Blue Moon

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Journal Entry 1 by Morgaine77 from Münchenstein, Baselland Switzerland on Sunday, December 18, 2005
I discovered Anita while browsing Barnes & Noble during a stop-over in New York. I bought the first book of the series - Guilty Pleasures - and got immediately hooked. It took me about three days to finish the book. Then I stormed the next bookstore I could find to get all the sequels available. :-) Yes, I like Anita Blake that much! :-) I had to read all the following novels because I just NEEDED to know what's happening in Anita's life! :-) And it got juicier and juicier with every book...

Found on Describes it better than I could:
"Anita, Richard Zeeman, (an alpha werewolf and her old boyfriend), and Jean-Claude, (her present lover), had formed a Triumvirate of power - Master Vampire, Ulfric and necromancer. In other words, when the three connect, they exude tremendous force and are able to do much more magic than any one or two can do alone. The three are still bound to each other, even though Richard is furious with Anita for dumping him. She had to choose between "a flesh eater and a bloodsucker." Do you see a pattern here?

Late one evening Anita receives a phone call from Richard's brother. Zeeman had been spending the summer in Meyerton, Tennessee, studying the Lesser Smokey Mountain Trolls which live in the area, and fulfilling the requirements for his Masters degree. He has been arrested for the rape of a local women, and is obviously innocent of the charge. Richard is squeaky clean, the ultimate Boy Scout, and very gentle, especially for a lycanthrope. To make the situation worse, a full moon will occur in five days. As luck would have it, this month, August, is a blue moon month - that means two full moons in 31 days - a phenomenon which arises every 3-4 years. And we all know what happens to werewolves during a full moon, don't we? Richard has not "come out of the closet," so to speak, to his parents, his employers, or to many other humans. Basically, he needs to get out of jail pronto. Anita flies down to Meyerton to give him a hand and get him a good attorney. At Jean-Claude's insistence she is accompanied by an entourage of body guards. Colin, the master of the local vampires does not want Anita and cohorts on his turf - for any reason and has made some serious threats. So, vampires Asher and Damian, and lycanthropes Jason, Zane, Cherry, and Nathaniel are there to keep her safe - although, as always, Anita turns out to be the one who does the most protecting. Werewolves Jamil and Shang-Da are around for Richard, to assist him and to join in the Blue Moon celebrations with Verne, the local Ulfric and his pack..

Freeing Richard proves easier than tangling with Colin and crew, plus the corrupt local police, and an assortment of other heinous monsters - there's pure evil on the loose in these hills!! There are some interesting twists in character development in "Blue Moon." Anita is more vulnerable here than previously. She has to confront her mixed feelings for both Richard and Jean-Claude, come to terms with Raina's munin - the vengeful spirit who possesses her from time-to-time, make a decision about her reluctant status as leoparde-lionee of the Saint Louis wereleopards, and face her own ignorance in terms of the power she possesses. Anita fears that she is rapidly becoming as much a monster as those she hunts...and loves. Hamilton succeeds beautifully in developing this vulnerable side of Anita, without sacrificing the plot. However, at this point in the series a change was needed. There had to be more to Anita than one tough cookie who goes up against the monsters and wins, repeatedly. This is one of Laurell Hamilton's best novels - tightly plotted, well structured, including wonderful dark humor, acerbic wit, and plenty of thrills and chills.

Just a word about the sexual content in "Blue Moon." I do not find it any more excessive or graphic than what one reads in most popular fiction - bestseller lists included - nor what is shown on afternoon TV. It would not be realistic to write about a healthy, single woman of 24 and exclude sex. Anyway, I loved this book and certainly recommend it!"

Journal Entry 2 by Morgaine77 from Münchenstein, Baselland Switzerland on Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Books #5 - #13 in the series will be made into a book spiral.

Bloody Bones (Anita Blake #5)
The Killing Dance (Anita Blake #6)
Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake #7)
Blue Moon (Anita Blake #8)
Obsidian Butterfly (Anita Blake #9)
Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake #10)
Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake #11)
Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake #12)
Micah (Anita Blake #13)

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Journal Entry 3 by Morgaine77 at Book Spiral in Book Spiral, Book Spiral -- Controlled Releases on Monday, July 31, 2006

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Travelling to Egypt... Enjoy! :-)

Edit 18/11/06:
Since the original books seem to have been lost, I got replacement copies and they're now travelling to Egypt by taking a detour through the UK. *keepingmyfingerscrossed*

Journal Entry 4 by cathepsut from Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg Germany on Thursday, November 30, 2006
Lost once, bought again by Morgaine77, travelled from Switzerland to Scotland for a horrenduous amount of money, ended up as lost baggage on the BA flight from Scotland to Cairo, spent a couple of days god-knows-where and finally, finally made its way to me. And now it has two other rings in front of it. Life is hard!

YAY, thanks Morgaine77!!!!!

Updated 4th of Jan. 2007, slightly overdue comments, didn't find the time before the holidays:

Synopsis from Amazon:
"When Anita Blake, necromancer and vampire executioner, started sleeping with the vampire Jean-Claude, she thought she was done with her relationship with Richard, leader of St Louis' large pack of werewolves. She loves him still, but she could not cope with watching him eat a defeated enemy.
When he is accused of rape in a small corrupt town out in the sticks she joins his pack-mates and his family in trying to clear his name and finds herself in trouble as usual. For one thing, Richard has made an enemy of a powerful sorcerer whose foes tend to turn up horribly dead; for another, she and Jean-Claude are trespassing in the territory of another vampire Master, one who feeds on fear and can spread a deadly rot with his touch."

Well, finally, about time that Anita..... not telling you what! I really liked this one. A lot more on werewolves and on Richard. A storyline I liked. Good action. Was not offended by the sexual content, did not think it was too much. Especially liked the parts, where Anita hunts at night in the woods, almost like a wolf and that she is finally exploring more of her magic.

Definitely 10 out of 10. My book #54 in 2006, first published in 1998; 418 pages; Total pages for 2006: 18,056.

Journal Entry 5 by Rianonne from Wien Bezirk 22 - Donaustadt, Wien Austria on Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Arrived safe and sound in Vienna! That's a good start for 2007 :))

Journal Entry 6 by Rianonne from Wien Bezirk 22 - Donaustadt, Wien Austria on Saturday, February 10, 2007
Oh, I just love this series :)!! I enjoyed the development of Anita's powers/magic and that this part is playing among the werwolves and werleopards.
The focus is on werewolves dynamics and Anita Blakes relationship with one handsome Ulfric. Through her visit of another pack we learn a lot about their parallel world and can enjoy the development of Anita's and Richard's bittersweet relationship.Still the reader is not left without further insights into the world of the undead. Asher and Damian are not only handsome but especially Damian provides additional promise with regards to Anita's growing necromancy while Asher shows us that even Anita isn't immune to all their powers.

It makes me sad to hear everywhere that after book 9 the series dwindels down to sex being the plot :(

Journal Entry 7 by sweetf from Bridgwater, Somerset United Kingdom on Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Sorry for not journalling this sooner. It came just over a month ago.

I enjoyed reading this, I think I stayed up and read it straight through cover to cover.

Am taking this to the post office now to post to mikime.

Journal Entry 8 by wingmikimewing from Roma, Lazio Italy on Tuesday, April 24, 2007
I received this yesterday, thanks! I've already started reading it! :)

Journal Entry 9 by wingmikimewing from Roma, Lazio Italy on Monday, May 07, 2007
Ok, finished it! Mmmm...things get messier and messier here... Anita's magic has so many secrets to unfold, and our heroine does her best to learn fast, in the midst of quite a lot of action (violence, sex....) with old and new shapeshifting friends (and enemies?), good and bad vampires, and evil in human and not-that-human form... This feels like a turning point novel: though the plot is not as intricate as in others, things happen here that are going to leave an important mark, it seems to me. The relationship between Richard and Anita is the focus of attention rather than that with Jean-Claude (the book is set far from St.Louis), and this plays its part, of course... ;)
Thanks for letting me read this! I'm sending it to Candydarling later on today.

Journal Entry 10 by CandyDarling from Helsinki, Uusimaa / Nyland Finland on Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Received today! I can't wait to read this, but I think I'll have to think of some way to restrain myself, as I have a few books in the queue before this one...

Journal Entry 11 by CandyDarling from Helsinki, Uusimaa / Nyland Finland on Wednesday, September 03, 2008
I finally read the 8th book in the Anita Blake series, and I have to say, I think it was my favorite so far! Jean-Claude has always annoyed the hell out of me, and I thought it was great that he was almost completely absent from this book. :) Instead Anita got to focus on her relationship with Richard, and I was glad to see they managed to get closer again.

I enjoyed reading about the werewolves and wereleopards, and what made the book so enjoyable was that Anita was never in a situation with only bad choices. I can't stand power struggles, like the one with Seraphina in Bloody Bones, which was mentioned several times in this book as the reason why Colin was so afraid of Anita. I prefer a mystery with some violence and sex thrown in. ;)

I wonder why Laurell K. Hamilton decided to make Anita have so many quibbles with sexuality? I can understand that her upbringing must have something to do with it, but I'm wondering if the author gets of kick of making a "virtuous" character "fall from grace"? (I'm using quotation marks because I personally don't believe one's sexual life has anything to do with how virtuous one is.) I just have a hard time relating to Anita, as I'm more of a touchy-feely person, and her relucatance to be touched was a recurring theme in the book.

Below is something that spoils the plot, highlight to read:
I was so happy that Anita and Richard finally had sex! And I was even happier that Anita wanted to do it, and didn't regret it afterwards! I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going...

I'm looking forward to reading more of this series, and learning more about Anita's powers. I just hope we haven't seen the last zombie raising yet...

Adeps pm'd me a while back asking to be skipped, and joasik didn't want to read the book either. So I'm mailing the book back to Morgaine77.

Journal Entry 12 by CandyDarling at Kamp-Lintfort, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany on Thursday, July 09, 2009

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Sent the book back to Morgaine77. Thank for for organizing these rings!

Journal Entry 13 by Morgaine77 from Münchenstein, Baselland Switzerland on Sunday, July 19, 2009
I apologize for not journaling earlier. The book arrived safely with me.

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