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Registered by lelley of Scarborough, North Yorkshire United Kingdom on 4/5/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by lelley from Scarborough, North Yorkshire United Kingdom on Saturday, April 05, 2003
claimed by birdee

Journal Entry 2 by birdee on Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Received in the mail.Thank You Very Much

Journal Entry 3 by birdee on Tuesday, August 12, 2003
As of 8-12-03 mail to fellow BC "AMarie" Enjoy

Journal Entry 4 by AMarie from Omaha, Nebraska USA on Tuesday, August 19, 2003
I've read 2 books by Laymon, bought 3 more and this is book 6 I've come upon. I loved my first two books and am excited to try this one. As always my TBR list is huge so I'll do my best to kick this in the rear! Thanks for thinking of me! I am sending you (in the package you sent me) your trade book...No Santuary.

Journal Entry 5 by AMarie from Omaha, Nebraska USA on Monday, June 21, 2004
Finally, I finished this book. I have started it a few times and just couldn't keep focused in this. I think partly because I was not fond of this Laymon book. I think I have read about 5-6 Laymon books so far and this has to win the "most far fetched" book award. I thought Quake was a little out there along with No Sanctuary but this one has won, hands down! I often wonder why some people NEVER think to call the police OR never TRY and get help. I know, I know this is LAYMON! Well, I will continue to read his books because I love them...just hopefully they will be a little less far fetched! This is now up for trade!

Journal Entry 6 by AMarie at -- By Hand or Post, Ray/ring, Rabck, Meet-up in Omaha, Nebraska USA on Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Released on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 at *Non-bookcrosser friend in Omaha, Nebraska USA.

Gave to a Laymon fan to read. He isn't a bookcrosser so he will give this back to me when he's finished. It will be back up for trade when he's finished with it!

Journal Entry 7 by AMarie from Omaha, Nebraska USA on Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Back in my posession so it's up for local release or trade.

Released on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at post office in fellow bookcrosser, postal release USA.

A far fetched book by Laymon. I didn't think it was one of his best! But it's Laymon and we have got to love him! Sending to a Laymon fan in California.

Journal Entry 9 by LiZzYbEtH199 from Yuba City, California USA on Friday, August 20, 2004
Received from fellow bc'r Thanks AMarie!!!!

Journal Entry 10 by LiZzYbEtH199 from Yuba City, California USA on Sunday, August 22, 2004
I was really looking forward to reading this. It was not Richard Laymon's greatest but it was ok. It seemed like his early works instead of his latter. I love Richard Laymon's work and how he can make us wonder if it's a supernatural situation or one of total human nature.

A fat insane teenager running naked around LA tormenting people seemed a litte out there -

Journal Entry 11 by LiZzYbEtH199 from Yuba City, California USA on Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Sent today 8-25-04 to Jaremeister a fellow bookcrosser via US media mail- enjoy!!

Journal Entry 12 by wingjarewing from Port Richey, Florida USA on Tuesday, August 31, 2004
OMG wow! I have been wanting to read this book for such a long time, and now it's finally in my hands (and it figures, I have 2 1/2 bookrings lined up first lol). Thank you oh so much for sharing this LiZzYbEtH199, I'll be sure and share the experience once I've read it!

Journal Entry 13 by wingjarewing from Port Richey, Florida USA on Saturday, November 27, 2004
Finished this gem tonight! What fun this tale was. By far, not my favorite Laymon, but it was still great. I agree with some of the other comments here on the escape from reality bit here, I have never wanted to shake the living sh*t out of a character more than I did with Sherry at several points! The book did keep me on edge and I'm so very thankful for having the chance to read it! I found more tongue-in-cheek humor than you usually run into with his work, and it was cool reading a Laymon that referenced more recent things such as the Internet, cell phones, etc. Now I'll be sending it out on a bookring soon.

Journal Entry 14 by wingjarewing from Port Richey, Florida USA on Saturday, November 27, 2004
Bookring! Bookring!! Nothing beats a Laymon Bookring!! So far, we have:

Mellion108 MI, USA ****** FINISHED
buffyfan NY, USA ****** FINISHED
three104 WI, USA ****** FINISHED
jamieh2003 WV, USA ****** FINISHED
Anni99 NJ, USA
Suebo PA, USA
Maurean FL, USA
LaurieS NH, USA
ellymae58 CA, USA
superddupamom USA
zombikitty TX, USA
aset01 France

Then back to me.

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Shipping out to mellion108 this weekend to start of the bookring.... enjoy!!

Journal Entry 16 by mellion108 from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan USA on Saturday, March 05, 2005
Huh? Apparantly this is set in an alternate universe where no one calls the police when they've been brutally attacked. Ah well...I still have to give Laymon his props and admit to liking this book for the most part. Just suspend your disbelief, grab a cold beverage, and kick back to enjoy the blood, gore, and boobs (hey, it's Laymon, there are always boobs).

Thanks for sharing this, Jare! It will soon be on its way to buffyfan.
Paperback, 438 pages

From the back cover:
Too hot to be making love unless your romance is young, like Sherry and Duane's. It's their first time, and there's just one problem--they have no condoms. Of course, they could wait until tomorrow...

In the usual circumstances, the twenty-four-hour Speed-D-Mart is not a place anyone would want to visit at night. But these aren't usual circumstances. Duane throws on his clothes--the store is just ten minutes down the block.

Now Sherry is waiting. Ten minutes has gone, so has twenty. She's not worried--what's another few minutes? Then she hears the noise from down the street. It might be a door slamming. It might be the backfire of a car. But Sherry thinks it sounds mostly like a gunshot...

Journal Entry 17 by buffyfan from Rochester, New York USA on Monday, March 21, 2005
This just came from Mellion108 and I can't wait to read it. Thanks for sending it buddy. :O)

Journal Entry 18 by ThreeSixNine from Catawba, Wisconsin USA on Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Got this in my mailbox today. Will read next and journal again.

Journal Entry 19 by ThreeSixNine from Catawba, Wisconsin USA on Friday, April 08, 2005
Why is it these people never call the cops? Hello? Even if you know you are gonna be put on hold, I'd still make the effort. Yeah, Toby was a bit out there, a fat, nekkid teenager running around killing people with knives but, it was a fun read. It had it's requirements of gore and sex, I think. I couldn't believe it when those kids starting hosing Sherry down or when Brenda pulled a Bobbit on that kid. lol. It's no Island, but I'm glad I got the chance to read it.

I will send it on it's way once I get jamie's mailing info. And as soon as I can pry it away from my daughter.

**Update** Mailing on 4-12-05.

Journal Entry 20 by jamieh2003 from Wiley Ford, West Virginia USA on Monday, April 18, 2005
This arrived safe and sound in todays mail. Thanks for sending it on Jana and many thanks to Jare for sharing it with us:) I will be trying to get this read this week and off to the inimitable Anni soon.

Journal Entry 21 by jamieh2003 from Wiley Ford, West Virginia USA on Thursday, April 21, 2005
Can you say 9-1-1? What is up with these people suffering brutal attacks and not calling the police?! And why was Sherry so quick to believe the worst about Duane? She evidently knew him a good deal better than Toby Bones so why would she believe some angst ridden teen-age hood over the man she was just contemplating having sex with?

But... and this is big is a Laymon and while it's not his best it does have its requisite amount of blood, death, sex and breasts lol
It was completely far fetched, but still managed to be entertaining once you made a leap of faith that some people just might not involve the authorities after being brutalized and seeing others who have been brutalized. Vengeance is mine, saith Sherry;-)

I should be able to get this out to Anni99 within the next week or so.

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