Breakfast of Champions

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Registered by vedranaster of Zagreb, Zagreb City Croatia on 10/10/2011
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Journal Entry 1 by vedranaster from Zagreb, Zagreb City Croatia on Monday, October 10, 2011

"Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye Blue Monday is a 1973 novel by the American author Kurt Vonnegut. Set in the fictional town of Midland City, it is the story of "two lonesome, skinny, fairly old white men on a planet which was dying fast." One of these men, Dwayne Hoover, is a normal-looking but deeply deranged Pontiac dealer and Burger Chef franchise owner who becomes obsessed with the writings of the other man, Kilgore Trout, taking them for literal truth. Trout, a largely unknown pulp science fiction writer who has appeared in several other Vonnegut novels, looks like a crazy old man but is in fact relatively sane. As the novel opens, Trout journeys toward Midland City to appear at a convention where he is destined to meet Dwayne Hoover and unwittingly inspire him to run amok."


Used book received from a friend.
Registered with a pre-numbered label on October 10th, 2011.

Journal Entry 2 by vedranaster at Zagreb: Donji grad (city centre), Zagreb City Croatia on Sunday, October 30, 2011

Opening an international book ring for this book so it doesn't just sit on my shelf waiting for me to finally get round to reading it.   :)

Sign up in the forum, PM me if I miss your post:

Approximately 300 pages, a slightly larger paperback
Dimensions: 5.12 x 7.8 x 0.87 inches (13 x 19.8 x 2,2 cm)
Shipping Weight: 0.49 lbs (220 g) - without packaging - weight only approximate
as I currently only have access to a slightly imprecise non-digital kitchen scale.

Ring rules:
1) Journal the book when you receive it.
2) Place the book at the top of your TBRs
    (under the rings and rays received before this one).
3) Try to read the book in a months' time, but if you cannot, do not feel rushed.
4) Still, do let us know if for any reason you get backlogged.
    PM me or make a new journal entry to let us know of the delay.
    We know that sometimes life happens.
    Not to mention that rings and rays love to swamp you all at the same time. ;)
5) Make a controlled release when sending the book on, preferably using
    your country and city so that the book can some day maybe be tracked on a map.
6) Feel free to use the cheapest shipping method.
7) Have fun and enjoy the book!

Thanks for participating! :)

Participant order may change as people sign up, depending on shipping preferences.
Right now the book is on the European leg of its journey.
After that it will return to me, and then, after reading it, I'll send it over to USA.

Marcenda (Portugal / international) ... READ
martinburo (UK / international) ... READ
Flutterbies9 (UK / UK) ... READ
Vekiki (UK / UK) ... READ
pam99 (UK / international) ... READ
4evagreen (UK/EU) ... READ

• Then back to me, vedranaster (Croatia)   ......... CURRENTLY HERE   :)

biisbsw (USA / USA)

Journal Entry 3 by vedranaster at Zagreb: Donji grad (city centre), Zagreb City Croatia on Thursday, November 03, 2011

Released 8 yrs ago (11/4/2011 UTC) at Zagreb: Donji grad (city centre), Zagreb City Croatia


The book is now on its way to Marcenda in Portugal. Enjoy! :)

Journal Entry 4 by Marcenda at Lisboa - City, Lisboa (cidade) Portugal on Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I got it today, the very first delivery I get from Croatia! I have 2 bookrings to get to before this one, but hopefully I'll be quick. Thanks a lot!

Journal Entry 5 by Marcenda at Lisboa - City, Lisboa (cidade) Portugal on Thursday, February 09, 2012
Oh, dear me. Almost 9 years a bookcrosser and I don't think I've never held a book this long. I've read it some time ago, and loved it! It's so amazingly different from everything I've read so far.
Then I got divorced, then the Holidays came, then I went bankrupt,then I finally got the courage and time to pack it and then, 2 days ago, I ran out of scotch tape!
I finally mailed it to martinburo today. vedranaster and martinburo, please accept my sincerest apologies for this delay. If you ever trust me with a book again, I promise this won't happen.

Journal Entry 6 by martinburo at Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom on Monday, March 19, 2012
So sorry, this arrived a while ago, and I've read it as well. I've just asked for Flutterbies9's address.
I thought this wasn't one of KV's best books.
Really sorry I've had this so long.

Journal Entry 7 by Flutterbies9 at Meare, Somerset United Kingdom on Saturday, October 20, 2012
Thanks. I've finally received this book today and will read it immediately after I've completed the one I'm half way through. I intend to soon get the book on its way again.

Journal Entry 8 by Flutterbies9 at Meare, Somerset United Kingdom on Friday, November 02, 2012
Not really sure what to make of this. Not the most alluring book I've ever read. Intriguing use of language, odd (to me) use of chidl like drawings to break up the surreal text. The plot is as strange as it sounds from the Wiki entry, the timelines are all at intervals thoughout the book, first retrspective, running up to present with some retospective glimpses then flying through the present with retrospective glimpses back to the present.
Interesting, glad I finally got to read this well known book but really unsure about this offering from Kurt Vonnegut.

I've contacted the next in line so am awaiting a reply.

Released 7 yrs ago (11/12/2012 UTC) at -- Controlled Release, -- By post or by hand/ in person -- United Kingdom


Happy travels little book.

Journal Entry 10 by Vekiki at London, Greater London United Kingdom on Thursday, November 15, 2012
nomnomnom more vonnegut :) I've been wanting to read more of his since finishing slaughterhouse 5, and where better to start than another of his classics like this? Looking forward to getting into in

Journal Entry 11 by Vekiki at London, Greater London United Kingdom on Sunday, December 02, 2012

Released 6 yrs ago (12/2/2012 UTC) at London, Greater London United Kingdom


On it's way to the nest reader

I enjoyed this, it made me laugh a lot. I actually found it really easy to read and follow with regards plot and timeline. I'm not sure that my politics would stand up to fully appreciating some of the less obvious allusions he was making, and I certainly haven't read enough vonnegut to know when he is using characters from his other books - I did feel sometimes like I'd missed some references in that regard!
I liked the illustrations, I thought they set a very clear tone and helped define the narrative voice

Journal Entry 12 by pam99 at Troon, Scotland United Kingdom on Wednesday, December 05, 2012
I'm reading a book at the moment, will get to this one next - it arrived safely today! I read quite a bit of Kurt Vonnegut's work in my late teens (a friend got me into him while we were backpacking around Canada, eating pasta and spending our money on second hand books) but that was 20 years ago, so I look forward to getting re-acquainted!

Journal Entry 13 by pam99 at Troon, Scotland United Kingdom on Monday, December 10, 2012
I enjoyed this book, some very funny parts and some that were plain off-the-wall. I agree with Vekiki regarding Vonnegut's characters from other books, and I suspect I would have enjoyed the book even more if I'd read it 20 years ago on the back of Vonnegut's other work - but I can always re-read it in the future! Thanks for sharing vedranaster, I'll pm 4evagreen for an address.

Journal Entry 14 by pam99 at Troon, Scotland United Kingdom on Saturday, December 15, 2012

Released 6 yrs ago (12/15/2012 UTC) at Troon, Scotland United Kingdom


in the post to the next reader

Journal Entry 15 by 4evagreen at Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire United Kingdom on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Book arrived safely. Am reading a book at present but will try to read one next.

Journal Entry 16 by 4evagreen at Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire United Kingdom on Sunday, January 06, 2013
“He couldn't tell the difference between one politician and another. They were all formlessly enthusiastic chimpanzees to him.”

The book revolves around to main characters Kilgore Trout, a sci-fi author whom no one has ever heard of bar one fan and certainly has made no money from his craft and Dwayne Hoover, a second hand car dealer who everyone seems to think has everything but who is slowly slipping into madness.

This lovely book is full of wonderful satire as Vonnegut, with Kilgore Trout an almost autobiographical figure, takes a sideways swipe at the art of writing and American culture. Nothing seems to be off limits, racism, politics, green issues, crime and corruption, drug use and abuse, insanity, parenting to name but a few. The juxtaposition of the many ideas and sketches continually amazed and tickled me making me laugh out loud on more than one occasion.

The prose is simple and easy to understand and once picked up this is a hard book to put down as you are never quite sure onto what tangent it will be leaping off onto next. Perhaps the ending is a little abrupt but all the same is still a very good read. He certainly managed to give me a new appreciation of 'beavers.'

“Charm was a scheme for making strangers like and trust a person immediately, no matter what the charmer had in mind.”

Journal Entry 17 by 4evagreen at Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire United Kingdom on Thursday, January 10, 2013

Released 6 yrs ago (1/10/2013 UTC) at Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire United Kingdom


Heading off back to Croaia. Thanks for sharing and enjoy.

Journal Entry 18 by vedranaster at Zagreb, Zagreb City Croatia on Thursday, January 17, 2013
The book is back home. Thanks, 4evagreen, for sending it back,
and for the cute sheep card! Love it! :D

Thank you, everyone, for participating and taking such good care of the book! :D
It will now wait on my shelf for a while, until I finish the books I need to move on (rings/rays/promised RABCKs). After that it'll most likely be off to USA, as a ray.

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