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Registered by wingBookCrosserwing of Culemborg, Gelderland Netherlands on 4/13/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by wingBookCrosserwing from Culemborg, Gelderland Netherlands on Sunday, April 13, 2003
A novel in the Victorian tradition, set in 19th century England. The plot is ingenious, with many unexpected twists and turns.

Journal Entry 2 by wingBookCrosserwing at Post Office in Culemborg, Gelderland Netherlands on Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Released on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 at Post Office in Culemborg, Gelderland Netherlands.

Sent to fellow bookcrosser in Germany.

Journal Entry 3 by Lisa-B on Sunday, April 27, 2003
Many thanks, BookCrosser, for sending "Fingersmith" to me. I am very much looking forward to this.

Journal Entry 4 by Lisa-B on Saturday, May 03, 2003
Historical fiction at its best!

My rating is 8 rather than 9 because instead of 550 pages 450 would have worked as well. Anyway, I am hoping to trade this book for another one by Sarah Waters.

Journal Entry 5 by Lisa-B on Monday, May 19, 2003
Will be mailed to a fellow BC in Portugal!

Journal Entry 6 by BlossomU on Wednesday, June 04, 2003
The book has just arrived ( along with its historical BC packaging ;) ), many thanks Lisa-B, am looking forward to reading it!

I have now started reading it and it seems to be great so far.

Snorkeling has asked me to pass this book along when I finish it, but we have not decided on which format yet.

Pikapolonica has also asked to read this book.

Journal Entry 7 by BlossomU on Monday, June 30, 2003
Wow, what an amazing plot, it brings to mind some quite olf fashioned dramas, but the story is told with great skill, the characters jump out of the page, and so does that greater character which is the setting itself.

I enjoyed this a lot, thanks Lisa for sending it and Bookcrossers for having registered.

I am going to start a bookray with this book, rules are ( copying from flashgirl's entry for another Sarah Waters novel)

1. Sign up for the bookray by sending me a Private Message. Please let me know where you live so I can arrange the order in some sensible way. This is an international bookray, surface shipping will do though. Book is a paperback, weighting about 400 grams.

2. When the person above you on the list finishes reading the book, they will send you a Private
Message to ask for your mailing address.

3. Make a journal entry when you receive the book to let us know you got it.

4. When you finish the book, make a journal entry telling us what you thought.

5. Send a message to the person after you on the bookray list and request their mailing address

6. And send the book on its way.

The bookray participants are:

  1. Pikapolonica, Sweden
  2. Talkland, UK
  3. Melissaparcel, USA
  4. bkwrm23, USA
  5. Tamster33, USA
  6. Blacksheeps99, Austria
  7. Snorkeling, Germany
  8. Virgulina, Portugal
  9. MaaikeB, The Netherlands
  10. lisaxiii, USA
  11. Morgail, USA
  12. Evicka, Canada
  13. pchemphd, USA
  14. bookhogger,
  15. Zyana, Portugal
  16. Virgulina, Portugal
  17. Morgail, USA (wants to be last, to have no time constraints!)

PS - edited 9th June 2005, bookray is now over, up to Morgail to do with it as he/she wants

Journal Entry 8 by BlossomU at on Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Released on Tuesday, July 01, 2003 at mailed to another bookcrosser in Lisboa, lisboa Portugal.

And the bookray starts. I have just mailed this to pikapolonica in Sweden, good reading!

Journal Entry 9 by pikapolonica on Monday, July 07, 2003
The book is in Stockholm, I have started reading it during the weekend.

Journal Entry 10 by pikapolonica on Wednesday, July 09, 2003
What a story! The further into it I got, the more it repelled me, by the wickedness and cruelty of the characters. And yet it dragged me on and I was not able to put it down. How could the writer come up with such vile people that calmly invent and realize horrible plots to ruin other people's lives? No, I didn't like it. But I am glad I read it. A contradiction? Perhaps, but this book is itself a contradiction between a terrible story and masterful storytelling.

It's being sent on to talkland, still in its historical well-traveled envelope (which needed some patching up :)

Journal Entry 11 by talkland from Eastbourne, East Sussex United Kingdom on Saturday, July 12, 2003
Fingersmith' arrived in the post this morning along with another bookray, lucky me! Thanks for the postcard, Pikapolonica. It is now on my wall (which I am decorating with postcards from BookCrossers to make up for the lack of wallpaper on it).

The envelope in which you sent the book in will survive at least another trip so I am doing my bit for the environment by recycling. Aren't I good? I also signed a petition against GM foods today so maybe I am an eco-warrior in the making......
Sarah - warrior maiden of the noble cause of saving the planet......sorry went off into one of my flights of fancy there. Well, it is best not to go into my fantasy life it may result in the men in white coats coming to take me away, ha ha!!!

Journal Entry 12 by talkland from Eastbourne, East Sussex United Kingdom on Sunday, July 20, 2003
I really enjoyed this book and want to read more Sarah Waters novels (I'm actually on another bookray for 'Tipping The Velvet'). The story is told from the viewpoint of two girls. It was interesting to see how each character saw the same situation in a different light. Though the times and the places grim by our standards today, Sarah Waters gives the girls' voices a ring of truth to them. Often in historial novels the details might be accurate but the attitudes and morals wrong for the time period. I get no sense of that in this book.

Sue Trinder who starts off the book with her story lives in a world of thieves and treachery. It is one of games playing and where ultimately it is each person for themselves. Sue is comfortable in the life she lives, and far better off than most of the folks around her and Sue knows it. When the Gentleman comes to Lant Street with a scheme to get rich quick, Sue is up for it. She has few qualms about the trick she and the Gentleman are going to play on Maud Lilly.

Sue's role is to play ladies' maid to this fine lady who lives in a gloomy old house with her uncle. Maud helps her uncle with his scholarly pursuits and the Gentleman, or Richard Rivers as he calls himself, want her fortune. He will go to any lengths to get it including marriage. Sue's role is facilitate the seduction of Maud and to convince her that she is in love. So off Sue goes to the country, but situation and Maud aren't quite what she expects, then things start to happen which weren't in the plans and Sue is in trouble......

Released on Tuesday, July 22, 2003 ~ Postal Release in Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

I am popping the book and the reused envelope in the post tomorrow. I could have done it today, but did not want to take my life in my hands and be mowed down by the hoard of pensioners massing outside of the Post Office!

Journal Entry 14 by melissaparcel from Kelso, Washington USA on Friday, August 01, 2003
Received the book in the mail today, I am excited to read it. It is next up on the pile!

What an excellent book! I truly enjoyed the big twist and the intricacies of the plot. I will definitely be recommending this to others.

The poor envelope just didnt' survive the trip overseas very well. I wasn't able to salvage it :(

Journal Entry 15 by bkwrm23 from Haskell, New Jersey USA on Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Just received today...right before I finished another book, so I began reading already!! I like the way it's written, and it's going OK...already on chapter 4!

Journal Entry 16 by bkwrm23 from Haskell, New Jersey USA on Friday, September 12, 2003
Just finished this book...thought it a great book. It's a little "racy" in parts, that adds to the character of the story. My favorite, though, were the plot twists and turns that you only get a glimpse of in the second part, but all is revealed in the third part. Many of the turns were totally unexpected!! I thought this book very well written. I've never read "Tipping the Velvet", but did see the miniseries on BBCAmerica, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I may go looking for "Affinity" next!

Looking over the previous journal entries, I wonder what happened to the "historical, well-travelled envelope". I guess it just got a little too "well travelled"! It came to me in a new envelope, but I will have to send it on in another new package, as I wrote on the one in which it was received.

Happy reading!!

sep 15, 2003--sent on to Tamster33 today

Journal Entry 17 by Tamster33 from San Francisco, California USA on Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Received today. I've got a few bookray books in front of it, but I'll read it as soon as I can and pass it on. Thanks!

Journal Entry 18 by Tamster33 from San Francisco, California USA on Sunday, February 22, 2004
I finally finished this book today. Sorry it took so long. It's terrible when life gets in the way of reading.

This was a fascinatingly grim tale. The mood of the whole book was dark and hopeless, and yet utterly compelling. Not at all what I'm used to reading about Victoriana England, and yet for all that it rings more true.

It took me a while to get thoroughly engrossed in the book, but once I hit that first "twist" in the plot, I had difficulty putting the book down. I have a feeling this book will live with me for a while (in my mind) and I look forward to reading Sarah Waters other books.

Thanks for having this ray and I apologize again for keeping it so long. I'll mail it off as soon as I get the address.

Journal Entry 19 by Tamster33 at on Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Released on Tuesday, March 02, 2004 at Mailbox in San Francisco, California Controlled Releases.

Sent to Austria today via International Economy Book Rate.

Journal Entry 20 by blacksheeps99 on Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Received the book yesterday and already started reading it.

Thanks a lot!

Journal Entry 21 by blacksheeps99 on Saturday, March 13, 2004
In the first section I was enjoying reading it, and thought it would be a "good read" (a little bit lighter and more melodramatic than "Affinity"). But then came the first twist, and I was even more hooked. Then the next one..but I won't tell any more :-))

I really liked the descriptions of Victorian London! There is a real feeling for the dark, narrow, filthy streets of London.

Journal Entry 22 by snorkeling from München, Bayern Germany on Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Got it today, will read it as soon as possible. The journal entries so far do wet my appetite, that's for sure!

Journal Entry 23 by snorkeling from München, Bayern Germany on Monday, April 12, 2004
An intense book, I've just finished it and will digest on it for some time I'm sure. I agree that it does make Victorian times very much alive and it's rather bittersweet. It's been interesting too, that I didn't grew fond of any of the characters and wouldn't stop reading anyway.

Off now to go digesting it a bit more ;-)

Will be sent as soon as possible to the next happy reader in line.

Journal Entry 24 by snorkeling from München, Bayern Germany on Thursday, April 22, 2004
Mailed the book last week, but because of the included postcards got it back (opened, but at least not with a fine). I should have known better than to try send it as a book-parcel (no "letters" allowed inside such parcels)... So on tuesday I took it again to the post-office, plus all the postcards in a separate envelope. Sorry for the delay!

Journal Entry 25 by MaaikeB from Zeist, Utrecht Netherlands on Thursday, June 10, 2004
Received the book today, as well as the postcards. It's really funny to see how this book traveled the world while having been released by bookcrosser who works in the town where I live! I hope to be able to read it soon, but there are more bookrings waiting to be read by me...

Journal Entry 26 by MaaikeB from Zeist, Utrecht Netherlands on Sunday, June 27, 2004
Wow, this was wonderful! I'm afraid I was a bit of a tyrant this morning towards the rest of my family, but I just didn't want to be disturbed. I had to finish the last 50 or so pages in one go. I agree with all that's been said before: a great read! The book travels on to the States now.

Journal Entry 27 by lisaxiii from Pleasanton, California USA on Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Received in the mail today. I will put it towards the top of my TBR pile.

Journal Entry 28 by lisaxiii from Pleasanton, California USA on Friday, July 16, 2004
A fantastic story. The 550 pages did drag on at times, but the twists and turns kept me hooked and reading on. Thanks for sharing this book!

I will be sending to Morgail as soon as I have her address.

Journal Entry 29 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Friday, July 23, 2004
Arrived today. I will start reading it soon.
I love all the postcards in the book too! I'll have to remember to add one of my own:) This is a well-traveled book.

Journal Entry 30 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Saturday, August 07, 2004
As much as I want to read this book, I'm going to pass it on to the next person unread. I haven't had a chance to start it yet & don't forsee myself having time. Between moving and starting law school, my fun reading time has diminished:(

Sending to Evicka in Canada today, August 9.

Journal Entry 31 by Evicka from Toronto, Ontario Canada on Saturday, August 21, 2004
This just arrived in the mail-- thanks Morgail! I'm looking forward to reading it... I just read Michael Faber's THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE, and I've heard many comparisons between these two books.

Journal Entry 32 by Evicka from Toronto, Ontario Canada on Monday, December 20, 2004
I must apologize for holding this book captive for such a long time! I have now sent it off to bookhogger (I pm'ed pchemphd but never heard back).

Loved the book- the descriptions of Victorian London are amazing, the characters she dreams up are unique (I found them unlikeable, but that didn't stop me from reading the book!), and the twists were something else. I'm glad I read it and I'm planning to read Tipping The Velvet in the near future...

Journal Entry 33 by bookhogger from Ottawa, Ontario Canada on Tuesday, January 18, 2005
I just recieved this in the mail and am on chapter one. Lots of great reviews so I have high hopes of a good read.

Journal Entry 34 by bookhogger from Ottawa, Ontario Canada on Thursday, January 20, 2005
I enjoyed looking through the postcards - thanks to everyone who inserted one in.
I agree with some of the entries, that I didn't really enjoy or like the characters much but keep reading the book. And I really didn't see the first big twist coming.
What is the overridding theme of this book?? Patience and you will be revenged?
I read this book quite quickly, but just didn't get a good feeling from it.

Journal Entry 35 by bookhogger at Another bookcrosser in -- Controlled Release --, Porto Portugal on Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Released 15 yrs ago (2/1/2005 UTC) at Another bookcrosser in -- Controlled Release --, Porto Portugal



This will be heading off to Portugal today!!!

Journal Entry 36 by Zyana from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Received today. Hopefully I'll be able to start reading it this week.

Journal Entry 37 by Zyana from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Tuesday, May 03, 2005
The first twist caught me unawares but it set the pace and tone for the following developments on this beautifully crafted historical novel. I wasn't passionate about any of the characters but they were still mesmerizing in their own right.

Virgulina bought a copy of this book for herself so as of today Fingersmith is on it's way to it's next (hopefully not final!) person on this ray: Morgail.

Journal Entry 38 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Monday, May 09, 2005
Arrived today. This book looks familiar:) It's like seeing an old friend. Got here just at the right time too! I'll start reading it tonight or tomorrow.

Journal Entry 39 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Finished reading this yesterday & really enjoyed it! The twists were surprising. I thought the characters were very human...not the most likeable (as others have said), but definitely human. I'm glad I got a chance to read to read this book...thanks BlossomU!

Journal Entry 40 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Friday, June 24, 2005
The bookray is continuing!!
I got a lot of responses, so I thought I'd let Fingersmith travel the world a bit more:)

Bookray participants:

1. Kelleyanne (N. Carolina - anywhere)
2. Weeblet (Virginia – US pref, anywhere ok)
3. Jnpert (Pennsylvania – anywhere)
4. Bakerwhencan (Cal. – anywhere)
5. (Goatgrrl removed per request)
6. (loveamystery removed per request)
7. Geishabird (Ontario, Canada – anywhere)
8. dospescados (NY - anywhere) <-----book is here
9. (Nrrdgrrl removed per request)
10. Tutleymutley (End – England - Europe)
11. Griete (At End - Switzerland - Europe)
12. Maupi (Netherlands – Europe preferred, anywhere ok)
13. (Mirp removed per request)
14. (Meganh removed per request)
15. (Catsalive removed per request)
16. Veritas9 (Brisbane, QLD, Aus - ?)
17. amberC (End – Northern Terr, Australia – Aus only)

After you've read the book, check the list to see who to send the book to next. I hope everyone enjoys reading it!

Journal Entry 41 by Morgail at N/A in n/a, Bookray -- Controlled Releases on Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Released 15 yrs ago (6/25/2005 UTC) at N/A in n/a, Bookray -- Controlled Releases



Sent on its way to Kelleyanne - the first bookray participant.

Journal Entry 42 by kelleyanne from Raleigh, North Carolina USA on Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Really good book. Definitely had to keep trying to keep the characters straight though, toward the end. I very much enjoyed it.

Journal Entry 43 by kelleyanne from Raleigh, North Carolina USA on Thursday, July 07, 2005
sending to weeblet tomorrow

Journal Entry 44 by weeblet from Jacksonville, Florida USA on Monday, July 11, 2005
got it!

Journal Entry 45 by weeblet from Jacksonville, Florida USA on Thursday, July 21, 2005
good LORD what an unputdownable book! the twists certainly startled me, and the characters, places, smells etc. were very real. i feel the end was wrapped up a bit too tidy, but i guess ms. waters was a bit fatigued and didn't want to cross the 600 mark ;)
thanks for sharing!

**mailed 8/1**

Journal Entry 46 by jnpert from Ridgefield, Connecticut USA on Saturday, August 06, 2005
Just received in the mail- is next on my TBR pile. Thanks!

BTW- this book has certainly traveled!

Journal Entry 47 by jnpert from Ridgefield, Connecticut USA on Monday, September 05, 2005
I enjoyed the book, but it reminded me of several other books set in the time period- like Slammerkin and Crimson Petal. The first twist did get me hooked, but once I got into the author's style I was waiting for the next "surprise". (However, it might just have been that I read this book in just two sittings- one at home, and one on a very long plane ride to China.)

I will mail the book out tomorrow (9/6) so it can continue its journey!

Journal Entry 48 by bakerwhencan from San Francisco, California USA on Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Arrived sometime over this weekend! This will be next after a couple other rings.

Journal Entry 49 by bakerwhencan from San Francisco, California USA on Thursday, March 02, 2006
I just wanted to write a quick note because I've stalled this book so long and I have to say-- I just got to Part 2 and OH MY GOD?!!!! I can't wait to see what's ahead.

I plan to finish and send off to Geishabird after the weekend!

Journal Entry 50 by bakerwhencan from San Francisco, California USA on Monday, March 06, 2006
This is now on it's way to Geishabird in Toronto!

I loved the read. After being intimidated by it's size for several months (sorry all) amidst several bookrings, this was a really fast read for me because I was so engrossed! Aside from all the creative turns, and great characters developed, I especially liked the care Sue and Maud had for each other related to their shared circumstances having a mother. It was sensitive intimacy beneath all the goings-on. I hope to read other Sarah Waters books.

Thanks very much for sharing this!!

Journal Entry 51 by geishabird from Toronto, Ontario Canada on Monday, March 20, 2006
Wowee, this is one well-travelled book! Glad I could be a part of its journey. I am reading another bookring book right now but I expect to finish that in the next few days, and will then start on this one immediately. I am really looking forward to the read.

Journal Entry 52 by geishabird from Toronto, Ontario Canada on Sunday, April 02, 2006
Terrific book, excellent read! A great story, a genuine literary page-turner. Loved the atmosphere, loved getting inside of both Sue and Maud's heads - I felt real sympathy for them and what they were both going through. I thought Waters handled her complicated storyline and all its details very well; there was just one point when I felt she was stretching credibility a bit for sake of the plot, but it was a minor problem in the long run. Very compelling tale with some great twists and turns. I'll definitely be looking for Waters' other books.

Have PMed dospescados for her address. (Note: her profile indicates that she'll be unavailable until April 6.)

UPDATE: April 18: Sorry I've held onto this book for a couple of weeks, but I'm in the middle of a move and it's been impossible to get to the P.O. However, the worst is over now and I will send it off this week.

Journal Entry 53 by geishabird from Toronto, Ontario Canada on Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Ack! A thousand apologies for my tardiness. Book was mailed off today. Note to self: *Never* participate in any bookrings while moving...

Journal Entry 54 by dospescados on Thursday, May 04, 2006
Thanks, I'm looking forward to this!

Journal Entry 55 by dospescados on Friday, July 28, 2006
Ah, if only Dickens could've written tales as juicy as that. I really enjoyed it though certain things didn't *quite* make sense to me. I won't discuss them here as they would be major spoilers. It's really hard to discuss this book much without major spoilers, eh? =)

I PMed tutleymutley last week when I started the book but haven't heard back. I've PMed her again tonight, as well as Griete, and will get the book moving again shortly.

And I very much second the advice to never participate in rings/rays while moving!!!

Journal Entry 56 by dospescados on Saturday, July 29, 2006
Tutleymutley's gotten her hands on another copy so I'll pass it on to Griete.

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