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Registered by ajsmom of Quesnel, British Columbia Canada on 10/31/2005
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Journal Entry 1 by ajsmom from Quesnel, British Columbia Canada on Tuesday, November 1, 2005
London 1862. Sue Trinder, orphaned at birth, grows up among petty thieves - fingersmiths - under the rough but loving care of Mrs Sucksby and her 'family'. But from the moment she draws breath, Sue's fate is linked to that of another orphan growing up in a gloomy mansion not too many miles away.

The order of this ray is as follows:


Please journal the book when you receive it, try and read it within a month and journal the release so we all know where it is! Enjoy!

Released 17 yrs ago (5/5/2006 UTC) at To the next participant in Bookring/Bookray, -- By post or by hand/ in person -- Canada



Sent to BettyBoekwurm via air mail.

Journal Entry 3 by BettyBoekwurm from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Friday, May 26, 2006
It arrived yesterday. I should be able to start it over the weekend. I'm really looking forward to it!

Thanks ajsmom!

Journal Entry 4 by BettyBoekwurm from Porto - City, Porto Portugal on Friday, June 16, 2006
Sarah Waters had been recommended to me some time back and I'd been curious about her writing. I'd watched the BBC adaptation of Tipping the Velvet and had enjoyed it, so I was quite eager to read this one. And it didn't disappont me at all. Though at first it seems like a big book (and I'll admit I took a bit to get into it) after a while I found myself whisking through the pages.

Thanks so much for the opportunity ajsmom! I'll pass it on to French-girl as soon as I can.

Edited - Sent to French-girl on the 20th June

Journal Entry 5 by French-girl on Thursday, July 13, 2006
The book arrived already ten days ago!! I started reading today...
Thanks BettyBoekwurm!

Journal Entry 6 by French-girl on Monday, August 28, 2006
Sarah Waters is quite a story teller!! I am so used to search hard for a plot in a book those days. Such an old-fashion story, full of suspense; it was really refreshing. Nothing revolutionnary, but a good read! I do plan to read her other books.

Thank you Asjmom for starting the ray!

I'll send it to Perryfran as soon as I get an address.

Journal Entry 7 by French-girl on Friday, September 1, 2006
The book is off to Perryfran (priority mail!)

Journal Entry 8 by wingperryfranwing from Elk Grove, California USA on Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Received today. Thanks ajsmom for including me in this bookray. Looking forward to reading this but I have a couple of books in front of it. I see I am last in the bookray - let me know if you get more readers. Also thanks French-girl for the speedy delivery all the way from The Netherlands!

Since I am last on this ray, I will probably not read this for a while. I have several other bookring/ray books to read. If anyone else shows interest in continuing the bookray, I will move this up on my reading list.

Journal Entry 9 by wingperryfranwing from Elk Grove, California USA on Thursday, April 19, 2007
I just started reading this today - sorry it took so long to get to it. I saw that a lot of people have this on their wishlist so I will be continuing this as an international bookray. I hope to get it on its way again in 2 or 3 weeks.

Update 5/8/07: Finished reading this today -- Wonderful novel! If you like Dickens and other 19th century literature, then this one is definitely for you. The novel “is awash with all manner of gloomy Dickensian motifs: pickpockets, orphans, grim prisons, lunatic asylums, "laughing villains," and, of course, stolen fortunes and girls made out to be mad.” This one keeps you guessing and has so many twists that the plot will send you in the opposite direction at the turn of a page. All is certainly NOT what it seems to be! “A stunning story told in lavish language by a very gifted author...... Highly recommended!”

This is also No. 24 on the 1001 books you must read before you die list.


Continuing this bookray. Please PM me if interested. Bookray will remain open until last person has the book.

Participants so far:

. ealasaidmae from West Virginia, USA (USA preferred, int'l if necessary)
. KateKintail from Virginia, USA (USA preferred, int'l if necessary)
. buocl from Ohio, USA (USA preferred, int'l if necessary)
. zeena666 from New York, USA (USA preferred, Canada if necessary)
. Bluestocking88 from Washington, USA (USA or Canada only)
. MommyMace from Massachusetts, USA (USA preferred, will ship international if necessary)
. RustyReader2 from Canada (international)<----On its way here

This bookray appears to be Lost in transit. MommyMace advised me that the book was sent on to RustyReader2 but it has not been received. Jillbe provided a replacement copy to continue this bookray. See THIS JE for the replacement copy.

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On its way to ealasaidmae in St. Albans, WV to continue this bookray. Enjoy!

USPS DC# 0306 1070 0005 5934 3990

Journal Entry 11 by ealasaidmae from New Orleans, Louisiana USA on Friday, May 11, 2007
Arrived today - thank you perryfran!

Journal Entry 12 by ealasaidmae from New Orleans, Louisiana USA on Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Wow. That was quite a read! I've only read one other Waters book, "Tipping the Velvet," but I enjoyed that one much more than this. Not that it's a bad book, mind you. Waters's writing style is so elegant: it flows beautifully, and her characters are perfectly rounded. I also admire her for being so meticulous with her period details. This book just..well, the plot seemed a little more convoluted than it really needed to be. I actually skimmed through some parts in the middle, something I hadn't expected to do. I still enjoyed it. Sarah Waters has so many wonderful qualities that I'm quite willing to overlook a little messiness here and there!

I already have KateKintail's address but probably won't mail this book until Monday. We're having some construction work done on our house and getting in and out is a challenge!

Journal Entry 13 by ealasaidmae from New Orleans, Louisiana USA on Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Mailed today to KateKintail, because I had forgotten that yesterday was a holiday!

Journal Entry 14 by wingKateKintailwing from Burke, Virginia USA on Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Received in today's mail! I have one book I'm nearly finished reading, then I'll eagerly start on this one. Thanks for including me in the ray!

Journal Entry 15 by wingKateKintailwing from Burke, Virginia USA on Saturday, August 18, 2007
I mailed this out today to buocl. I''m SO sorry it took me such a long time to get through the book; I''ve never had a bookring book so long! RL and then Harry Potter got in the way but I really appreciate the understanding and the chance to read this book.

I really loved it. The twists and turns surprised me every time! It did take a little time to get into it, but then I was absorbed entirely by the plot, setting details, characters, and language. At the POV switch I was a little thrown and took more time to get back into it, but I''m so glad I did. The book was rich and sensual, mysterious and nerve wracking. It felt like I was right there inside the book, alongside the characters.

Sent off this morning before noon.
DC# 0307 0020 0005 5882 4329

Journal Entry 16 by buocl from Medina, Ohio USA on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Got this in the mail today, will start as soon as I finish my current book. Thanks KateKintail and perryfran!

Journal Entry 17 by buocl from Medina, Ohio USA on Wednesday, August 29, 2007
What a book! I always enjoy it when a story surprises me, and this one did several times. Waiting for zeena666's address to send on.

Journal Entry 18 by buocl at Post Office in Book Relay, A Book Relay -- Controlled Releases on Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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In the mail to zeena666 today!

Journal Entry 19 by zeena666 from New York City, New York USA on Thursday, September 6, 2007
Received this afternoon & will begin straightaway! I've read Tipping the Velvet and liked that, so I have high hopes for Fingersmith!

EDIT 9/23/07: Am now on Chapter 5, pg. 122. The book started off slow for me but is now becoming more interesting! Am beginning to feel for the lady of the house (Maud Lilly) & the house she lives in, much less the era. All that sitting around, sewing, sighing, doing nothing, wearing crinolines...though it is the life of Riley, truly! :)

EDIT 9/30/07: Ooooh, what a twist. Didn't see it coming. ;)

EDIT 10/6/07: Finished the book early this morning- couldn't put it down! This was one of the best books I've read so far this year. I'm rating it a 10! Am off to PM Bluestocking88 for her info so I can send this to her...

EDIT 10/27/07: The book is packaged up & ready for Bluestocking88. I'll hopefully get to the P.O. within the next two weeks!

Journal Entry 20 by zeena666 from New York City, New York USA on Thursday, November 8, 2007
Mailed to Bluestocking88 this afternoon! Enjoy! :)

Journal Entry 21 by Bluestocking88 from -- Wild released somewhere in the state, Washington USA on Sunday, November 18, 2007
This was waiting for me when I got home today. I have a couple rings ahead of it, but should have it moving on soon.

Thanks for passing it on.

Journal Entry 22 by Bluestocking88 from -- Wild released somewhere in the state, Washington USA on Saturday, December 15, 2007
This is the most twisted book I have ever read. It was immensely fun to follow the plot changes as the story unfolded. Sarah Waters has an amazing imagination and gift for plot development. The story was very unusual--I've never read anything quite like it.

This is one of those books that makes me grateful to be a bookcrosser--for without someone offering this as a ring I doubt I ever would have read this wonderfully unforgettable book.

Thank you for sharing, and I'll be looking for more of Waters' books in the future. I have pmed mommymace 3 times and gotten no response. I will post an ISO today and hope to get it moving soon.

Journal Entry 23 by MommyMace from Hopkinton, Massachusetts USA on Tuesday, January 1, 2008
I received the book a few days ago. I just finished Part 1 and love the surprise twist! I will journal again when finished.


Journal Entry 24 by MommyMace from Hopkinton, Massachusetts USA on Sunday, February 3, 2008
I really enjoyed this book! I really enjoyed the twists and turns along the way... Although one of the, I thought was a bit of a stretch. Since I finished the book in a few days, I am sorry, but I gave it to a friend who also reads quickly. She loved it too. Thanks for including me in this ring! I would have never discovered this book otherwise :) I have already pmed the next person on the list, and I will get it right out to her.


Journal Entry 25 by lostbookisland on Tuesday, December 8, 2009
This book has washed ashore at the Lost Book Island after not being heard from for many months. This new arrival will be shown to a room and be allowed a bit of rest before being introduced to the many fun things to do here at the island.

All around there are books sipping cool drinks under shady palms while other books participate in a wide variety of beach sports. There is plenty of sand, surf and sun here for all of the lost and wayward books to enjoy.

It is hoped that very soon a new journal entry will come to rescue this book from the island and send it back out into the BookCrossing world so that it may continue on its journey. It is hoped that the new journal entry will tell all the interested parties where this book has been this long time and where it will be traveling to next.

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