beginning of the book, too...

the book is now on its way to Canada...

Journal Entry 26 by net from Creston, British Columbia Canada on Thursday, April 15, 2004
I was looking for this book on my bookshelf, as I'm almost ready to pass it on, and it wasn't there. I know I put it there, but...oh well. Apologies to everyone before and after me.

Journal Entry 27 by net from Creston, British Columbia Canada on Thursday, April 22, 2004
Cute book. Some of the names really amused me. Thanks for sharing this.

In the mail to cestmoi.

Journal Entry 28 by cestmoi from Hamilton, Ontario Canada on Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Today was a bookcrossing bonanza - 5 books arrived..thankfully only one is a bookring :)

I had completely forgotten about this book :) So it was a pleasant surprise. Its next on my TBR pile so should be moving fairly quickly.

Journal Entry 29 by cestmoi from Hamilton, Ontario Canada on Sunday, May 16, 2004
What a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this spoof of Harry Potter. I loved the cliches and the in-jokes and the parodies of the characters and especially their names. I liked the interrobang on Barry's forehead. This was just so full of laughs and silliness.

Thanks for sharing. Off to the next participant as soon as I get her mailing info.

Journal Entry 30 by wingsgscarcliffwing on Tuesday, May 25, 2004
I just received. While I have 2 other boorings, I think that this is one I am going to have to read this weekend. Atleast before next weekend when the next "Harry Potter" movie comes out. I already have a date to go with my nephew.


Journal Entry 31 by wingsgscarcliffwing on Tuesday, June 15, 2004
I just finished the book. It was an interesting read in comparrison to the Harry Potter books. I did find it a bit confusing at times.

Thanks for the opportunity to read it.

The book is in the mail to midwestgal as of 6/15/04

Journal Entry 32 by midwestgal from Butler, Wisconsin USA on Thursday, July 08, 2004
Just received this last Fri. Wow media mail from CA to WI takes forever! I will finish up the book I'm reading and then I will start this right away. Thanks for sending it my way.

Journal Entry 33 by midwestgal from Butler, Wisconsin USA on Saturday, July 31, 2004
Sent to Kbgoffe.

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