Go Ask Alice

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Registered by Aisling78 of Essex, Massachusetts USA on 11/25/2006
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Journal Entry 1 by Aisling78 from Essex, Massachusetts USA on Saturday, November 25, 2006
I'm glad I only spent around 50 cents on this book at a library book sale. I had heard rumors that this supposedly real diary was in fact a complete work of fiction, and I found some more information on it online before reading it. See "Go Ask Alice" ~ Wikipedia or Urban Legends Reference Pages

What teenage girl writes: "I was a shooting star, a comet piercing the firmament..." or uses words such as "inundated," "dissonant," "vacillating," or "conscientious" in a personal diary (and that's only what stood out as I flipped back through the pages just a moment ago)?

I am actually glad to have read this book, so I have some reference point when it's brought up - since it is some kind of "modern classic." And I understand why the "editor"/author, Beatrice Sparks, made the decision to write this book -- I'm sure she had good intentions of trying to steer teenagers away from drugs, premarital sex, etc. But the heavy-handed way in which she did so is insulting.

I don't know if I'll wild-release this book. Something tells me not to. Maybe I'll offer it up as a RABCK if anyone else is interested in reading it.

Journal Entry 2 by Aisling78 from Essex, Massachusetts USA on Monday, January 15, 2007
I'm going to share this book as a bookray. (International if there is interest).

If you would like to join this ring please PM me with your location & shipping preferences.

Here are my guidelines, paraphrased from other bookcrossers:

* If you wish to be added to the list, please PM me with your details.

* You will be sending the book to the person who appears after you in the list, so please send a PM after the book arrives for their address, so there's minimal delay after you've completed the book. If the next in line does not respond to several PMs over a period of a few weeks, try posting an "In Search Of..." post in the forums, and contact me, and I'll reshuffle the shipping order.

* It's not a race, but please read and send the book on as speedily as you can; other people are dying to read it too! About two to three weeks is OK. (I understand when life gets in the way -- but please PM me if you've had the book in your possession for longer than a month, so I don't worry that it's lost for good!)

* Please journal the book once you have received it (so we all know where it currently is) and again when you have read it (so we know what you thought of it -- part of what I love about Bookcrossing is hearing other's opinions of books I've loved).

* If you're the last person on the list please use your best judgment as to where the book goes next, RABCK, another ray or ring, or wild release...I'd just prefer that the book continues to travel rather than sit on a bookshelf collecting dust.

* Enjoy! It's supposed to be fun!

Bookray participants:

Saphyre - Indiana (ships w/in US only)
ivylibra224 - Missouri
unknowncritic - Arkansas (ships anywhere)
Intrycksflikka - Finland (can ship anywhere)
Perdue - Finland (can ship anywhere)
okyrhoe - Greece (can ship anywhere)
froggirlwendy - (ships w/in Australia only)
silvermoonwyrm - (ships w/in Australia only)

Journal Entry 3 by Aisling78 from Essex, Massachusetts USA on Thursday, February 01, 2007
This book was mailed out yesterday by my wonderful (and very patient where bookcrossing is concerned) husband! Enjoy!

Journal Entry 4 by Saphyre from Hammond, Indiana USA on Saturday, February 03, 2007
This has arrived safe and sound. It is short and seems to be a quick read, so I should be ready to send this on next week. Thanks for sharing this book, Aisling78!

Journal Entry 5 by Saphyre from Hammond, Indiana USA on Saturday, February 24, 2007
This book was on its way to ivylibra224 a couple days ago. Thanks to all I PMd regarding my reason for taking so long with this book.
I am glad I got a chance to finally read this book.
I really have to agree with Aisling78 that it is quite obvious that this book was not really a diary written by a 15 year old girl. There is a bit of slang from the time in the book, but too much of it is obviously written by an adult. No teen girl would write like that in a private diary. It seemed like most of it was an 'after school special' type of scare tactic.

Journal Entry 6 by ivylibra224 from Kimberling City, Missouri USA on Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Finally received this one in the mail today.

Journal Entry 7 by ivylibra224 from Kimberling City, Missouri USA on Monday, March 05, 2007
I have to agree that this was obviously at the very least edited by an adult! I did take a trip down memory lane with all the teenage angst though! All of the "I'm in love" and "Should I or shouldn't I" scenarios were all to familiar. I really don't know if I would recommend this to a teen wanting to experiment with drugs. There were too many times that the drugs were great! Jeez! It made me want to experiment!! Anyway, I received this as a book ray, and I'm not sorry I read it! Thanks for the experience! It'll be sending it on to unknowncritic today.

Journal Entry 8 by unknowncritic on Sunday, March 11, 2007
This book arrived a few days ago and I've just finished it. (I meant to journal it when I got it, but we had an Internet outage that lasted two days, and by the time it came back up I had forgotten that I hadn't journaled yet.)

I'm actually glad I didn't read this as a teenager. As someone else pointed out, some of the drug accounts sound like a lot of fun. I also agree that there is no way a teenager wrote it. It was well worth the read, though. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.

As soon as I have the next person's address, this timeless classic will be on it's way to Finland!

Released 12 yrs ago (3/13/2007 UTC) at another bookcrossing member in by mail, a fellow bookcrosser -- Controlled Releases



This little book is headed to Finland.

Journal Entry 10 by intry from Turku, Varsinais-Suomi / Egentliga Finland Finland on Sunday, March 25, 2007
The bookring has arrived to Finland. Will read it after finishing another bookring :)

Journal Entry 11 by intry from Turku, Varsinais-Suomi / Egentliga Finland Finland on Monday, April 30, 2007
Finnished the book yesterday. I'm really sorry for the delay, will mail it as soon as I receive the next persons address!

It was an interesting book, but maybe not "brilliant". Somehow I had high expectations about it and that could be the reason why I feel so empty after reading it.

Journal Entry 12 by Perdue from Espoo, Uusimaa / Nyland Finland on Tuesday, May 08, 2007
I got the book via mail last week, but totally forgot to journal it (sorry!). I've started reading it though, so it'll be sent forward soon.

Journal Entry 13 by Perdue from Espoo, Uusimaa / Nyland Finland on Thursday, May 17, 2007
I sent the book in air mail yesterday, it ought to be in Greece soon.

I absolutely agree with all of you. Saphyre's comment about the "'after school special' type of scare tactic" is just about what I was going to say. The very last page with the comment from the "editor" was so blunt and accusing it was almost appaling.

But thank you. This was really something different from the other books I'm currently reading.

Journal Entry 14 by okyrhoe from Athens - Αθήνα, Attica Greece on Friday, May 25, 2007
Arrived in my p.o. box yesterday. Thanks Aisling78 for including me in the bookray!

And "kiitoksia oikein panjon" Perdue, for mailing the book to me! (The newpaper wrapping I'm going to give to my colleague at work who taught me how to say this.)

Journal Entry 15 by okyrhoe from Athens - Αθήνα, Attica Greece on Monday, July 02, 2007
The PM system has been acting up again, so it took me a while to contact the next person on the reading list. Unfortunately she has asked to be skipped, so I'm contacting the person after that.
I'll add my comments on the 'diary' as soon as the book is on its way.

Journal Entry 16 by okyrhoe from Athens - Αθήνα, Attica Greece on Monday, July 16, 2007
I first read this at a young age (12 or 13) and now (at age 40) I still remember that at the time I did indeed think there was something 'strange' to this book. Well now I know exactly what it is - the contrived language!

This is a simple story, with a straightforward journal-style narrative, with no flashbacks, reminiscences, expository passages or any particularly unique details.

The voice of Alice tends to devolve into corny expressions of sentiment, particulaly in the 'first' diary, & at times echoing Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz:
- "Oh, why, why, why can't I? (September 16)
- "It was wild! It was beautiful! It really was." (July 20)
- "I would! I definitely would!", "I must, I simply must be better." (July 23)
- "Oh, terrors, horrors, endless torment." (August 9)
- "And I'm glad I'm back. Glad! Glad! Glad!" (January 24)
- "I love life and I love God. Oh I do, I really do." (Another day)
- "I think it's sad, dear friend, I really and truly and desperately do." (July 26)
- "I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish." (August 5)
- "Oh, glorious, marvelous, wonderful, incredible, fantastic day!" (August 8)
- "Home, Home, Home. Oh what a beautiful, wonderful, divinely lovely word." (September 6)
- "I didn't know I was that good! I really and truly and honestly didn't!" (September 17)

--- --- ---
On its way to silvermoonwyrm . Enjoy!

Journal Entry 17 by leeny37 from Melbourne CBD, Victoria Australia on Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Picked up from meet-up tonight.


Oops, heading out a little late but this is being sent via airmail to rapturina, who was the winner for the international Happy Smile Day RABCK sweepstakes. Enjoy! :)

Journal Entry 19 by rapturina from Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Thank you, leeny37, what a nice surprise! I'd never heard of this book, but it looks interesting, especially after having read all the comments the previous readers have made about the book. It's going straight to Mt. TBR, hopefully I'll get the chance to read it soon. :D

Journal Entry 20 by rapturina from Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Well, it took me a while to get to this one... Mt TBR is most definitely out of control. :D

Anyway, what an interesting little book. A lot of the first part reminded me of my own worries as a teen, and the diary I used to keep. Interestingly enough I didn't think the language in the diary really proved it's not written by a teenager, as I would use really flowery language when writing in my diary. I thought that was cool. :D Though admittedly I don't think I knew that many big words when I was a teenager! :D

It's a shame the story is so completely unrealistic, especially if it's meant to come across as real to scare teenagers off drugs. The ups and downs are so well thought out and some of the story line is a bit odd. For example when they start a store in San Francisco, how can a 16 year old do that?! Well, maybe it was possible in the 1960s. :D

The ending really bothered me and made no sense at all. The diary ended on such a positive note and then all of a sudden the epilogue, it just didn't ring true with me at all. And if you intend to scare teenagers off drugs, you'd have to make sure the bad ending is believable, I think!

Anyway, apart from its rather obvious flaws, I still rather enjoyed the book. It was touching in a way and really made me go back to my own teenage years. Well, apart from the whole drug thing, that is. :D But the anxiety and the stress of trying to fit in - that was really well done, I think.

Journal Entry 21 by JennyC1230 from Woodstock, Georgia USA on Monday, July 13, 2009
This is an International Bookray for Go Ask Alice by: Anonymous. This bookray is done! Check with the person who has it now if you want to read it.

1. When you receive book, please make a journal entry.
2. PM the next person on the list for their address. (Always check to make sure the list hasn’t changed.) Make sure the person is able to take the book.
3. After you read the book, tell us what you thought of the book.
4. When you mail the book, make another journal entry to let us know.
5. Try to keep the book for only a month. If you are having trouble please PM me or e-mail me.: j(dot)Chaban(at)Comcast(dot)net
6. If you see anyone on this list who is a known staller of bookrings please let me know that too!
7. At the end please continue the Bookray or Ray it Forward to another bookcrosser.
8. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the book!! Thank you!


Participant list:

1. Mysticalzoe (New Hampshire)
2. flossie771 (Georgia)
3. pzarks/Intl. (Oregon)
4. Vamperstein8782/UK/Europe preferred (UK)
5. ACE-W/UK-Europe preferred (UK)
6. frangelle/Intl. (UK)
7. OnlyLiana/Intl. (UK)
8. Supertalya/Intl. (Korea/U.S. Miltary address)
9. tootshelling/Intl. (Germany)

<---Original Book is lost in the mail!
10. MamaLaLa (New Hampshire)
11. kerbam1421/Intl. (Maryland)
12. Jujuks/Intl. (Portugal)
13. alienagr/Intl. (Netherlands)
14. Jean-sol/Intl. (Australia)

Last person continue the Bookray or Ray it Forward to another Bookcrosser!

July 2009 - The original bookray seems to be lost in the mail so a replacement book will be going to the next person. Thanks to rapturina!

Go Ask Alice - Lost Bookray!

gringuitica/Intl. (Costa Rica) <---Asked to be skipped.

Journal Entry 22 by rapturina from Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Netherlands on Saturday, July 25, 2009
Book has been sent to MamaLaLa this morning, apologies for the slight delay!

Journal Entry 23 by MamaLala from Pelham, New Hampshire USA on Tuesday, September 08, 2009
I truly, thoroughly, greatly enjoyed this book!

Although after seeing what previous readers said about the book, that there are parts that were obviously written by an adult, I can see it too. However, it is "based on" the actual diary, so those parts did not bother me.

I found a lot of truth in the book, reading how quickly and dramatically the subject's character changed.
I kept a diary beginning my Freshman year in High School, and into my Freshman year of College, and when I read it now, and remember how I was back then, with or without drugs, I seemed to have changed just as quickly as she did.

Lovely book. I hope the next reader enjoys it, and gets as much out of it as I did. = ]

Journal Entry 24 by kerbam1421 from Halethorpe, Maryland USA on Monday, September 28, 2009
I received this Friday, 9/25/09, but just now got to the computer. Thanks for sending my way and including me! I have a ring I'm reading now and then 2 more before I can get to this one - but I'm a pretty fast reader so should be able to pass it along before the month deadline. I'll update you all when I start reading it! Thanks again!

Journal Entry 25 by kerbam1421 from Halethorpe, Maryland USA on Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Hi all - I finished this book, yesterday, 10/20. I Have jukjuks address and this will be sent off on Saturday, when I can get to the post office. I do apologize for keeping it so long.

SOME SPOILERS Now onto the book - I did enjoy this book alot. With a history of working with drug abusers, the author got it right on. This was a quick read and I was turning the pages very anxiously. I do think that teenagers should read this book. It scared the crap out of me when she was describing her bad trip. Reading that part alone would make me never want to drop acid. It was also scary that her peers would hide acid in drinks and food and give it to others without them knowing. WOW! I was disappointed by the abrupt way that it ended and then the epilogue.

Thank you for including me in this ring. I had been wanting to get my hands on this one for quite a while. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to read it. Thanks! :)

Journal Entry 26 by kerbam1421 at Arbutus, Maryland USA on Monday, October 26, 2009

Released 10 yrs ago (10/23/2009 UTC) at Arbutus, Maryland USA



Off to its' next home!

There is no delivery confirmation nubmers for international mailings.

Thank you for including me!

Journal Entry 27 by Jujuks on Wednesday, November 04, 2009
The book arrived today and I can't wait to read. Thanks for sending it kerbam1421!

Journal Entry 28 by Jujuks on Sunday, November 08, 2009
I've been waiting for ages to read this book and while the beginning irritated me a bit for sounding so lame it eventually got interesting. I think that this story was pretty realistic because once you're on drugs you never really get out and while the epilogue seemed a bit abrupt to me it seems more believable than the narrator living happily ever after.

Journal Entry 29 by Jujuks at Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant Netherlands on Monday, November 09, 2009

Released 10 yrs ago (11/9/2009 UTC) at Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant Netherlands



Sent to Alienagr. Hope you enjoy the book!

Journal Entry 30 by Alienagr from Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Greece on Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Received it during the weekend!(sorry but I did not have internet access...). I will start reading it as soon as possible! Thanks Jujuks for sending it on and JennyC1230 for the ray!!!

Journal Entry 31 by Alienagr from Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Greece on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
It was an interesting read even though I am not sure if I liked it or not. From my opinion it certainly wasn't written by a teenager, I found the language that was used quite odd for someone so young. Anyway I am glad I read it because it was "different"!
Now it is on its way to Jean-sol!(and I am really sorry for the delay...)

Journal Entry 32 by wingJean-Solwing from Melbourne CBD, Victoria Australia on Sunday, January 17, 2010
The book arrived in Australia today. From all the entries I've read it's its second visit down under. Thanks Alienagr for sending it all this way and no need to feel bad about sending it now as I have a few books on the pile and it will probably take me a month or so to get to this one.
It looks like I'm at the end of the bookray line too, so I'll try to get it to continue once I've read it. Please be patient with me! I'll get there...

UPDATE 11 FEB 2010: I read that book a very long time ago, when I was slightly younger than the alleged author of the diary. I can't remember it being so explicit, so I'm wondering if my Mum had bought an expurgated copy or I possibly totally miss all the graphic bits because I had no idea what it was about. Both are possible.
Reading it now 30 years on I think that book was not so much to scare kids off drugs as to scare naive parents. The whole parent-daughter relationship is so trite, it's not funny. Then again a few years ago the government of Australia spent a lot of money producing and distributing a ludicrous 'How to speak to your kids about drugs' pamphlet, so 'Go ask Alice' is not so far from the truth.
I advertised the bookray without much success, so am sending the book on to j4shaw on the other (beach) side of Melbourne as a RABCK. Thanks for the bookray Aisling78 and JennyC1230. I've been wanting to re-read this book for a long time and now you made it happen!

Journal Entry 33 by wingJean-Solwing at Melbourne, A Bookcrossing member -- Controlled Releases on Thursday, February 11, 2010

Released 10 yrs ago (2/11/2010 UTC) at Melbourne, A Bookcrossing member -- Controlled Releases



On its way to J4shaw as a RABCK.

Journal Entry 34 by wingJ4shawwing from Boise, Idaho USA on Saturday, May 22, 2010
I am actually near to finishing this book and I logged on to bump JeanSol's thread in the forums to see if there are anymore takers. It was then that I realised that I hadn't done a JE for it myself..oops

Journal Entry 35 by wingJ4shawwing at Kaleen, Australian Capital Territory Australia on Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Released 8 yrs ago (5/31/2011 UTC) at Kaleen, Australian Capital Territory Australia


Just an update on the whereabouts of this book for those following it's travels.....
Rest assured that the book is safe, and has been sent out several times on loan to none BookCrossing friends of mine (who all unfortunately have not chosen to log a JE but have all given it back saying that they loved it).
The book is currently in Kununurra, Western Australia with a number of other books of mine, and will be returned to me in due course.

Journal Entry 36 by wingJ4shawwing at Casuarina, Northern Territory Australia on Saturday, May 04, 2013

Released 6 yrs ago (5/5/2013 UTC) at Casuarina, Northern Territory Australia


I have held on to this book for ages hoping to find someone through the BC forums who wants it, but not much joy. So I'm taking it along to the BCDarwin Breakfast Meetup - At Sandy's Cafe to hopefully find it a new owner.

Journal Entry 37 by scrapaholic at Darwin, Northern Territory Australia on Thursday, June 06, 2013
picked up from our meetup

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