Secrets, Vol. 6

Registered by NeedSun of Perth Road, Ontario Canada on 12/9/2005
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Journal Entry 1 by NeedSun from Perth Road, Ontario Canada on Friday, December 09, 2005
From the Publisher
Sandy Tetzlaff - Flint's Fuse In FLINT'S FUSE, Dana Madison's father has her "kidnapped" for her own safety. Flint, the tall, dark and dangerous mercenary, is hired for the job. But just which one is the prisoner- Dana will try anything to get away. Mary Janice Davidson - Love's Prisoner Trapped in an elevator, Jeannie Lawrence became Love's Prisoner when she experienced unwilling rapture at Michael Windham's Hands. She never expected the devilishly handsome man to show back up in her life- or turn out to be a werewolf! Will she accept her destiny to be his mate? Alice Gaines - The Education of Miss Felicity Wells The Education of Miss Felicity Wells covers how to satisfy her soon-to-be husband but she needs a teacher. Dr. Maarcus Slade, an experienced lover, agrees to take her on as a student, but can he stop short of taking her completely? Angela Knight- The Canadate for the Kiss On the trail of a hot story, reporter Dana Ivory stumbles onto a more amazzing one-a sexy, secret agent who happens to be a vampire. She wants her story but Gabriel Archer believes she's A Canadate for the Kiss!

Journal Entry 2 by NeedSun from Perth Road, Ontario Canada on Monday, April 24, 2006
This book and Vol 8 was purchased for the MaryJanice Davidson story about the werewolves. These are prequels to the Derik's Bane book.

Handing off to CheriePie.

Journal Entry 3 by CheriePie from Campbell, California USA on Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Since the MJD stories in these books are prequels to Derik's Bane, I'm going to insert them up near the top of my TBR. Thanks Jo! I'll return these to you after I've read 'em.

Journal Entry 4 by CheriePie from Campbell, California USA on Friday, September 01, 2006
Wow, these were some great reads. I hadn't realized when I started this that it was actually erotica, so I was pleasantly surprised by that too.

Flint's Fuse by Sandy Fraser
I enjoyed the character of Dana, who was a tough as nails rich bitch who always got her way (and her man). And Flint too, who though he had feelings for her, didn't let it get in the way of doing the job he was assigned to do. I'm glad they wound up together in the end.

Love's Prisoner by MaryJanice Davidson
My first intro the MJD's Wyndham Werewolves, who appear in later books starting with Derik's Bane. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more about them now. Jeannie's character reminded me a little bit of Betsy from the Undead series, and I understand that in the final story in Dead and Loving It, which actually takes place before Undead and Unpopular, the werewolves meet the vampires. So I'll be curious to see if Jeannie and Michael are still around then. I hope so as I really enjoyed their story here.

The Education of Miss Felicity Wells by Alice Gaines
This one was only alright for me. The innocence and virginity of Felicity was a bit annoying. That she'd go to a known casanova to teach her to please her husband, and expect to retain her virginity throughout the process, was a little silly in my mind. But then again, maybe she's just stupid!

A Candidate for the Kiss by Angela Knight
The sex in this one was hot! I didn't care for the author's habit of inserting a chapter break in the middle of a conversation. You usually expect a chapter ending to allow you a good place to put down the book and get back to it later, but in the case of this story, I'd often have to go back and reread the last few paragraphs of the previous chapter to pick up where the new chapter started. Since I've got some of Ms. Knight's books on my TBR shelf, I can only hope she's become better in this regard because I found it quite annoying! At least the story (and the sex) was good.

This is reserved for Joanne's "stack" to go back home to her with the next batch of books I send her.

UPDATE 23-SEP-2006: This is packaged up and ready to go to NeedSun in Canada along with 4 other books. Sent via Surface Mail on 25-Sep-2006.

Journal Entry 5 by NeedSun from Perth Road, Ontario Canada on Saturday, October 07, 2006
Received the package on Wednesday. Cherie, thanks so much for sending this one back and I am really glad you liked it. After reading your review, I can't wait to read these. I also think I will keep my eyes opened for more of these Secrets volumes. They seem to have stories by authors we read and from your review, the stories are pretty hot.

Journal Entry 6 by NeedSun from Perth Road, Ontario Canada on Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Lending, because I haven't read it yet myself, this book to Amberkatze.

Sent by air today.

Journal Entry 7 by Amberkatze from Wien Bezirk 10 - Favoriten, Wien Austria on Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Thank you Needsun for lending this to me! I am really behind with my reading right now because work is hectic but I will try and get to is asap and send it back on to you!

Thanks again!

Journal Entry 8 by NeedSun from Perth Road, Ontario Canada on Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I know I am posting out of sequence so it looks like the book is with me but Amber will post her comments so this will straighten itself out. There is no rush reading either Secrets 6 or 8 so don't worry about it as long as they end up home with me at some point.

Very small bookring:


Home to me to read

Journal Entry 9 by Amberkatze from Wien Bezirk 10 - Favoriten, Wien Austria on Saturday, April 07, 2007
I read the Maryjanice Davidson story today. I also tried the other 3 stories but they didn't do anything for me...and me and Angela Knight have never been friends ;)

I really enjoyed this story even though it was a little bit weird at times. MaryJanice Davidson has a nice writing style and she is one of my favourite authors. I hope someday she will write more about her werewolve pack :)

I will post this on to CandyDarling soon! Thanks again for letting me read this!

Journal Entry 10 by wingCandyDarlingwing from Helsinki, Uusimaa / Nyland Finland on Friday, May 04, 2007
Got this in the mail today, thanks! The last 4 books I've read have been by MaryJanice Davidson, so I think I'll wait a while before getting into the werewolves here. :) I have been dying to read Michael's and Jeannie's story for a few years now, so I'm grateful for the chance. Unfortunately, I didn't think Derik's Bane was up to par with Davidson's Undead-series, and I was extremely disappointed in the werewolf novellas in Dead and Loving It. Let's hope this early story is better!

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