Dirt in the Well

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Registered by Molyneux of Oxford, Oxfordshire United Kingdom on 1/25/2007
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Journal Entry 1 by Molyneux from Oxford, Oxfordshire United Kingdom on Thursday, January 25, 2007
A book by a BookCrosser, what could be better! Look out for a couple of BCUKers in the book....One is very well known ;) but I wonder if you will spot the other one?

Sending as an RABCK to a very special BookCrosser. I noticed this was on her wish list.

Journal Entry 3 by wingbookczukwing from Charleston, South Carolina USA on Thursday, February 08, 2007
Oh my word!!! I've wanted this book ever since I first heard about it (and not just because of the VSBC* in it, though that's how it came to my attention.) Thank you so much!!!!

Rest assured I shall scrutinize each and every name to see if I recognize it as the RL name of a BCer.


*Very Special BookCrosser

Journal Entry 4 by wingbookczukwing from Charleston, South Carolina USA on Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Finished this last night. It's a quick read, though the beginning was a little rough. It was great fun to finally meet the character Steve Lucas, as I had no trouble visualizing "our" Sir Steve in the character. I was so afraid his name might be given to someone sleazy, but this fellow seemed very likable. As I am not familiar with real life names of a lot of the British BCers, I probably missed the other one. Every time a new character was introduced, I'd search my brain to see if the name sounded familiar (which probably contributed to my feeling of the story being a tad disjointed!)

Anyhow, I am going to offer this up as a BookRay-- there was some interest when I mentioned it in my Live Journal.

Thank you Molyneux! This was fun!

Cover blurb:
Fiona Stewart is a poor cook, but a fine spinner of plates. Plate one: her marriage, wobbling a little. Two, her daughters, growing fast. Three, a mother who thinks she can't manage on her own. Four, her philandering friend, Lesley. Five, her job as an account executive with Paro, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Then she meets Brian Moran, the arrogant and attractive owner of Arkle Chemists. She discovers his involvement in a lucrative back-scratching arrangement, amounting to fraud from within Paro. In trying to stop the deal, she falls victim to a campaign of harassment from Moran. Naturally, her attention is diverted. Something is going to break.

Journal Entry 5 by wingbookczukwing from Charleston, South Carolina USA on Tuesday, March 27, 2007
This book shall head out to antof9, texaswren, spedbug, resqgeek, rarsberry, Sherlockfan, CaterinaAnna and then on to anyone else-- Bookrays are fun! These were the folks who posted in my LJ that they'd like to read it.

Journal Entry 6 by wingAntof9wing from Lakewood, Colorado USA on Thursday, April 19, 2007
WOO HOO! I'm first! Well, first after Czukie, of course ... anyway, thanks for this book -- how totally fun!

Pictured, some very special BookCrossers: Skyring on the left, and Netstation on the right (in the radio station 105.5 The Bridge, Charleston, SC)

Journal Entry 7 by wingAntof9wing from Lakewood, Colorado USA on Monday, April 30, 2007
Read this one today, laying out in the sun on a beautiful sunny Colorado day (see picture -- I just held out my phone and took a shot).

I liked the mystery part of this story -- it was intriguing and kept me reading. The "murder, she wrote" aspect of it was interesting, and I wanted to know what the whole story was and how it would be solved.

I have to say, though, that I could have done without all the affairs. In counting through them as I was telling a friend about the book, I realized there were 5 (count 'em -- FIVE) in this little tiny book! And that seemed like an awful lot. I understood the whole need to illustrate just how exhausting and busy Fiona's life was, but the affairs didn't really add anything for me. Rather, they made it less appealing :(

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was Fiona's relationship with her daughters. Both daughters were lovable characters, who you really cared about while reading. I found myself really rooting for the three of them to get along, and for Fiona to get enough time off from work to spend more time with them. I loved the day off for getting a new kitty!

Thanks for sharing Moly! I'll get this off to TW in the next couple of days ...

Journal Entry 8 by wingAntof9wing from Lakewood, Colorado USA on Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Before the book gets to Wren, I have to add one more thing that I forgot to add to my original JE!

On one of the last few pages, at the bottom right of the page, the sentence doesn't end, but when you turn the page, it isn't continued on the top left!

It doesn't really affect the story, but it did make me slightly nuts ...

(no comments from previous journallers on me already being nuts!)

Journal Entry 9 by wingTexasWrenwing from Hillsboro, Texas USA on Thursday, May 10, 2007
Safely in my hands, where I will read it asap and move it right along. Thanks for the chance to read it!

Journal Entry 10 by wingTexasWrenwing from Hillsboro, Texas USA on Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Well, I must say that you almost lost me at the part about Mr Small, but I wanted to be part of this ring, so I kept reading. I don't read many mysteries, but I didn't figure this one out ahead of time!! Just enough twists to keep me involved.

I forgot about watching for Bookcrossers until the end, so I had to skim back through to find Steve's name. I didn't recognize any others though.

I'm glad I got the chance to read this!!

This will go to Spedbug tomorrow.
DC# 0306 1070 0001 1712 2975

Journal Entry 11 by SpedBug from Wilmington, Delaware USA on Tuesday, June 12, 2007
I received this "ring" in the mail yesterday and am just finding time to journal the fact. This book comes at a very busy time in my life. My niece, who has been living with us since August, is returning to Australia next week. We are planning, shopping for, and arranging a HUGE farewell party for this Saturday so all her friends (and ours) can come say goodbye. This party has forced us to get our house in order (which was still, I'm ashamed to say, not fully unpacked from our move back in August! Family photos are being hung tomorrow! :D) Still, I'll put aside the book I'm presently reading during my lunch breaks at work and crack this one instead. It sounds intriguing! :)

Journal Entry 12 by SpedBug from Wilmington, Delaware USA on Saturday, June 23, 2007
I've just finished reading this mystery/thriller while out sunning in my front yard. I had a hard time getting through the first bit, but once I pushed past the quarter mark, it became much easier to read. Like TexasWren, I did squirm through the MrSmalls part (it made me very uncomfortable), but didn't let it stop me from continuing on. All in all, it was a quick, entertaining read! :)

Journal Entry 13 by wingResQgeekwing from Alexandria, Virginia USA on Monday, July 02, 2007
This was waiting for me when we got home from a long weekend at my parents'. I'll start this as soon as I finish my current book.

Journal Entry 14 by wingResQgeekwing from Alexandria, Virginia USA on Thursday, July 12, 2007
Fiona Stewart has her hands full. Her marriage is on the verge of collapse, she's trying to be an involved mother to her two girls, and she's got a full-time career to pursue. Even so, she's balancing everything just fine, until she takes over an account that doesn't quite add up. When she starts trying to investigate the discrepencies, the threats start coming. The pressure builds, and Fiona's attempts to figure out the riddle only make things worse. Suddenly, she's unable to cope with all her responsibilities, and even her life is in danger.

An interesting thriller about corporate fraud and people who are willing to commit violence to protect their easy money. Fiona is a flawed character (as are many of the characters here), which makes her all the more believable. In the end she perseveres against a nasty enemy, but it is her love for her family that gives her the will and strength to do so. And while the various affairs (of which there are plenty) do seem gratuitous, they do reinforce the feeling that these people aren't perfect, but have flaws, just like everyone.

I've got rarsberry's address, and I'll be send this off in the mail straight away.

Journal Entry 15 by rarsberry from Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand on Wednesday, July 18, 2007
This book arrived in the mail today.
Thank you ResQgeek for sending it to me.
I will start the book tonight.

Journal Entry 16 by rarsberry from Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand on Sunday, July 22, 2007
A good mystery, more of what would happen next than to who was doing it, and who else was involved.
Nice quick easy read.
Good thing she is thinking of changing her job, she will have more time for her family now.
I also noticed the missing sentence and am curious to know what it is......

I will pass this to Sherlockfan when I hear back from her.
Its been great to read a book that other famour BCers have also held and read.

Journal Entry 17 by rarsberry from Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand on Monday, August 27, 2007
This went in the mail today.

Journal Entry 18 by Sherlockfan from Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Monday, September 03, 2007
Thanks to all the folk who've been moving this book along in timely fashion. Sorry that my absence meants a small delay. I'm currently busy with "Kidnapped in Yemen" which is fascinating and especially as the author is from Palmerston North in NZ. Vaguely remember the world headlines at the time of the major incident in 1999.

I'll get onto this new arrival immediately.

Journal Entry 19 by Sherlockfan from Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Friday, September 07, 2007
This was quite a quick read. I was curious about the possible identities of bookcrossers; liked the identity given to Steve but the others were hard to associate. I guess Amy with her "Jackie O" elegance plus great clothes and hair piled on top of her head will be familiar to some-one and the fabulously dressed April also. I'm not sufficiently closely associated with other BookCrossers to identify Martin, with his 'hard muscular body, smooth skin and thick thighs' - someone may know him, but not this someone! Would my life be spiced up by meeting Martin? No worth the risk - what if I got to like him?
Most of the other characters had, IMO, sufficiently less desirable characteristics that my high opinion of BXers I've met wouldn't allow me to try any associations.

The plot was certainly realistic and those schenanagins go on more often than one would like. We have a lot of difficulty in our country with the Government choosing generic drugs over more expensive ones that in users' opinions work much better so I could see how the scam would be appealing to crooks, crims and unscrupulous characters.

I've not heard back from CaterinaAnna so will give her a nudge.

Journal Entry 20 by Sherlockfan from Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Friday, September 07, 2007
Had to come back to ask whether anyone knows if Linda Lyon wrote any more books. A book search based on author in BC didn't throw up any more.
Is she still a bookcrosser I wonder?

Journal Entry 21 by Sherlockfan from Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Sunday, September 09, 2007
Posting to CaterinaAnna tomorrow 10 September 2007.

Hope it travels safely.

Journal Entry 22 by Caterinaanna from Coventry, West Midlands United Kingdom on Thursday, September 20, 2007
Arrived yesterday: thank you Sherlockfan. Couldn't journal last night as my isp was throwing a wobbly, but all seems fine this morning.
I'm only 100 pages into Gone with the Wind and it is term time, so it will probably be over a week before I get to this ...

Journal Entry 23 by Caterinaanna from Coventry, West Midlands United Kingdom on Sunday, September 23, 2007
In spite of a Birmingham meet-up I have polished off the mega-novel and this one already! That's what happens when one is feeling grotty & has a day in bed.

I was glad of my previous part-time life in a pharmacy while I was reading the first part - it meant I could nod sagely through the bits about drug pricing and they didn't slow me down too much. In terms of apparently gratuitous extras, it wasn't the number of affairs that bothered me as much as the immediate recourse the baddie took to scare tactics: he seemed to start terrifying poor Fi before she'd had a chance to turn down his offer and so he only had himself to blame when she started to question what she was told about his pricing.

Why have so many people reading this (including me) squirmed at Mr Small's fate, but not that of Galbraith? Is it because the latter is further from our experience and so is harder to imagine in gory detail? Or that it is easier to imagine because we have seen similar things before through the safety of a script and a camera lens?

As for the bookcrossers, I'm sorry to say I know too few in real life to have recognised any but Sir Steve (not that I can imagine him using the first expletive attributed to him, although I have heard him use some other naughty words in extremis). Surely the kitten cannot be BCUK's Spike, for he was a newbie when the book was published. If it is, I want to know how the author found out what happens when you fondle his ears. I think he has some explaining to do! ;o)

Thanks for sharing bookczuck.

Released 11 yrs ago (10/2/2007 UTC) at Liquid, Coventry City Arcade in Coventry, West Midlands United Kingdom



Taking along to the Coventry meet-up tonight, but will take away again if it isn't wanted by an established BCer.

Couldn't persuade anyone to take it - maybe had the namesake and model of the 'photographer' been present he could have vouched for it. Anyway, having been passed over by Coventry's Tuesday regulars (I didn't make it to Saturday's meet-up) I shall see if any Cardiff bods have not yet read it ...

Journal Entry 25 by wingCassiopaeiawing from Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom on Saturday, October 27, 2007
Well a Cardiff bod has taken this one for the moment and will pass it one to another BCer when finished.

Journal Entry 26 by wingCassiopaeiawing from Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom on Monday, January 14, 2008
Well this is a well travelled book! It certainly was a quick, very detailed, and engrossing read. I certainly recgonised two BC names, I hope they were the ones I was supposed to find. I'll do my bit by trying to keep this on the move, I'm sure I'll find a Spike or a Mole who hasn't read it yet in Cardiff.

Journal Entry 27 by wingCassiopaeiawing at Pen and Wig pub OBCZ in Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom on Saturday, January 26, 2008

Released 11 yrs ago (1/26/2008 UTC) at Pen and Wig pub OBCZ in Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom



Releasing at today's meetup.
KTM challenge 2008

Journal Entry 28 by molekilby from Brithdir, Wales United Kingdom on Sunday, January 27, 2008
Picked up at the meeting yesterday. Will read soon and move on to another bookcrosser, if bookczuk doesn't mind.

Journal Entry 29 by molekilby from Brithdir, Wales United Kingdom on Saturday, May 03, 2008
A very enjoyable read. I think I spotted the two BC'ers, a great liberty taken with the one. A fast paced story that certainly had me turning the pages. Would recommend it to everyone.

It has been passed to a person for transporting elsewhere. I'm sure it will reappear in a couple of days.

Journal Entry 30 by Caterinaanna from Coventry, West Midlands United Kingdom on Saturday, May 17, 2008
Still no Coventry takers, so ...

Journal Entry 31 by Caterinaanna at The Cherry Tree OBCZ in Steventon, Oxfordshire United Kingdom on Saturday, May 17, 2008

Released 10 yrs ago (5/17/2008 UTC) at The Cherry Tree OBCZ in Steventon, Oxfordshire United Kingdom



...it's off to Oxfordshire with it.

Journal Entry 32 by Molyneux from Oxford, Oxfordshire United Kingdom on Monday, May 19, 2008
Just a quick note to say I was delighted to see this on the table at the Cherry Tree meet on Saturday...and quickly found a home for it temporarily in Winchester but then it's off to New Zealand so watch this space.....

Journal Entry 33 by Captainsdoxy from Waikanae, Wellington Province New Zealand on Tuesday, May 20, 2008
'Caught' at meetup - I've been asked to take this one back to NZ with me. Sherlockfan may be amused to see it returning to Wellington after it's brief visit there already. I'm sure we can find other BXers in NZ who'd like to read this extremely well-read/travelled book.

Cheers and thanks again for a fun meetup!

Journal Entry 34 by Captainsdoxy at Wellington City, Wellington Province New Zealand on Tuesday, December 07, 2010
I am SO sorry this book has languished with me for so long!! I will skip the usual excuses about Mt TBR and just apologise.

I picked this up at a BXing meetup when I was back in the UK in 2008, and brought it back to NZ with me to share further. I have now read it, and as it's one of the most well travelled BXing books I've come across I want to make sure it goes to a good home rather than just leaving it in a cafe somewhere. We're having our Wellington BXing Christmas meetup next week so I will take it along with me and try and find its next reader.

On the story itself - I don't know any of the BXers referred to, but leaving that aside the story was entertaining and moved along at a pace. The number of affairs didn't bother me so much as they seem to have bothered others. I enjoyed the daughters and Fiona's relationship with them, they were likable and amusing. The one thing I would criticise (as Caterinaanna does too) is Brian's incredibly - and unbelievably - fast switch from flirting to threatening. The immediate level of intimidation seemed excessive and unlikely, but I guess in a book this short she didn't have long to introduce the threatening element.

Overall enjoyable and I hope the next reader likes it too - and moves it on a lot quicker than I did.



Journal Entry 35 by Sherlockfan at Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Tuesday, December 14, 2010
This book was at the December Christmas meet-up of Wellington BookCrossers. CaptainsDoxy brought it to my attention and although I'd read it before I 'caught' it again to try once more to see if I could recognize the 2nd bookcrosser in it.

I'll take care to see that it goes to other BXers in NZ once I've read it.

Journal Entry 36 by Sherlockfan at Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Friday, December 24, 2010
I couldn't resist the challenge to reread and try to identify the second person featuring.
Cassiopaeia, if you are reading this message to please take pity on a distant Colonial and let me know who was the second person you recognised because I am no wiser after another read. As I said the first time there are not really many characters one would wish to be associated with but I know too few UK bookcrossers to solve the mystery. I was interested to read about people drinking "our" Cloudy Bay, a favourite tipple of mine.
The book will be passed on to one of our ultra prolific Kiwi BXers who just might have more identifying success, but after the Christmas festivities are over.

Journal Entry 37 by Sherlockfan at Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand on Monday, January 24, 2011

Released 8 yrs ago (1/25/2011 UTC) at Upper Hutt, Wellington Province New Zealand


Posting to FutureCat today and waiting anxiously to see if she can identify the BXwers mentioned herein. I'm sure she'll be impressed to see how widely this has circulated.

Journal Entry 38 by futurecat at Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand on Saturday, January 29, 2011
Arrived safely in Christchurch (or should that be *back* in Christchurch, as I see Rarsberry's name in the journallers below) this morning.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the mystery bookcrosser...

^ ^

Journal Entry 39 by futurecat at Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand on Friday, February 11, 2011
Well, I spotted the obvious bookcrosser, but no idea who the other one was - of course, most of the BCUKers I only know by screenname anyway, so probably not much chance of me recognising them... (I did spot the Cloudy Bay, though ;-))

Good story, anyway - a real page-turner.

Now, who can I pass this on to next who might be better at bookcrosser-spotting than me...

^ ^

Journal Entry 40 by Skyring at Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Australia on Saturday, April 16, 2011
I'll give this one a go, though I'm not as familiar with the UK BXers as I could be. Steve I have met several times, and his genial good humour has enlivened many a meeting. He was responsible, indirectly, for my visit to Ayers Rock, and I thank him for that. Yes, we were in Charleston together, and a few days ago I passed the converted brewery where we had a delightful lunch.

There are threads in our lives, and that same day, FutureCat, BookCzuk and I broke bread in a marina bistro. Threads in books, threads in the world, and maybe I can weave this all into my own experience.

Which is to say that this book came with the most marvellous woven bookmark of Christchurch.

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