Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

by E L James | Romance |
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Registered by Rrrcaron of Lancaster, New Hampshire USA on 6/7/2012
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Journal Entry 1 by Rrrcaron from Lancaster, New Hampshire USA on Thursday, June 07, 2012
Pretty explicit- but there is a story line---- mature audience

Journal Entry 2 by Rrrcaron at Lancaster, New Hampshire USA on Thursday, July 05, 2012
Really enjoyed this series. Now sharing it with readers around the world...

Mailing order:



Please read in a reasonably timely manner, journal when received and sending on, and most of all... enjoy!

Journal Entry 3 by wingpenelopewanderswing at Hasliberg, Bern / Berne Switzerland on Tuesday, August 21, 2012
This was waiting patiently when I got back from holiday a few days ago - waiting in a crowd of other rings and rays. I'm working my way through them, and hope to read and send this one on soon too.
It took me a while to journal it because the internet is in upheaval here. I jotted down the BCID number incorrectly so it took me a few days to be in front of a functionning computer with internet access AND the correct number.
Thanks so much for making this controversial book available and for sending!

Journal Entry 4 by wingpenelopewanderswing at Hasliberg, Bern / Berne Switzerland on Sunday, August 26, 2012
Ok, this one is pretty controversial it would seem. To me the real controversy lies in the question of why it seems to have stumbled into mainstream literature. This reminds me of a lot of black lace novels, which in my opinion are meant to be read with a huge grain of sand (and low lights). I enjoy reading those for what they're worth, and think this would fit nicely in that genre, even better written than some. Unfortunately, it would seem this is meant to be read as normal literature or something - ah, no. There are a number of bits that chafe, so to speak, and I agree with comments on Goodreads about how irksome the inner Goddess bits were, but on the whole found this an interesting take on Pretty Woman. Handsome, rich, tormented hero falls head over heels for young, shy, (beautiful, duh), student - to the extent that he'll rethink his world view. Oh my, he even discovers that kinky sex isn't a prerequisite, that vanilla can be yummy too. Wow. Not credible for two bits, but what fun, in a "I'm not about to take this seriously" vein. Curious to see how this evolves in the next.
I was rather thrown by a friend's comment that these are popular because they were written for Twilight fans or something. That confuses me no end.
At anyrate I was very glad to be able to read this as a ring. Thanks so much for making this available - I hope to get it posted on to the next soon.

Journal Entry 5 by wingpenelopewanderswing at Hasliberg, Bern / Berne Switzerland on Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Now travelling from the rather cool and very rainy Alps over to Belgium.
Thanks so very much for making this available - I look forward to the next!

Journal Entry 6 by wingrodespringbalwing at Moerbeke-Waas, Oost-Vlaanderen / Flandre Orientale Belgium on Thursday, September 06, 2012
Got it today from the postoffice.
This book will continue his journey faster than I thought... This book was also on my wishlist and somebody tagged me and will send me this copy, so I won't stall this and get it straight to the next on the list.

For the next book of this trilogy you can still include me :-)

Journal Entry 7 by jacksmum2004 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire United Kingdom on Saturday, September 29, 2012
Thanks for passing this on, will get started and posted to the next in line ASAP :)

Journal Entry 8 by jacksmum2004 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire United Kingdom on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
I am still plodding through this, and it will be moving soon. Keep picking it up and putting it down again.... can't seem to 'grab' me, but i will persevere ;)

Journal Entry 9 by jacksmum2004 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire United Kingdom on Monday, October 22, 2012
Finally finished, and I have to say, after all the hype, I am really dissapointed! The story didn't hold my attention at all, I kept stopping and starting. Then I finally got to the end to find it just 'stopped'! Agghhh!

So, the story - well, I do like her subconscious and inner goddess, they are fun. Christian Grey is just horrible though! Just don't see the attraction at all!

Would be good to see it from his perspective, I don't know if thats what the next book has, but to get inside his head a bit might make me like him.

I have heard the 2nd book is better, so here's hoping! Because the first was a bit rubbish really ;/

Journal Entry 10 by jacksmum2004 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire United Kingdom on Monday, October 22, 2012

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Travel well little book!

Journal Entry 11 by wingYthanwing at Ellon, Scotland United Kingdom on Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Arrived safe and sound.

Thanks very much.

Journal Entry 12 by wingYthanwing at Ellon, Scotland United Kingdom on Sunday, November 04, 2012
Well, the red room of pain was actually tamer than I was expecting. I do have a very overactive imagination and with all the hype about this book I was expecting more adventures in there than I got. Still two books to go though to satisfy my imagination. I enjoyed it, the inner goddess bits were annoying at first but I got used to them, I do see the many parallels between the Twilight books and these. The ending was very predictable to me, I knew it was coming, just right to keep you wanting to read more.

When I was listening to the radio (in between reading this book), I heard two songs which I think could be really good to have on the soundtrack when the film version comes out.

The first song describes exactly how Christian makes Ana feel:

The second song describes there situation very well:

Looking forward to the next one.

I have a wildlife calendar that I write down the dates on when I receive bookrings/rays. This reminds me to try and keep the book no longer than a month (as is usually requested). I turned the calendar over to November and couldn't help but laugh at the animal chosen, a grey seal. Also, all the weekends were highlighted in grey. Just the right days that Ana would be reserving for Christian. Well timed. :)

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Off to earthcaroleanne. :)

Journal Entry 14 by wingearthcaroleannewing at Falkirk, Scotland United Kingdom on Monday, November 12, 2012
This arrived at the weekend.

Journal Entry 15 by wingearthcaroleannewing at Falkirk, Scotland United Kingdom on Monday, November 26, 2012
I feel a bit like Ythan over this. After all the hype it was tamer than I expected. I am not normally one to bother about language or complain something is badly written but some of the volcabulary in this! And it often appeared just when you were enjoying a certain scene and spoiled it. It was a bit more of a love story than I was expecting and I want to hear more of Christian's life history. The ending is perfect for a trilogy, it does leave you wanting more ...

ETA Footymadgill has asked to be skipped so waiting for the next address.
ETA Lapitchoune has asked to be skipped too!

Journal Entry 16 by wingearthcaroleannewing at Aljezur, Faro Portugal on Monday, December 03, 2012

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On it's way in the ray.

Journal Entry 17 by Ossiefry at Aljezur, Faro Portugal on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Arrived safely,thanks!

Journal Entry 18 by Ossiefry at Aljezur, Faro Portugal on Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Definitely not as good as expected, I actually had to put the book down and read a couple of other ones in the middle. If I hadn't already signed up for the rest of the series I probably wouldn't look for them, but as it is I will give them a try.
Sending a pm to the next reader.

Journal Entry 19 by Ossiefry at Bookring/Bookray, -- By post or by hand/ in person -- Canada on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Traveling to ababaigalit.

Journal Entry 20 by ababaigalit at MODIIN, Modiin Israel on Saturday, February 09, 2013
Well the book arrived to Israel, I took it from my post office on Thursaday. I will start it today because of a hectic program and I will do my best to read it asap.

First of sorry it took so long to read, my scedual prosponed me reading the book. As for the book: Okay one thing is clear about `50 shades of grey', you either love it or hate it. I was not sure when I first started reading this, but kept going. Hope the next one is as entertaining. While several scenes in the book are graphic, the storyline overshadows them. This is a book of a love story between 2 people who are as different from each other as night and day. I feel the storyline overshadows the sex scenes because I found myself more intrigued with the characters actions, not the characters activities.

Journal Entry 21 by ababaigalit at Gouveia, Guarda Portugal on Monday, March 25, 2013

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To the next person in this spiral reading trilogy. Have a safe trip little book.

Journal Entry 22 by QueenSissi at Gouveia, Guarda Portugal on Sunday, April 14, 2013
It has arrived! Next one to be read! Thanks!

Journal Entry 23 by QueenSissi at Gouveia, Guarda Portugal on Monday, April 29, 2013
I did enjoy the book and am definitely looking forward to reading the next one. All S&M apart, I enjoyed the attraction and the development of their relationship. I also wanted to learn more about Grey, I found him a very interesting "freudian" character.

Sending the book to sedna5213 as soon as I get an address.

Journal Entry 24 by wingsedna5213wing at Wasquehal, Nord-Pas-de-Calais France on Friday, May 10, 2013
The book arrived safely. I have to finish another book and then I will get started with. It shouldn't take too long.
Thanks Rrrcaron for sharing and Queen Sissi for sending!

Journal Entry 25 by wingsedna5213wing at Charlottenburg, Berlin Germany on Saturday, June 01, 2013
Finished the book about a week ago. IMHO it's like twilight, just with sex...

Ametisti and chelsxo have already read the book so I've pmed the next in line. As soon as I get an another the book will be travelling again.

Journal Entry 26 by wingsedna5213wing at Tourcoing, Nord-Pas-de-Calais France on Tuesday, June 04, 2013

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The book is now on its way to carelaisa in Canada.

Journal Entry 27 by carelaisa at Québec, Québec Canada on Monday, June 10, 2013
The book arrived today!

As it always happens, I have 3 other bookrays to read before I get to this book. I'll do my best to not hang on to it for a very long period but it might be a few weeks!

Thanks Rrrcaron for sharing this book with us and sedna5213 for sending it my way!

Journal Entry 28 by carelaisa at Québec, Québec Canada on Thursday, June 27, 2013
I must admit that I still don’t get all the fuss and hype surrounding this book. It has all the basic ingredients a chicklit or romance novel has, but taken a notch higher – after all, the main characters to spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Honestly, the writing is average – it’s not as worse as I was expecting – and the main character spends a lot of time doubting herself, which can be pretty annoying sometimes. What kept me to continue reading it was I wanted to know how it would end for the couple. Of course, the book could have been “shrunk” and it wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the story. I’m still curious to see what will happen in book 2 and 3, but I have a feeling the trilogy could have been only a 2-book series. We’ll see…

I will pm the next bcer in line to read this book and send it in the coming days...

EDIT: the book is now travelling to the next reader as of today, July 16th.

Journal Entry 29 by wingSouthernfryedwing at Lexington, South Carolina USA on Monday, July 22, 2013
Book arrived today. Anxious to see what all the hype is about.

Angelmommyof3 is my niece. She has the book and is reading it first.

Angelmommyof3 brought the book back to me yesterday. She is a new mommy and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I doubt she will make a journal entry. Anyway, I'll be starting this book today and will move it along as quickly as possible.

My thoughts: Neurotic/Erotic
I have pm'd JennyC1230 for an address.

Journal Entry 30 by wingSouthernfryedwing at Lexington, South Carolina USA on Friday, August 30, 2013

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dropped in the mail

Journal Entry 31 by JennyC1230 at Woodstock, Georgia USA on Thursday, September 05, 2013
The infamous book is here! I am really curious about this book, since so many people have read it. I will read it quickly and pass it to the next person. Thanks for offering it as a Bookring.

Journal Entry 32 by JennyC1230 at Woodstock, Georgia USA on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
My Review: This was a really good book, much better than I thought it would be. Sometimes books that are HUGE bestsellers don't appeal to me, for some reason. This is a very intellectual erotic romance book. The story is fascinating and the characters are wonderful. I think the appeal is the sort of Romeo and Juliet/star-crossed lovers quality of the main characters, they don't seem to fit together, but their chemistry won't be denied. Whether they can make their relationship work is left to the next books, I suppose.

I sent MysticalZoe a message for her address, but haven't heard back so I'll send another one.

Journal Entry 33 by JennyC1230 at Woodstock, Georgia USA on Thursday, January 09, 2014
I never heard from mysticalzoe after numerous messages so I am sending this to imawinn2.

Journal Entry 34 by imawinn2 at Neenah, Wisconsin USA on Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Shades of Grey has arrived. I limit the number of bookrings/rays I sign up for and try to space them so I don't get bombarded. Well... four books have landed at my doorstep in a very short period of time. I have two books ahead of this one so it will be a bit before I start reading this story. However, I already have Shades of Darker as it made it to my doorstep before this one. Once I get to and read Shades of Grey, the next one in the trilogy will be right on it's tail. Thanks for sharing!

Journal Entry 35 by imawinn2 at Neenah, Wisconsin USA on Saturday, February 22, 2014
An interesting sexual adventure between the pages of this book. First off, this book has done some traveling... not only with BCer's but with me. I took this little "bodice ripper" along with me while I was on a business trip/vacation and it has made stops in Wisconsin, Denver, CO, Las Vegas, NV and Bullhead City, AZ. I finished it as soon as we touched down in the Milwaukee airport. Perfect!

Anyway.... I didn't know what I was going to get into when I signed up for this bookring. Not my usual reading genre however, curiosity got the best of me. I agree with many of you about it not being a great work of literature but it certainly was entertaining. I found myself snickering a few times at certain situations and at the banter between characters. What was really strange is that the whole time I was reading Fifty Shades, I had a definite image of a young Michael Douglas playing Christian Grey. I don't know why, except something stirred up images of his character Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. Reading this book also brought up memories of the first "bodice ripper" I ever read. It was in the 70's and Once Is Not Enough by Jacqueline Susann was being passed around the high school halls. Young, impressionable teenage girls were sneaking it around, sharing passages, twittering (as in chattering & giggling.. not social networking), risking the chance of getting caught out by teachers and (God forbid) parents. I felt a little of that "I hope I don't get caught reading this!" while reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the plane. Let's just say, I was occasionally looking at the older couple, sitting next to me, hoping they wouldn't peek over my shoulder at what was going on between Christian & Ana on the pages before me. LOL!

I have already started reading Fifty Shades Darker. I will pass this book on as soon as I get an address.

Journal Entry 36 by imawinn2 at Neenah, Wisconsin USA on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Released 6 yrs ago (3/11/2014 UTC) at Neenah, Wisconsin USA


Sent this out to marriedfairy today. Looks like it will be making a return trip to Arizona. Happy Travels! Happy Reading!

Journal Entry 37 by marriedfairy at Golden Valley, Arizona USA on Saturday, March 15, 2014
Got it in the mail today. I have one book ahead of it but should be done with that one by Wednesday and then off to the next person. Rrrcaron I am pming you to go ahead and get your address so I have it when I am done. Thanks for letting me join!


Journal Entry 38 by marriedfairy at Golden Valley, Arizona USA on Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Loved the story line and was better then I thought it would be! Have never gotten done with a book so fast, lol was hard to put down. Anyways I am finished and waiting on the next one. I sent Rrrcaron a pm when i got the book but never heard from her. Rrrcaron if you could pm me your address so I could send it your way that would be great! Thanks!

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