The Last Continent: A Discworld Novel

by Terry Pratchett | Literature & Fiction |
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Registered by Zmrzlina of Abington, Massachusetts USA on 12/12/2002
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Journal Entry 1 by Zmrzlina from Abington, Massachusetts USA on Thursday, December 12, 2002
From Amazon:
Terry Pratchett's 22nd Discworld novel, The Last Continent, is a lighthearted tour of the fantasy land of Fourecks, a very Australian sort of place, with brief courses in theoretical physics and evolution thrown in for good measure. Pratchett returns to his first Discworld protagonist, the inept and cowardly wizard Rincewind, who habitually runs into trouble as fast as he flees. Rincewind's arrival in Fourecks has distorted the space-time continuum, and he has to sort it out before the whole place dries up and blows away. The situation is complicated because the actual problem is located 30,000 years in the past--just where the Faculty of the Unseen University currently are. Pretty frightening, given "the true wizard's instinct to amble aimlessly into dangerous places," and then "stop and argue ... about exactly what kind of danger it [is]."

If you're baffled by all this, no worries, mate. You needn't have read Pratchett before--not even the five previous Discworld novels starring Rincewind (The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery, Eric, and Interesting Times)--to enjoy this latest romp. Nor to have visited Australia. When you finish, however, you'll likely want to rush out and do both.

Journal Entry 2 by Zmrzlina from Abington, Massachusetts USA on Saturday, January 17, 2004
Oh gosh, this one has lots of academia jokes, which I love. I will write a full review when I've finished reading it, but so far one of my all-time favorite lines
"I shall endeavor to make study of any primitive grass-skirted peoples hereabouts," added the Dean, with a lawnmower look in his eyes.
And I've decided that Rincewind, the missing wizard, is another favorite character. He reminds me so much of Bill Bryson, author of In a Sunburned Country and many other wonderful books.

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Journal Entry 3 by Zmrzlina from Abington, Massachusetts USA on Sunday, February 08, 2004
Ponder Stibbons, one of my favorite Discworld characters because he is so logical and reasonable and reminds me of one of my favorite real life people, is trying to explain to other wizards why they can't willy-nilly mess with the past;
"You might...tread on an ant now and it might entirely prevent someone from being born in the future!" "Really?" said Ridcully. "Yes, sir!" Ridcully brightened up. "That's not a bad wheeze. There's one or two people history could do without. Any idea how we can find the right ants?" "No, sir!" Ponder struggled to find a crack in his Archchancellor's brain into which he could insert the crowbar of understanding, and for a few vain seconds thought he'd found one."Because...the ant you step on might be your own, sir!" "You mean...I might tread on an ant and this'd affect history and I wouldn't be born?" "Yes! Yes!" That's it! That's right, sir!" "How?" Ridcully looked puzzled. "I'm not descended from ants."
And the passage goes on to all sorts of tangents which so remind me of life in academia. And how much I miss it.

I also found another euphemism for someone not quite with it;
The bursar was, as he would probably be the first to admit, not the most mentally stable of people. He would probably be the first to admit that he was a tea-strainer.
More quotes for my collection;
Regarding a book from Ponder's childhood, one that is separated into three sections so you could make many, many creatures by changing the head, torso and leg pages. "The cover promised 'hours of fun' although, after the first three minutes you couldn't help wondering what kind of person could make that kind of fun last hours, and whether suffocating him as kindly as possible now would save the Serial Crimes Squad a lot of trouble in years to come. Ponder, however, had hours of fun."
A footnote toward the end of the book about meat pie floaters, one of the "indigenous delights" on the Last Continent, goes on and on about how perfectly good food gets mangled by insistence on favoring food that is awful for unknown perverse reasons and Prachett notes "It's as if Machiavelli had written a cookery book." I love that analogy.
The Last Continent ranks right up at the top of my favorite Discworld books, though it might be a bit too "inside" in parts so that someone who had limited knowledge of Australian culture would miss the joke. The kangaroo that appears out of nowhere confused the hell out of me and I still don't get its meaning. Could have done with a few less "no worries," too.

Off to Australia tomorrow. Enjoy!

Journal Entry 4 by dolphin-au from Lake Macquarie, New South Wales Australia on Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Received this last week and took it with me on my camping trip over the Easter weekend. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I'd never read a Terry Pratchett book before, but I am sure it won't be the last.
Very accurate description of Australian mentality, and I should know, I've spent the last ten years amongst them. I'll try to release this in Australia as I expect the Ozzies wil have a good laught at themselves as well.
The kangaroo, I am sure, is a reference to Skippy. although I must confess I have never seen the TV series.

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Journal Entry 5 by dolphin-au at on Sunday, May 02, 2004
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Sent to Jawin as part of bookring.

Journal Entry 6 by jawin from Launceston, Tasmania Australia on Friday, May 07, 2004
Recieved in the mail today - I am looking forward to reading this one!

Journal Entry 7 by jawin from Launceston, Tasmania Australia on Sunday, May 16, 2004
Is this how we really appear to the rest of the world? Oh woe.

A very funny read - but a bit too close to the bone in some parts. *grin*

Off to the west now.

Journal Entry 8 by guinevere69 from Willetton, Western Australia Australia on Monday, May 24, 2004
got in mail today
I have read one Terry pratchett book before and was unimpressed, I find his humor too obvious, this book didn't improve my opinion but it must be my sense of humor as I know they are extremely popular

Journal Entry 9 by wingcrimson-tidewing from Balingup, Western Australia Australia on Thursday, June 17, 2004
Received in the post today. Looking forward to it, as I really do appreciate the "off the wall" humour.

Journal Entry 10 by wingcrimson-tidewing from Balingup, Western Australia Australia on Friday, July 23, 2004
Another marvel from Terry Pratchett - I wish I had close to half his imagination and way with words and phrases. Took me a little longer to get into this one than some of his others, but then got better and better. Thoroughly clever and very funny.
Now off to twinmaker.

Journal Entry 11 by twinmaker from Winthrop, Western Australia Australia on Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Rec'd today thanks crimson-tide, just reading midnight in the garden of good and evil and then this is next!On its way to veracity today (6/8)

Journal Entry 12 by veracity from Sydney, New South Wales Australia on Monday, August 23, 2004
I've had this for a week or so, and could have sworn I had journalled it already. I am currently working through my ever-growing TBR mountain, but should be finished it shortly.

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I am no longer actively bookcrossing, so I have released this to Servalan as part of 6 bags full of books (after lightening my bookshelves significantly)

Journal Entry 14 by servalan from Sydney, New South Wales Australia on Friday, November 10, 2006
Caught from veracity - also thanks! I'll pass this one onto jubby when I see her next (maybe Sunday) - hopefully we can get this ring going again.

Journal Entry 15 by jubby from Sydney, New South Wales Australia on Sunday, November 12, 2006
Collected today from the ever generous Littlemave's home, over bubbles, afternoon tea and chatter with Sevalan and others.

Thank you.

Journal Entry 16 by jubby from Sydney, New South Wales Australia on Thursday, December 14, 2006
Well, I've finally finished reading this book.

I really had to push myself. I kept constantly putting it down and sighing - why was I reading this?

The only character I was vaguely interested in was the librarian, and libraries aren't my favourite places at present (I'm a librarian in the process of stock taking).

But, then last night I said 'Enough', and I made myself sit down and read it. I was able to knock over 200+ pages, and I really did enjoy it. Light on, and humourous, not my usual read, but I am glad that I perservered.

I am just the tinsiest bit interested in Rincewind now, and we do have a copy of 'The colour of magic' at home. I may flick through this over the summer break.

I do feel a little guilt however over not reading Pixette's copy of 'Mort' when I had it in my pocession. I'll see how I go with 'The colour of magic' first...

I've also contacted Crystalclear to see if she is still interested in this bookring. If she's not, then I will find someone else to take this little book of my hands.

Journal Entry 17 by jubby from Sydney, New South Wales Australia on Friday, December 15, 2006
I've not heard back from Crystalclear, but according to Cliff's1976 wish list Melanie2474 has this on her wishlist.

So, I've posted this off to her.
I've also tacked a little note on that she may want to contact Crystalclear after she's read it too.

Thank you for sharing.

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Posted off to Melanie2474 as an RABCK.

Journal Entry 19 by Melanie2474 from Narrabundah, Australian Capital Territory Australia on Wednesday, December 20, 2006
What a lovely surprise - thanks so much for granting my wish :)

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