The 1st Million - A bookcrossing story

Registered by Ench of Hamburg, Hamburg Germany on 9/18/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by Ench from Hamburg, Hamburg Germany on Thursday, September 18, 2003
This book is on it's way.. it has gotten to London so far. More news to come!

BCID xxx-1000000

This book is curious, it wants to wander, it wants to visit YOU!
It wants to learn your funniest, catchiest, simply your most memorable bookcrossing event. This book is vagabond as well, so once it has learnt your story it wants to move on.. meet new people and more stories.

If you want the book to visit you, please abide to the following easy rules:
- The book wants to meet many bookcrossers, so it asks to visit BC-Meetings, when possible.
- The book wants to hear many stories, so it asks you to write one page only.
- The book longs to travel, so it asks to not to be kept overly long, so it can visit more people.
- The book would like a picture of you -if one is available-, so it can remember you better.

So, who is hostpitable and will invite "The 1st Million"? Please send me a PM with your name, location and shipping preferences.

The 1st million is looking forward to meet you.

Journal Entry 2 by Ench from Hamburg, Hamburg Germany on Thursday, September 18, 2003
Ok, we have 57 participants so far (Thank you!!!)
Even if each of them takes only three days to read the and transport also takes only three days, this book will travel for well over a year. This forces me to cease down on particpiation. Please understand that i can only take participants that were bookcrossing members on September 18th 2003, when the 1000000 was issued. After today (September 25th) I will accept only bookcrossers from a country not yet mentioned here.

For all those of you already enlisted, please see if any of the other participants might be living so close to you, that you might give it personally to him/her. If so, please let me know and i will arrange the shipping to you as a group. I try to put up a preliminary shipping order by the end of next weekend. And the journal is supposed to start by the beginning of next week.

To accomodate both the number of participants and the event, the book is a moderately thick leather hard-bound. The weight is 850g (1,9 pounds). Someone mentioned to me that a journal might not be accepted as country-specific media mail, please ask with your local post-office. The book *is* a hard-bound book, just with blank pages, after all.

Since this book is very special, both for the occasion and for the participants, please ask for delivery confirmation when you send the book on, we all don't want the book to get lost. This is one of the few books i would rather not want to see drifting in the wild but rather among hands. Thank you.

List of participants so far (NO shipping order):

fly46 (US, US only)
janaqq (US, US only)
Ysabol (US, Ohi, US only)
pammyBABY (US, Ver, US only)
alsomama (US, Sea, US only)
arugh48187 (US, Min, US pref)
thebiblioholic (US,NYC, US pref)
Tzurriz (US, Flo, US pref)
LilPatoodle (US, Mar, US pref)
caligula03(US, Cal, US pref)
ALIVE (US, Flo, int)
Kernow8 (US, Vir, int)
aaratnayake (US, Min, int)
allysthere (US, Haw, int)
Morgail (US, Ken , US only)
kikimasu (US, FL, int) late (21 ;)
tsmith51632 (US, Iowa, int)
fama (US, WA, int)
iagal (US, Iowa, US)
notbob (US, Oma, ?) + friends ;-)
NicoleJLeBoeuf (US, Col, ?)
symphonicca (Can, Nova S., ?)
bluenoser (Can, Nova S., ?)
ladylace (Can,Ontario, ?)

dorle (Ger, ?)
Allataria (Ger, Eur)
frank-63 (Ger, ?)
Wyando (Ger, int) late
Klute (Ger, Ger)
eckbert (Ger, Ger)
IrasCignavojo (Ger, Ger pref)
lucertolila (Ger, Ger pref) late
srmilkyway (Ger, ?)
blacksheeps99 (Au, Vienna, Eur pref)
Yubi40 (CH,D-CH, ?) 13.11. ?
loopy1 (UK, UK pref)
BreakEveryRule (UK, UK only) -->
Bookswotter (UK, UK only)
buffalogirl (UK, UK only) <--
ShadowPi (UK, UK pref)
YowlYY (UK, Eur pref)
Jalna (UK, int)
vesna (Italy, It only)
PenelopePitstop (Italy, int)
Banshee (Italy, int)
silviazza (Italy, int)
solimano (Italy, Eur pref)
Snoow (Fr, ?)
nobodysperfect (Fr, Fr, Eur pref)
matindautomne (Fr, North, int)
boucli (Fr, int)
BlossomU (Portugal, Lisboa, Port pref)
tho (Portugal, Eur pref) close to BlossomU

bdwoman (Portugal, ?)

nastenka-d (Portugal, Lisboa, ?)
MSO (Portugal, int)
LuisdeMedeiros (Portugal, Eur pref)
Crestfallen (Portugal, int)

balqui (Spain, ?)
Suskiin (Spain, Eur, int?)
YagoBCN (Spain, int)

Australia/ New Zealand:
boryha (Aus, South, Aus pref)
KiwiKat (NZ, int) late
FutureCat (NZ, int)

Madder (Malaysia, Borneo, int)

Sometime, after all this travel, this book is meant to come back for retirement, potentially being leant out for special occasions.

This book would love to see more continents, come ahead, bookcrossers of the world.

Journal Entry 3 by Ench from Hamburg, Hamburg Germany on Tuesday, October 28, 2003
I'm on my way to London on a business opportunity and since i'm lucky i could arrange a meeting with my fellow bookcrossing friend YowlYY. I'm going to give the book to her tonight.

Journal Entry 4 by YowlYY on Monday, November 03, 2003
Very sorry for the belated journalling of this wonderful, beautiful book! Ench and I met in Central London and then, during a very nice meal in a Turkish restaurant in a back alley of Regent Street, we had the chance of documenting in pictures the hand-out of this book! Glamourous red leather and beautiful creamy thick pages to write on...

Please watch this space...a picture of Ench and YowlYY's meetup will be uploaded soon ;-)

Journal Entry 5 by YowlYY on Monday, November 10, 2003
I wrote my page in the book, and now it's time to have someone else writing in the book... I am taking it with me tomorrow to the official BookCrossing meetup and those who wish, will be able to write down their own most memorable BC moment in their life ;-)
After that, the book will be leaving London on Wednesday, 12 November, to visit the second UK citizen on the list...

Here the shipping list for the UK:

YowlYY (London, England, UK) rec. 28.10.2003
loopy1 (Herne Bay, Kent, UK) rec. 13.11.2003
ShadowPi (Watford, England, UK) rec. 29.11.2003
BreakEveryRule + Bookswotter (Manchester, England, UK) rec. 04.12.2003
buffalogirl (Manchester, England, UK)
Jalna (Wrexham, Wales, UK)
Kernow8 (Southampton, UK) --->formerly in the US list!

Journal Entry 6 by loopy1 from Herne Bay, Kent United Kingdom on Thursday, November 13, 2003
I met the postman on my way out this morning, and couldn't think what the large parcel from Gabriella was. I opened it at work - what a beautiful book! I'll have to practise my handwriting before making my contribution :-)
I have the contributions from Ench, YowlYY, JemimaJ and Lucycat to read first, then I'll put in my bit and pass the book on.
Thanks for doing this :-)

Journal Entry 7 by loopy1 from Herne Bay, Kent United Kingdom on Saturday, November 15, 2003
Well, I found my best pen, had two attempts on scrap paper to work out what to write, then wrote something slightly different anyway! It was lovely to write in such a nice book, and to think of its future travels.
I'm just about to pm a copy of my contribution to Ench, then parcel it up and send it to ShadowPi. Good luck, journal!

Journal Entry 8 by ShadowPi from Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdom on Saturday, November 29, 2003
Safe and sound in Watford, delivered this morning along with another box from ebay! I will add my contribution today and hopefully get it sent on to BreakEveryRule during the week. It is a beautiful book and I have enjoyed reading all the contributions so far. Thanks for this great idea Ench.

Journal Entry 9 by BreakEveryRule on Thursday, December 04, 2003
Book arrived safely by post will set about doing my entry as soon as possible. I love the entries already written in the book it wonderful to find out about how others got involved with bookcrossing. I enjoyed reading the other entries and have now written mine I am passing the book now onto Bookswotter

Journal Entry 10 by BreakEveryRule on Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Sorry for the hold up (family issues) book is filled now, and going on to bufflogirl, its being taken in car to her for speed. It also took me some time to decide what to write will pm you what i wrote. I loved reading everyone else contributions sorry did not log off my wifes name Oops its Bookswotter

Journal Entry 11 by jalna from Wrexham, Wales United Kingdom on Thursday, August 26, 2004
I held off journalling this book when I received it, waiting for the previous entrant to make her entry. This doesn't seem to have been forthcoming, but I need to make my entry now because to-day I have sent the book on its way to Vesna in Italy.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to take part in this venture and I wish it every success and send thanks to Ench for starting it. It's a beautiful book and will be a great treasure when it has all its contributions from BookCrossers worldwide.

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