What's Your Poo Telling You?

Registered by wingGoryDetailswing of Nashua, New Hampshire USA on 6/21/2007
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Journal Entry 1 by wingGoryDetailswing from Nashua, New Hampshire USA on Thursday, June 21, 2007
In the "I can't believe it's a book" category: this cute little number from Chronicle Books - really, truly all about poo! [Could have put it under "health" as well as "humor"; oh, for a multiple-category option {grin}.]

I spotted this at the local Barnes and Noble, and couldn't resist it. All the better, I think this is the first copy registered on the site - and it's among the 4-millionth-plus-or-minus-40 books registered, too!

[Update, 12/14/08: I was tickled to see this book included in today's "Unshelved" comic-strip "book club" entry, Books About Poop. And I may have to hunt up some of the other books listed there as well!]

Journal Entry 2 by wingGoryDetailswing from Nashua, New Hampshire USA on Monday, June 25, 2007
Turns out that this little book was the 3,999,999th registered - so near, and yet so far! Here's the BookCrossing news article about it.

From the first line of the introduction, I knew this was going to be fun: "Not unlike a snowflake, each bowel movement has a uniqueness that should be regarded with wondrous appreciation." [Not only will I think of bowel movements differently now, I'll also think of snowflakes differently {grin}.]

Most of the book consists of different, um, styles of poo, with descriptive names such as "Deja Poo" or "The Streak" [aka "Skidmark"]. There are comments about the specific type, including probable causes and what, if anything, one should do to avoid them, plus the occasional scientific tidbit or trivia item. There's a discussion of "Floaters" vs. "Sinkers", the fascinating fact that a species of caterpillar can propel its stool over five feet in the air, and the even more fascinating [if a bit upsetting to contemplate!] item about "stool transplants" which can help repopulate the patient's gut with healthy bacteria. There's even an item about poo-paranoia, in which it is stated that there have been attempts by international intelligence agencies to gather the poo of various world leaders in order to attempt to ascertain their state of health; I wonder if that will turn up as a plot element ("plop element"?) in the next "Mission: Impossible" movie?

New parents might appreciate the section on "pediatric poo," in which the different types are compared to commonly-used condiments and spreads: for example, meconium is equated to Marmite or Vegemite (in appearance only; "thankfully [it] lacks their overpowering aroma"), and "breast-fed poo" to Grey Poupon [I swear I'm not making this up!].

And among the healthful hints - the section on sitting vs. squatting, in which it is mentioned that "there is a burgeoning movement that believes squatting can improve digestive health. Not to mention the fact that squatting, also known as the bombardier method, will give you quads of steel."

The book's tone overall is chatty and amusing, but it does include warnings about certain poo-symptoms that might indicate very serious illnesses indeed, so it seems that your poo could tell you some mighty important things if you only let it!

[On a, um, somewhat related subject, check out Toilets of the World...]

Journal Entry 3 by wingGoryDetailswing from Nashua, New Hampshire USA on Monday, June 25, 2007
Due to popular demand, I've sent this entertaining little book out as a bookray {grin}; see the forum post here. [The book weighs under 6 ounces and is on the small-and-thin side (a mere 100 pages), so postage might not be too bad - within the US it might even be cheaper to mail first-class than media mail.]

Bookray instructions:

When you receive the book, please journal it, and PM the next person in line for their address so you'll have it ready when you've finished the book.
Note: even if you've sent books to that person before, please PM them before mailing this one, to confirm that the address is correct and that they're able to take on a bookring book at this time.
Try and read the book promptly - ideally, within a month of receiving it. (If you expect to take longer, you can request to be put at the end of the list. If you find you're swamped with other books when the person before you contacts you about the bookring, you can ask to be skipped, and then let me know whether you'd like to be moved down the list or dropped entirely. If you receive the book and find it's taking longer than you'd planned to get through it, I'd appreciate an update in its journal entries or on your profile, just to let me and the other participants know you haven't forgotten it.)

When you're ready to pass the book along, please make another journal entry containing your comments about the book and stating where you've sent it, and set the book's status code to "traveling". [If you find that you're having problems contacting the next person in line, or don't think you can manage to mail the book as originally agreed, please let me know; I'll be glad to try to work something out.]


Participants so far (tentative mailing order):

Cassiopaeia [Wales]
YowlYY [England]
BabyFlyLady [England] [skipped by request - got a copy of the book as a gift!]
StapleRemover [England]
Vashman [England] [no response to PMs]
longfordmaine [England]
IrishBookFan [Ireland]
Jare [New Mexico]
denny08 [New Mexico]
Foucault [New Jersey]
tempestsans [Georgia]
amberC [Australia]
RockDg9 [Australia]
Sparky1 [Australia] (seems to be stalled here... will continue with another copy)
piemunga [Australia]
cat207 [Australia]
juli2007 [Australia]
jessibud [Canada]
synical [Malaysia]
ScruffyKaz [UK]
littlebooklover [California]
PamRae [Maryland]

Journal Entry 4 by wingGoryDetailswing from Nashua, New Hampshire USA on Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Controlled release: I've started this book on its "poo-ray" {grin}; it's on its way to BCer Cassiopaeia in Wales. Hope you enjoy it!

Journal Entry 5 by Cassiopaeia from Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom on Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Thank you GoreyDetails, this little Poo book arrived safely in Wales this morning, inspite of the postal workers going on strike twice since last Friday! Receiving this has brightened up an overcast day here in Cardiff.

Journal Entry 6 by Cassiopaeia from Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom on Thursday, July 05, 2007
I sat reading this in the school carpark while waiting for my daughter, I don't often laugh out loud while on my own in the car, but this definitely hit the spot! Thank you so much GoeryDetails, just waiting to hear from YowlYY, then it will be on it's way again, to brighten another day.

Journal Entry 7 by Cassiopaeia from Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom on Monday, July 09, 2007
In the post today to YowlYY.
Hope it travels safely.
Thanks again GoryDetails.

Journal Entry 8 by YowlYY on Thursday, July 19, 2007
This little book must have arrived some time last week, while I was away for work. I will start it soon, and in the meantime thanks a lot to GoryDetails for sharing this, and to Cassiopaeia for mailing it - the book arrived safely and completely dry, despite the awful wet weather we have been having since...huh...weeks?!?

Journal Entry 9 by YowlYY on Sunday, July 29, 2007
Highly amusing and informative, this book was read last week mostly in the car, while my other half and me were returning from a visit to Glasgow. He surely was kept awake by all the descriptions of different types of poo - and we both laughed a lot at the names the authors created for the different "emissions".

Thanks to GoryDetails for sharing this ...it is now ready to leave Nottingham and visit another part of the UK.
Vashman should have been next, but my two PMs sent never got answered, therefore I will mail the book tomorrow to StapleRemover, who kindly provided me with his address last week.

Happy reading!

Journal Entry 10 by StapleRemover from London, Greater London United Kingdom on Saturday, August 04, 2007
Received safely after industrial action (Again). This little tome arrived just in time to accompany my wife and I to Greece for a couple of weeks. Will be ready to post to Vashman upon our return.

Many thanks to GoryDetails, and to YowlYY.

The Poo Goes On!

Journal Entry 11 by StapleRemover from London, Greater London United Kingdom on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
This much travelled book just had a side trip to Crete and back. Good holiday reading, and quite informative too.

As I have still not received a reply from Vashman, this book has been put into the post to Longfordmaine.

Pass The Poo!

Journal Entry 12 by rem_VPX-482879 on Friday, August 24, 2007
Received in the post today. I will probably read this in the next couple of days or so.

Journal Entry 13 by rem_VPX-482879 on Saturday, August 25, 2007
I read this while my wife was shopping for clothes. It had me laughing out loud and I totally didn't care how much she was buying while I was reading this book. Ladies, give it to your men when you go shopping!

Journal Entry 14 by rem_VPX-482879 at Bookring in Bookring, A Bookring -- Controlled Releases on Saturday, September 01, 2007

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In the post to IrishBookFan today.

Journal Entry 15 by IrishBookFan from Dublin, Co. Dublin Ireland on Saturday, September 08, 2007
This book arrived yesterday! Hilarious! I would classify it in the "waaaay too much information" section in parts!

Journal Entry 16 by IrishBookFan at on Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Released 13 yrs ago (9/12/2007 UTC) at



Sending to Jare in New Mexico!

Journal Entry 17 by wingjarewing from Port Richey, Florida USA on Wednesday, September 19, 2007
The book arrived safe and sound today. Thanks for sharing, I will get to it very soon.

Journal Entry 18 by wingjarewing from Port Richey, Florida USA on Friday, September 28, 2007
Wow! Funny AND informative... and yes, most definitely in the TMI category (although this kind of TMI is like a train wreck, you simply can't resist looking)! Thanks for sharing, Gorydetails. I just loved the names they chose for everything... particularly Deja Poo and Hanging Chad! I will get it in the mail to denny08 once I get her address!

Journal Entry 19 by denny08 from El Paso, Texas USA on Friday, December 07, 2007
I loved this book! So, sorry that I didn't JE when I got it! I should be shot. I want a copy of my own, but I promise to send this on to the next person, really. Thank you so much for sharing!

Journal Entry 20 by denny08 from El Paso, Texas USA on Monday, January 21, 2008
After my co-worker started to read this, he just went out and bought a few copies. I bought my brother a copy, which my brother-in-law and nephews all loved. I have it ready to mail and am going to send it to NJ tomorrow.

Journal Entry 21 by Foucault from Edison, New Jersey USA on Friday, January 25, 2008
Got it! I've already flicked through it and laughed out loud - even read out loud the piece on floaters and sinkers.

Journal Entry 22 by Foucault from Edison, New Jersey USA on Monday, February 04, 2008
Just started it.

Journal Entry 23 by Foucault from Edison, New Jersey USA on Monday, February 18, 2008
I've PMed tempestsans for the address to send this on to.

Journal Entry 24 by Foucault from Edison, New Jersey USA on Sunday, March 02, 2008
PMed tempestsans a second time for a mailing address.

Journal Entry 25 by Foucault from Edison, New Jersey USA on Sunday, March 02, 2008
While I'm waiting for a response from tempestsans (I also contacted amberC, just in case I don't hear from tempestsans), I thought I'd write a brief journal entry.

I'm glad I read the book, and it's good for a laugh, but at heart, it's a bathroom book. It's good to dip into once in a while, and I did learn quite a bit.

Some things I learned: Close the lid before flushing! Thomas Crapper did NOT invent the flushing toilet. I do not want the job of disposing of George W. Bush's presidential poo (some would say.......nah, I won't go there!) in a secure manner!

UPDATE March 7, 2008: Found an email address for tempestsans so sent an email.

Journal Entry 26 by Foucault from Edison, New Jersey USA on Sunday, March 09, 2008
All wrapped up and ready to be sent to tempestsans

UPDATE: And OUT the door!

Journal Entry 27 by tempestsans from Canton, Georgia USA on Friday, March 14, 2008
this one arrive in the last day or so while i was in tucson on business. have already begun reading and giggling on it and will PM the next person on the list as soon as i complete this journal entry to make sure we keep it moving and being enjoyed by others.

thanks to Foucault for persistence in finding me for this one...my PMs have been an on again/off again affair here over the last month with Yahoo providing completely useless and far from timely 'help' in fixing the issue. thankfully Foucault sent up smoke signals in the forums and JennyC1231 who also lives in my area alerted to the fact of the PM issue and a location where my direct email address could be found to help us hook up and get this one into my hands!

thanks to Gory as well for sharing what i can already tell will be an entertaining read! there will likely be passages read out loud this evening when the boys are both here as i'm sure there will find it a good giggle opportunity!

Journal Entry 28 by tempestsans from Canton, Georgia USA on Friday, March 14, 2008
cute quick read - hubby has it now since it's only been a couple of hours since i received it and sent off the PM for the next address. am hoping to potentially have the next address for tomorrow as it appears to be international and i know i can get to the post office during business hours tomorrow being Saturday.

thanks again for sharing this little jewel GoryDetails!

Released 13 yrs ago (3/18/2008 UTC) at A Bookcrosser in Controlled Release, A Bookcrossing member -- Controlled Releases



finished this one same day and allowed hubby to enjoy as well. have amberc's address and will package up tonight and take to the PO tomorrow when i mail some others i have ready to go out.

thanks for sharing gorydetails!

Journal Entry 30 by wingamberCwing from Darwin, Northern Territory Australia on Thursday, March 27, 2008
This book is with me already. Do you know it took less time to arrive than books posted from within Australia?

I have a couple of other bookrings before this...but it looks like a quick and fascinating read so will probably jump up the queue.

Journal Entry 31 by wingamberCwing from Darwin, Northern Territory Australia on Saturday, March 29, 2008
Laugh out loud funny in places, eewwww in others. It's the only book I've been asked to hide when my son had friends coming home from school with him.

Posting to RockDg9 tomorrow.

Journal Entry 32 by RockDg9 from Toowoomba, Queensland Australia on Monday, April 07, 2008
Arrived here today. Thanks gory and amberc.

Journal Entry 33 by RockDg9 from Toowoomba, Queensland Australia on Wednesday, April 09, 2008
I never realised there were so many different types of poo. I have led a sheltered life. This book was laugh out funny, but too shameful to laugh at!

Journal Entry 34 by RockDg9 from Toowoomba, Queensland Australia on Wednesday, April 23, 2008
I posted this to Sparky1 on Saturday (19 April).

Journal Entry 35 by wingGoryDetailswing from Nashua, New Hampshire USA on Sunday, October 26, 2008
It seems that Sparky1 either never received the book or never journaled it, and I've had no response to my PMs or "ISO" posts, so I have to assume that this copy is lost or stalled. I've picked up another copy of the book and will be contacting the remaining folks in the list to see if they still want to participate!

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