The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl) - Rough Cut

by Eoin Colfer | Science Fiction & Fantasy |
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Registered by faerie-glen of Ulm, Baden-Württemberg Germany on 10/19/2008
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Journal Entry 1 by faerie-glen from Ulm, Baden-Württemberg Germany on Sunday, October 19, 2008
Not nearly as much fun as the previous ones.
The meddling in Artemis's past messes with the series' continuity, and the basic premise of the story is stolen from Star Trek IV.

Now an international Bookray:

1. benschu (Germany)
2. coco 7 (Germany)
3. Kikoyu (Germany)
4. Schneefee (Germany)
5. Schrat
6. DEESSE (France, with adress in Germany)
7. Niora (Finland)

Journal Entry 2 by benschu from München, Bayern Germany on Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Danke, ist angekommen

You are right, it's not so good as the other ones. I hope he's not continuing like that.

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On the way to coco7

Journal Entry 4 by coco7 from Sprendlingen, Rheinland-Pfalz Germany on Thursday, February 05, 2009
The book arrived today. Thanks for the beautiful postcard, too.

Journal Entry 5 by coco7 from Sprendlingen, Rheinland-Pfalz Germany on Wednesday, March 04, 2009
The story is interesting and quite logically solved in the end, but it misses the special kick the last volume had.

Journal Entry 6 by Kikoyu from Strausberg, Brandenburg Germany on Monday, March 23, 2009
Am Samstag wohlbehalten eingetroffen. Vielen Dank fürs Schicken!

Journal Entry 7 by Kikoyu from Strausberg, Brandenburg Germany on Thursday, April 23, 2009
Zuende gelesen. War unterhaltsam, hat mich aber nicht so fesseln können wie die ersten Artemis Fowl Bücher.

Schneefee ist angefragt und dann geht es weiter...

Journal Entry 8 by Kikoyu from Strausberg, Brandenburg Germany on Friday, April 24, 2009
Geht morgen an Schneefee weiter.

Journal Entry 9 by Schneefee from Hagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany on Thursday, April 30, 2009
here! Thanks a lot. Artemis will jump the queue, sorry to all other books, and come with me to the Netherlands.
I don't like the rough cut :-(

Journal Entry 10 by Schneefee from Hagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany on Monday, June 15, 2009
I totally agree to faerie-glen.
But thanks a lot for sharing, anyway, I spent some nice and sunny hours in Noord Holland and Normandy with Artemis.

The book will travel to DEESSE first, as Schrat still needs to read the previous books

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auf dem Schulweg

Journal Entry 12 by DEESSE from Erstein, Alsace France on Thursday, July 02, 2009
The book arrived today - thanks, Schneefee!

Da Schrat und ich die letzten beiden im Bookray sind, Schrat (meine Mama) aber noch Band 4 (und 5) lesen muss, haben wir beiden die Plätze in der Liste einfach getauscht...
Ich hab' noch zwei Ringe, zwei weitere Bücher, die ich erst noch lesen möchte (Bergabbauchallenge), muss dann noch Band 5 lesen, aber dann ist er dran....

Mann, das artet ja inzwischen fast schon aus - muss aufpassen, dass ich auf meinem "aktuellen MTBR" noch die Übersicht behalte!

Journal Entry 13 by DEESSE from Erstein, Alsace France on Monday, November 16, 2009
I quite liked this story, for me volume 4 was the worst in this series!
Nevertheless, I'm still a huge fan of Artemis and his fairy friends and enjoyed reading this book a lot - thanks for letting me be part of this ring.

I will hand over the book personally to Schrat when I see her on December 12th.

Here are some sentences/excerpts that made me laugh or that I simply thought worth noting:

"A brush with death seven years earlier had shown him what was really important. Now he was always ready to hug and roll in the covers with his beloved sons." (p.15)

"'I am not comfortable with Artemis being left alone. A genius he may be, but he is still a habitual meddler and a magnet for trouble.' The bodyguard winked at Artemis. 'No offense, young sir, but you could turn a Sunday picnic into an international incident.' Artemis accepted the accusation graciously. 'None taken.'" (p. 53)

"The centaur pulled a long face, which wasn't difficult." (p.75)

"Foaly grunted, his version of conceding a point." (p.77)

"'(...) riding the time stream is like flying through a dwarf's intestine. There are very nice free-flowing stretches, but then you turn a corner to find the thing backed up and putrid. (...)[The time stream] absorbs ambient feelings from the real time it flows around. If you happen across a stretch of foul-smelling gunk, you can bet that the humans are killing something.'" (p.97f.)

"A bedraggled head popped into the space, features smeared with mud and worse. This was a face that only a mother could love, and then perhaps only if her sight were failing. (..) The creature's teeth were large, square, and not made any more appealing by the large insect wriggling between two molars." (p.112, description of Mulch)

"'I? Certain? I am a dwarf, human. A dwarf nose can tell the difference between grass and clover. Between black hair and brown. Between dog poo and wolf poo.' Artemis groaned. 'I shall take that as a yes.'" (p. 129)

"(...), he noticed that Mulch's cheeks were glowing bright pink. All of them. 'Problems?' he asked, unable to mask a nervous tremor. 'I've been holding in this gas for a long time,' replied the dwarf through clenched teeth. 'It's coming out soon. Wou got any sinus problems?' Artemis shook his head. 'Pity,' said Mulch. 'This would have cleared them right up.'" (p. 130)
"'Whenever you're ready, Mud Boy. Now would be great.' 'Very well. Proceed. Try to be quiet.'
Mulch changed position and pointed the crown of his head at the tunnel roof, squatting low on his haunches. 'Too late for quiet,' he grunted. 'Pull your jacket over your face.'
Artemis barely had time to do what he'd been asked, when Mulch released a thundering cylinder of gas and earth, spraying the bow with undigested clods." (p.131)

"What is it? wondered Artemis. What's in this cage?
Then a four-hundred-pound Ugandan mountain gorilla crashed into him, leaving the thought behind like a speech bubble." (p. 132)

"'Mulch, can you tunnel?'
The dwarf opened his mouth to answer, but threw up instead. 'I dunno,' he said finally. 'My head's a bit flippy floppy. Stomach too. That bash really shook me.' His belly made a sound like an outboard motor. 'Scuse me. I think I gotta...'
He did indeed "gotta". Mulch crawled into a fern patch and let fly with the remainder of his stomach contents. Several leaves wilted on the spot." (p.144)

"The animals are going ape, he thought. Then: 'What a time to develop a sense of humor.'" (p.149)

"'Time we were off. Can you seal the tunnel behind us?'
'I can bring the whole lot down easy as pie. You'd better take the lead, though; there are better ways to go than being buried alive in ... shall we say, recyclings. Need I say more?' There was no need to say another syllable." (p.151)

"'That's it, little fellow. Climb onto my arm.'
Artemis looked into the lemur's eyes, and for perhaps the first time realized that it had emotions. There was fear in those eyes, but also a mischievous confidence.
How could I have sold you to those madmen? he wondered." (p.162)

"Mulch turned his back to Artemis, casually unbuttoning his bum-flap. This action was among the worst insults in a dwarf's arsenal. Second only to what was known as the Tuba, which involves a cleaning of the pipes in someone's direction. Wars have been fought over the Tuba." (p. 178)

"Mulch burped wetly. 'This is too high. I don't like this. Hot, too darned hot. I need to go to the bathroom. For what, I'm not sure exactly. Just don't follow me in there. Whatever you hear, don't come in.' When a dwarf gave this sort of advice, it was wise not to ignore it." (p.191)

"'What was that?' asked Kirkenhazard.
'She said she has a pedicure booked for the morning.'
Kirkenhazard held up a hand, listening. 'No. Not that. Does anyone else hear rumbling?'" (p.297)
Pedicures, and indeed all spa treatments, were canceled for the next day. (p.302)

"'There's a chopper coming in. Your father. We've got to fly.'
N° 1 wagged a finger. 'And that's not just a figure of speech. We actually have to fly. I know humans use that expression even when they don't intend to actually fly, so just to avoid confusion...'
'I get it, N° 1', said Artemis softly.
Holly raised her forearm, and Jayjay jumped onto it.
'He will be safer with us.'
'I know.'
He turned to Holly, meeting her gaze. Blue and hazel eyes. (...)
'In another time,' she said, and kissed him on the cheek.
He was at the front door before Holly called to him.
'You know something, Fowl? You did a good thing here. For its own sake. Not one penny of profit.'
Artemis grimaced. 'I know. I'm appalled.'
He looked down at his feet, composing a pithy remark, but when he looked up again, the avenue was empty.
'Good bye, my friends,' he said. 'Take care of Jayjay.'" (p.382f.)

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Enjoy another Artemis Fowl!

Journal Entry 15 by wingSchratwing from Oberkochen, Baden-Württemberg Germany on Wednesday, January 06, 2010
DEESSE handed over this book to me when we met at the beginning of last December in Hinterzarten/Black Forest. I am very much looking forward to reading another "Artemis" - and I will try to do so soon, but this is just a good intention, no promise! (Because of TBR mountains).

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