The Wednesday Sisters: A Novel

by Meg Waite Clayton | Literature & Fiction |
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Registered by muggleme of Perugia, Umbria Italy on 7/20/2013
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Journal Entry 1 by muggleme from Perugia, Umbria Italy on Saturday, July 20, 2013
My personal thoughts on this book, from my blog (

"Friends. Writing friends. The Wednesday Sisters Writing Society, we like to call ourselves. But we're more than that, too. So much more than that." (The Wednesday Sisters, page 276)

Brett, one of the Wednesday Sisters, the smarter and my favourite, sums the whole book in the above phrase around the end of the story.
Clayton brings the reader back at the end of The Sixties, in Palo Alto California. Time and location already earned this book two extra points. The rest Clayton deserved with her prose.
Through the pages the reader gets to meet and becomes friendly with 5 young women, mothers and mothers to be, wives, living in Palo Alto in middle class houses with their husbands and offspring.
None of them works, husbands do, they meet at the park where they bring their toddlers to play.
Their friendship initially start thank to books, and here Clayton earns an extra point with me, a friendship born on the common passion for reading can't but being on my top ten list! They read, those five women, they love books and love to talk about books together. But they are not yet The Wednesday Sisters. Not untill one day they decide to start something new, they follow their inner dream: they start writing. It's a journal at first, they write and share what they put on paper. It's awkward at first but they are determined women and they write and again write.
And their writing keeps them together through the many things they have to face: illness, miscarriage, cheating, secrets... Their friendship grows and becomes stronger. And they go through publishing, editing and emancipation together.
I won't go any further with what happen in the book because I don't want to spoil the fun for anyone who wants to read it.

Reasons why I think this book should be read:

- it is a page turner and an easy read. It's especially good on the summer break, when you want to engage on some light reading. It is a relaxing reading and something that doesn't take too long to finish. At the same time Clayton has a neat, direct style and you are hooked to her words and need to find out what happens next.

- if you are into reading or writing or the both of said activities, you can't but appreciate this story. A friendship born and grown on the love for books can't but being fashinating for a fellow bookworm or any aspiring writer.

- if you love The Sixties and what happens in the years between the end of that decade and the beginning of the following decade, then you will appreciate that Clayton describes some of the highlight of said years, man on the moon, women parade...

- also if you love women literature, this is a must reading, because it is a good work she did in said field.

I rated this book 4 stars, I really liked it and it has the merit to bring me back to my old bookworm attitude toward reading, something that intensive work had reduced in the past few months!

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Journal Entry 2 by muggleme at Perugia, Umbria Italy on Thursday, September 05, 2013

Released 5 yrs ago (9/2/2013 UTC) at Perugia, Umbria Italy


Sent via mail to the first fellow bookcrosser of the ring! Hope it gets delivered soon!

Journal Entry 3 by kiki66 at Gauting, Bayern Germany on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
The book has been here for a few days already but I have just came home from a
short trip to Lago di Garda..

Since I am "only" reading books I own at at the moment I will start this today!


Journal Entry 4 by kiki66 at Gauting, Bayern Germany on Monday, October 07, 2013
Well, I am sorry but my review isn't that enthusiastic...
I found the story boring, for me it seemed as if the writer tried to connect the happenings of the late 60's (women's lib..) with a plot to make it more readable..
The lives of the girls were rather sad, there wasn't any real happiness, even when they
achieved something (Brett) it had a bitter aftertaste (her hands).

Anyway, I finished it nonetheless and now it is ready to continue its journey!

Journal Entry 5 by QueenSissi at Gouveia, Guarda Portugal on Friday, October 18, 2013
It is here :) Thanks for sharing!

Journal Entry 6 by QueenSissi at Gouveia, Guarda Portugal on Saturday, January 18, 2014
It's a wonderful read. It makes you feel like starting to write! The background, the way the characters bloom and grow is very touching. It's a woman's thing I guess... but very enjoyable!

Sending it to penelope as soon as I get her address!

Journal Entry 7 by wingpenelopewanderswing at Hasliberg, Bern / Berne Switzerland on Wednesday, February 05, 2014
This arrived here in the (today) very windy Alps... I'll try to get to it soon! Thanks so much for sending.

Journal Entry 8 by wingpenelopewanderswing at Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom on Saturday, February 08, 2014

Released 5 yrs ago (2/8/2014 UTC) at Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom


This came in as a book crossing ring and as I knew I'd be travelling to Scotland over the weekend I was pleased to note that the next in line is in the UK. I read it on the trip over - and enjoyed it very much. Ironically I'm currently teaching a class with women's issues as a theme, so this was very much along the lines of my recent reflections. I appreciated how the major events on the world scene were there as backdrops, but so often barely noted as the protagonists wrestled with their own mini-dramas and ups and downs. In my experience, this is so often the case.
I think I'll need to get my own copy of this as I didn't have time to take notes on what could have been interesting points for my class. I've now posted it on from Glasgow and hopefully it will make it down to London fairly soon.
Thanks so much for making this book available.

Journal Entry 9 by Alectoness at Wimbledon, Greater London United Kingdom on Thursday, February 13, 2014
Safely arrived in London yesterday - thanks for sending this penelopewanders. Hope you enjoyed your time in the UK. I've got a new baby, only three weeks old, so things are a little manic around these parts, but I'll get to this as soon as I can. Thanks very much for including me in the ring.

Journal Entry 10 by Alectoness at Wimbledon, Greater London United Kingdom on Saturday, March 22, 2014
I did enjoy this book about writing and friendship, though I felt at times the characters were secondary to the themes the author wanted to explore and the historical trends/dates that she wanted to include.

I'll be putting this in the post to rodespringbal in Belgium later today.

Journal Entry 11 by wingrodespringbalwing at Roosdaal, Vlaams-Brabant / Brabant Flamant Belgium on Monday, March 31, 2014
Arrived today. Was a little bit damaged. It can use a bit of tape, will see what I can do about it :-)
This is going on my TBR (one ringbook before this one)

Journal Entry 12 by wingrodespringbalwing at Roosdaal, Vlaams-Brabant / Brabant Flamant Belgium on Saturday, April 12, 2014

Released 5 yrs ago (4/12/2014 UTC) at Roosdaal, Vlaams-Brabant / Brabant Flamant Belgium


I have the same opinion as Kiki66...I don't know what the writer would like to show us with this book: a few woman and their passion for literature or womans rights in 60's form...

I will send this book to the next reader on the list. Hope to find a reader with more interest for this book. Thanks for letting me participate, too bad it wasn't my cup of tea :-)

Journal Entry 13 by carmendoran at Dundee, Scotland United Kingdom on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Next on the pile to be read - am curious after the mixed reviews...

Journal Entry 14 by carmendoran at Dundee, Scotland United Kingdom on Friday, May 16, 2014
I enjoyed this book. Didn't read too much into what the author was trying to portray and just enjoyed the journey of the characters. A special reminder about how special friends can be.

Journal Entry 15 by wingIcilawing at Nantes, Pays de la Loire France on Tuesday, June 03, 2014
I got it. Thank you carmendoran.

Journal Entry 16 by wingIcilawing at Nantes, Pays de la Loire France on Friday, June 13, 2014
I saw it as a reminder of how the western world has changed since the late 60' and what we take for granted today isn't the way people acted before.

Journal Entry 17 by wingIcilawing at Nantes, Pays de la Loire France on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Released 4 yrs ago (6/24/2014 UTC) at Nantes, Pays de la Loire France


On its way to U.S.A.

Journal Entry 18 by LynnWrites at Tucson, Arizona USA on Tuesday, July 15, 2014
The book arrived today. Perfect timing. Just finished Lisa See's latest novel (China Dolls) last night. Looking forward to reading The Wednesday Sisters next. Thanks.

Journal Entry 19 by LynnWrites at Tucson, Arizona USA on Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Meg Waite Clayton did an excellent job portraying the social status of a certain class of relatively privileged women in the States in the late 1960s. These were the women who went to college to find husbands, or whose husbands were starting their successful careers and the women took the expected backseat, playing a supportive role. AND they bought into it. How could a woman possibly become a doctor? Would YOU take your child to a lady doctor? So your husband is cheating... what can you do to make life better for him to keep the marriage intact, because divorce is out of the question, right? This almost made me put the book down. Drove me crazy. Although I am younger than the ladies who comprised the Wednesday Sisters, I was brought up on the tail end of that kind of thinking and also bought into it, so this book didn't make me nostalgic, it made me mad. Those are attitudes I have no desire to re-live.

I also found it hard to believe that five women, who just happened to meet in the park over kids, diaper bags and coffee, all wanted to write. I write. It's not that easy to find a group of writers with whom one can share. This seemed far-fetched to me.

All that said, as the book progressed, so did the connections between the five friends. When the story focused on female friendships, the need for them, the support women give to one another, then it was excellent. She captured the essence of strong female friendships.

I liked the book. I did not love the book. A bit plodding, but a nice story. Passing it along within the next couple of days to the next reader in Canada.

Journal Entry 20 by Vapermom at Trenton, Ontario Canada on Thursday, July 31, 2014
Received in the mail today, thanks for the extra goodies!

This came at the perfect time, lounging around waiting for baby to arrive in a couple of weeks and I needed something new to read.

Thanks for sharing!

Journal Entry 21 by Vapermom at Trenton, Ontario Canada on Tuesday, October 07, 2014
This book wasn't for me. I found it boring and it dragged on unfortunately.
Messaging the next in line

Journal Entry 22 by Vapermom at Trenton, Ontario Canada on Friday, October 17, 2014
Muggleme: I don't see an option on your profile to send you a message. I messaged jshaw, the last on the list. She is overseas and requested to be skipped. What would you like to do? Can I release, would you like it mailed back...?

Journal Entry 23 by Vapermom at Marinovich Dental in Trenton, Ontario Canada on Monday, October 27, 2014

Released 4 yrs ago (10/27/2014 UTC) at Marinovich Dental in Trenton, Ontario Canada


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Journal Entry 24 by Vapermom at Trenton, Ontario Canada on Wednesday, December 09, 2015
This is STILL at the dental office so I have picked it back up and will re release

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