*The Pillars of the Earth

by Ken Follett | Literature & Fiction |
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Registered by Eucalia of Issaquah, Washington USA on 3/21/2004
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Journal Entry 1 by Eucalia from Issaquah, Washington USA on Sunday, March 21, 2004
From Library Journal:
"A radical departure from Follett's novels of international suspense and intrigue, this chronicles the vicissitudes of a prior, his master builder, and their community as they struggle to build a cathedral and protect themselves during the tumultuous 12th century, when the empress Maud and Stephen are fighting for the crown of England after the death of Henry I. The plot is less tightly controlled than those in Follett's contemporary works, and despite the wealth of historical detail, especially concerning architecture and construction, much of the language as well as the psychology of the characters and their relationships remains firmly rooted in the 20th century. This will appeal more to lovers of exciting adventure stories than true devotees of historical fiction. Literary Guild dual main selection."

I found this book in a box of books that my mom was getting rid of. This book has a different cover than the one in the picture. I notice that this is on a lot of people's wish lists so I'm planning on releasing it in a book ring.

Journal Entry 2 by Eucalia from Issaquah, Washington USA on Friday, March 26, 2004
This book is now part of a bookring!

A bookring is when a book is sent from one person to another through a list of members who have signed up for it and eventually ends up safe and sound back home with the person who started the bookring—me!

Here are the guidelines for this bookring:

1. When the person before you on the list is done reading the book they will send you a personal message (PM) asking you for your address. If you feel that you are too busy at that time to read the book within a reasonable time period (about 1 month), ask that person to skip you and go to the next person on the list. If this happens, PM me to let me know what’s going on and, if you want, I may be able to move you down the list so you can try again later.

2. When you receive the book, make a journal entry letting everyone know where the book is. Keep in mind that there are other people waiting to read the book after you, so try not to take too long to read it. A general rule of thumb is to have the book in your possession for no longer than one month. If you know you won’t be able to get to the book within a month, pass it on to the next person on the list, PM me letting me know, and I can move you down the list so you can try again later if you’d like. If you’re reading the book and it’s taking you longer than expected to finish, make a journal entry letting everyone know! Remember, there’s no such thing as too many journal entries.

3. When you’re done (or almost done) reading the book, send a PM to the next person on the list asking for their address. Even if you think you already know that person’s address, it’s a good idea to double-check to make sure their address hasn’t changed—and also make sure the list order hasn’t changed since you checked it last. If the next person on the list doesn’t respond to your PM within several days, try again. If you still get no response within one week, PM me to let me know what’s going on and then skip this person and try the next person on the list.

4. After you’ve finished the book, journal a quick review of it for us letting us know what you thought of it!

5. Send the book to the next person on the list and post a journal entry letting everyone know it’s on its way. Sit back, relax, and watch the journals as the book completes its journey!

Journal Entry 3 by Eucalia from Issaquah, Washington USA on Friday, March 26, 2004
This bookring is currently open. PM me if you'd like to join.
The following is the current list of members. The list is subject to change.

1. Morgail (KY) US/Can pref
2. Neuilly (ME) anywhere
3. Leukonoe (Germany)
4. ShadowPi (UK) anywhere
5. babykittysmama (CA) US only
6. nyla7 (NJ) anywhere
7. casseytara(OK) anywhere
8. appaloosatb (MN) US pref
9. Eucalia (CA) anywhere
10. firrantello (NC) US/Can pref
11. amber-h (GA) anywhere<--- it's here!
12. allycat898 (UK) anywhere
13. raeliz64 (UK) anywhere
14. dangerouswoman3 (Portugal) anywhere
15. Meganh (Aust) Aust only

Journal Entry 4 by Eucalia at sent to bookcrosser in Mailed, Bookring -- Controlled Releases on Monday, March 29, 2004
Released on Monday, March 29, 2004 at sent to bookcrosser in Mailed, Bookring Controlled Releases.

I mailed this book to Morgail this morning to get the bookring started. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Journal Entry 5 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Saturday, April 03, 2004
Arrived in the mail today. I will start reading it & journal again when I finish. Thanks Eucalia for the bookring:)

Journal Entry 6 by Morgail from Louisville, Kentucky USA on Thursday, April 22, 2004
Wow. This was a very good book! The 900+ page length is a bit daunting, but once I got into it I couldn't stop reading. The characters are intriguing...I loved some, despised some, and kept changing my mind about others. Reading about the building of Kingsbridge Cathedral in the book makes me want to go back to Europe and see again some of the cathedrals I'd seen before. I enjoyed the small, everyday, historical details the author included such as everyday food and clothing. Only details I didn't much care for were the grisly violent ones...I could've enjoyed the book just as much without so much gore. Other than that, I thought the book was just wonderful. Thanks Eucalia, for sharing this book:)

Sending out to Neuilly on April 28th.

Journal Entry 7 by Neuilly from Brooklyn, New York USA on Sunday, May 09, 2004
I recieved the book today! I'm really looking forward to reading it. I have my last final on Thursday so I probably won't get much reading done in it before then. However, as soon as finals are over I'm diving in! It's going to be nice to go back to reading for pleasure :)

Journal Entry 8 by Neuilly from Brooklyn, New York USA on Thursday, June 10, 2004
Almost done! I'm sorry I took so long. I should have it done by tomorrow, and am just waiting on an address now. It's been such an enjoyable read. Ok, off to work on finishing it! I promise a longer review once I've sent it off :)

Journal Entry 9 by Leukonoe from Berlin (irgendwo/somewhere), Berlin Germany on Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Thank you so much, Neuilly, for sending it! It arrived yesterday, and I already read the hanging scene last night.

19.7.: Now, after two chapters, I feel so much reminded of a book I loved when I was a child; it was David Macaulay's "Cathedral".

27.7.: I am in the middle of the book now and I love the fact that there's still plenty of pages :-)

3.8.: The last quarter - at the moments everything seems o.k. with the characters I like, so I am anxious what catastrophe might come next... got ShadowPi's address already for a quick departure after I finish.

Journal Entry 10 by Leukonoe from Berlin (irgendwo/somewhere), Berlin Germany on Monday, August 09, 2004
I really enjoyed reading this fat volume! However, I found the end a bit disappointing, after all these catastrophes and turns and switches of the plot. Reading the book was like watching a movie, sometimes it kept me awake until late. Besides, it added substantially to my english vocabulary, and I am now in the embarrassing situation that I know what a clerestory is, but don't know the german term for it :-) Have to go and see my dictionary again.

The Deutsche Post is now dealing with it so it can reach ShadowPi soon. Thanks to Eucalia for starting the ring, and to Neuilly for sending it across the Atlantic!

Journal Entry 11 by ShadowPi from Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdom on Thursday, August 12, 2004
Wow, these book ring things are like buses, you wait ages for one to turn up, then two turn up at the same time! I received another one yesterday morning which I will have to read first, good news is that I am already 168 pages in and hope to finish by the weekend when I will start this one straight away. Although it's a long book, it shouldn't take too long if I find it as gripping as everyone else has so far.

Journal Entry 12 by ShadowPi from Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdom on Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Well everybody was right. It was totally gripping. I was annoyed to start with by the way the plot seemed to keep meandering about between characters but loved how they all came together.

On it's way to babykittysmama.

Journal Entry 13 by babykittysmama from Redondo Beach, California USA on Sunday, October 24, 2004
Geesh -- I received this and couldn't journal that I'd received it because I went into the hospital for emergency surgery. While in the hospital, I started reading... and reading... and reading. I got home and used up two sets of batteries reading this under the covers while my hubby slept. I couldn't put this down. The characters were SO real and the scenery was vividly described. I felt I was there. Thanks for sharing this!!

On it's way to nyla!!

Journal Entry 14 by nyla7 from Wharton, New Jersey USA on Thursday, November 04, 2004
I just received this yesterday and can't wait to get started! I'm going on a mini road trip, and this book is coming with me, so I have something to occupy my time.

Journal Entry 15 by nyla7 from Wharton, New Jersey USA on Friday, November 26, 2004
This book had me totally enthralled almost all the way through. I loved the characters, I loved all the twists and turns the story took. I especially liked the fact that the characters weren't "perfect"... they all had flaws just like humans do. The only thing that kept me from rating this book higher was the last 20 pages or so... I felt like that part wasn't necessary to the story, although it did help tie up a loose end or two. Great book! I'll send it on to meshe as soon as I get her address.

Journal Entry 16 by nyla7 from Wharton, New Jersey USA on Friday, December 03, 2004
Meshe requested to be skipped, so I mailed the book to casseytara today. Enjoy!

Journal Entry 17 by wingAramenawing from Noble, Oklahoma USA on Wednesday, December 08, 2004
This arrived two days ago, but with my boss being in town it's been hard for me to get on the internet! I just started another book ring book and then this will be next.

Journal Entry 18 by wingAramenawing from Noble, Oklahoma USA on Monday, January 10, 2005
This is one of the best books I've ever read. To think that a book revolving around the building of a cathedral could be so enthralling. At times I just groaned out loud as everything was going well and then a character would suddenly receive a major setback, once again! The author obviously did some very meticulous research. As someone else mentioned, it was interesting to read about the everyday trials and tribulations of life during this time period. Thanks for starting this Eucalia! It's on its way to Appaloosetb today!

Journal Entry 19 by appaloosatb from Rochester, Minnesota USA on Saturday, January 22, 2005
This has arrived safe and sound in southern Minnesota amidst huge drifts of snow! Thank you

Journal Entry 20 by appaloosatb from Rochester, Minnesota USA on Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Ugh, sorry. Journaled the wrong book (the previous entry, which I just deleted). I'm having a hard time getting into this one, so will be passing it on so as not to hold up the ring any longer. I'm so sorry for the wait!

Journal Entry 21 by appaloosatb from Rochester, Minnesota USA on Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Mailed to Eucalia. I didn't really want to give up on this one, but also didn't want to hold the ring up any longer. I've added this to my wishlist, so hopefully someday when I'm more in the mood for a long read I can try it again. :)

6/2008 ETA: Wow! I don't usually give books a rating of 10/10 but this one deserved it. Reading this put me in one of those "good book slumps" - you know, where when you finish a really fantastic book, you don't want to start anything else because you're sure it can't be half as good? That's what this was like.

I also lent a copy to my father, who read and enjoyed it as well. He compared the writing style to George R. R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series.

Journal Entry 22 by Eucalia from Issaquah, Washington USA on Thursday, June 30, 2005
This book is back with me now. This has worked out well as others have had the chance to read it while I was busy with my move. I've been looking forward to this one because a lot of people seem to really enjoy it, and now here it is when I have time to read it! I love BookCrossing!

Journal Entry 23 by Eucalia from Issaquah, Washington USA on Monday, July 18, 2005
I just wanted to make a quick update: I'm about halfway through this book now. It's not quite what I expected, but I'm definitely enjoying it. I took this book with me on a backpacking trip in the North Cascades last week (not the ideal backpacking book due to its size, but how could I leave it behind?) and I've posted a picture I took of it there.

Journal Entry 24 by Eucalia at sent to bookcrosser in Mailed, Bookring -- Controlled Releases on Monday, August 08, 2005

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I reached a lull in this book just after posting that last entry. It took me a while to push through that, but once I did, I was hooked again. The last 400 pages flew by for me and I finished this last night. I definitely enjoyed this and I would recommend it to others. My biggest complaint about the book was that it left too little to the imagination. I tend to enjoy stories that leave things a bit open ended, but this one wrapped every little thread up very tidily by the end.

I mailed this to the next person on the list on my way home from work today. Enjoy!

Journal Entry 25 by firrantello from Morganton, North Carolina USA on Saturday, August 13, 2005
Wow. I wasn't expecting to see this show up for a few weeks. It might take a while for me to get started on it, much less finish it, as I move into dorm in 2 days. Well, I'll try.

Journal Entry 26 by firrantello from Morganton, North Carolina USA on Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Good LORD this is a long book! I kept thinking "OK, here's a good spot to end... wait, you didn't end it? WHY?! WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY!?!"
Obviously, I did finally finish it, because I am a glutton for punishment :)
My thoughts reading the last 200 pages or so: William should just hook up with Walter and give Richard the earldom back and go live somewhere together and be happy. Because if those two aren't soulmates, I don't know what's going on.
The book was slow, then sped up, then died when a main character died halfway through, then was slow for a long time, then slowly picked back up. The big time jumps toward the end are annoying... how did Phillip move to Bishop? If Follet's regailed us with every other power change, why not show us the details of Phillip's move to Bishop? So confusing.
All in all, it was a good read. Long, and I don't know that I'd re-read it again simply because of length, but good.

Journal Entry 27 by firrantello at A Fellow BXer in USPS, USPS -- Controlled Releases on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Dropped it off in the mailbox this morning to head to amber-h.

Journal Entry 28 by amber-h from Atlanta, Georgia USA on Sunday, September 11, 2005
I got this in a few days ago, but just now had a chance to log it. It's next on my list to be read, and then I'll send it out asap.

Journal Entry 29 by amber-h from Atlanta, Georgia USA on Monday, September 19, 2005
I finally finished this last night, woo-boy this was a long book. I'm used to reading large books, but this one felt as long as it was large. This is about one of my favorite time periods in Western History, but I thought that I'd enjoy it more than I did. I felt that there was a lot of telling, versus showing, done in this book, and my god, it seemed like the misery in particular would never end. I don't think he needed to go into quite the detail that he did, and just when I got used to learning every little minute detail, he'd jump a decade and I'd feel a little lost.

I loved the story, though, so I'm glad I kept up with the twists and turns that it put me through.

I've PM'd the next on the list and am awaiting the address.

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