Too Much and Never Enough

by Mary L. Trump | Biographies & Memoirs |
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Registered by wingjlautnerwing of Henderson, Nevada USA on 7/18/2020
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Journal Entry 1 by wingjlautnerwing from Henderson, Nevada USA on Saturday, July 18, 2020
Arrived from Amazon two days ago (July 16, 2020).

Journal Entry 2 by wingjlautnerwing at Henderson, Nevada USA on Saturday, July 18, 2020
This is an odd kind of biography. It is clear from her own account that Mary Trump has reason to be more than annoyed at much of the Trump family, so I expect there will be some who will call this book nothing more than sour grapes. But it isn't just her memories recounted here. She also calls on the memories of other family members and on research done by reputable journalists.

Mary Trump's evaluation of the character of Donald Trump and how it developed is based on personal observation and on her training in developmental psychology. Interestingly, she never comes out and says he is a sociopath, but she does apply that label to his father without hesitation. The book, in many ways, is more about Donald's father Fred than about Donald himself. Fred Trump set the stage. He was responsible for how the family evolved into a competitive, untrusting, shady band of tax evaders (among other things). Donald was merely the shining star of this particular brand.

Well, no, not just that. What is remarkable is how Donald got away with incompetence, fraud, and deception his whole life. In a way, his rise to the White House was inevitable when seen in the right light.

Fred knew his son did not have the stuff to do the work. He knew his son was a bully. He knew he never apologized, never admitted mistakes. In fact, Fred cultivated these qualities. He especially smiled on this son when Donald presented himself to the world as the savvy businessman that he was not. Behind the scenes, Fred could make the project work. Donald's part was to present a face to the world and a name nobody would forget.

How did he get this way? According to Mary, Donald, the second son, watched as Freddy, the oldest, failed to live up to his father's expectations. Freddy was not interested in the Trump business. He just wanted to fly planes and be left alone. Donald watched as Freddy knuckled under to his father's wishes, apologizing for his "mistakes" even when they were actually the mistakes of others. Donald learned by watching: Never apologize. Never admit mistakes. Crow loudly. Take credit for what is good and place blame for what is not.

The cost of becoming this sort of narcissist is the loss of intimacy with anyone. Donald can't let his hair down, share his fears or doubts with anyone. He's so used to grandstanding and bluffing that it is second nature to him, and I doubt that he himself is aware that it is all based on fear and an actual lack of self-esteem. He isn't a reflective person, certainly not a self-aware person. I think it is this aspect of his personality that triggers in Mary a sadness and compassion along with the anger at how much damage he has done.

Don't pick up this book looking for a political expose. Don't expect to learn that there is much more to Donald than we see every day. Do pick it up for a thoughtful analysis of how this monster was created and how his bad behavior has been enabled by others through the years. I truly hope that it persuades a few people who are on the fence to vote for Biden.

Journal Entry 3 by wingjlautnerwing at Henderson, Nevada USA on Friday, July 31, 2020

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Sent to first person on bookring list.

Journal Entry 4 by wingeponine38wing at Winchester, Massachusetts USA on Saturday, August 08, 2020
It's here! I'm so excited to read this.

Journal Entry 5 by wingeponine38wing at Winchester, Massachusetts USA on Monday, August 17, 2020
This was a fascinating - and troubling - read. Mary is an excellent writer and manages to inject little moments of humor into a depressing subject.

There's not much more I can add to jlautner's very comprehensive review. It's frightening how vulnerable children are to their parents' actions and attitudes. Donald is not only the victim of his father but also of the absence of his mother (due to illness) during a critical developmental period of his young life. I liked the way Mary was able to arouse a tiny amount of compassion in me for her uncle. Quite a feat! (But, really, only a *very* tiny bit) ;-)

Thank you for sharing this! I have perryfran's address so the book will be ready to travel on later today.

Journal Entry 6 by wingeponine38wing at Winchester, Massachusetts USA on Monday, August 17, 2020

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On its way to the next reader, perryfran. Enjoy!

Journal Entry 7 by wingperryfranwing at Elk Grove, California USA on Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Received today. Looking forward to reading this. It will fit right in with the Republican Convention going on now! Should get it read and moving again rather soon. Thanks for including me in this bookray.

Journal Entry 8 by wingperryfranwing at Elk Grove, California USA on Friday, August 28, 2020
The Republican National Convention ended last night, thank God! I don't think our country can survive another four years of Trump in the White House. Based on what I've heard from the convention, Trump is doing a fantastic job! The ills and unrest in the country are all because of the Democrats in power in certain large cities. Or this quote from Twitter: "Don't Let Democrats keep ruining America which is stronger than it has ever been but also must be saved by Donald Trump who is the best president ever and has been hindered at every turn. Any bad thing now is from the Biden future and unless you vote Trump, the chaos will continue!"

As far as Mary Trump's book, it was really an enlightening background on the making of a megalomaniac, narcissistic, sociopath who has no empathy for anyone. The book focuses on the Trump family, especially Trump's father, Fred who Mary also considers to have been a sociopath with little regard for anyone outside of his family and who created the fortune that enabled Donald to spend millions on his untenable projects that ended in bankruptcy such as his Atlantic City casinos. She also describes the unfair treatment of her father, Fred Jr. or Freddy, who died at an early age due to alcoholism and depression and who was pretty much erased from the family. Mary and her brother Fritz were disinherited and received next to nothing when their grandfather died. They were told that his estate was worth about $30 million when in fact it was worth nearer to a billion. The money was taken by the remaining siblings and used to their advantage while hiding it with various tax schemes.

I can see why Mary is upset at the Trump family and based on this book, how Donald got to where he is today. But please, VOTE! Our country depends on it.

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On its way to the next in line for this bookray, AlterEgoZoe. VOTE!

Journal Entry 10 by AlterEgoZoe at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania USA on Saturday, September 05, 2020
Received this today will read ASAP.

ETA: adding the list here from the forum post just incase someone else needs a quick reference to the list besides me.

“Here is the list. The usual rules: contact next person for address, send when you have read. Let us know here when you have received the book, and sent it on.

Last person gets to keep it.


Journal Entry 11 by AlterEgoZoe at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania USA on Tuesday, September 22, 2020
I don’t think I could say any more than the others who have read this before me. Though I thought the writing was a bit dry so it was a struggle for me to get through.

I will contact the next in line and mail ASAP.

Journal Entry 12 by AlterEgoZoe at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania USA on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Was sent today sorry it took a bit longer. Tracking # 9549012459810272416322

Journal Entry 13 by mrsjones at Hamilton, Ohio USA on Thursday, October 01, 2020
Just arrived in the mail. I should be able to read it this weekend.

Journal Entry 14 by mrsjones at Hamilton, Ohio USA on Monday, October 19, 2020
It took me longer than expected to wade through this book. For the most part, nothing about Trump surprised me. His narcissism and delusions of grandeur are blatantly obvious. I didn't care much about his dysfunctional family background. To me, that was obvious, too. So, I didn't feel like I got new insights into his character. He's a total A--hole.

Unfortunately, Mary did seem whiny. She lost me in her "outrage" over Trump only putting them up at his hotel for one night. She reminded me of family members who think they're due something just because they have a rich relative. I can imagine many of my cousins acting like this and it turned me off of Mary. She doesn't like Trump but thinks he should treat her as though he likes and respects her?

I'll get this book mailed out to the next recipient.

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