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Many of you have reported receiving a phishing PM through BookCrossing, from the members rachel123 and rachel4lord. Thank you for reporting! It's reports like these that helped us block the accounts as fast as we could.

So what should you do now? Do you need to change your password? Is your account compromised?

No, it's not. 'Rachel' sent PMs like any member can do; s/he just sent a whole lot of them, most likely to usernames that were visible in the forum. It must have been a lot of work, since we do not have a mass PM option (and this is exactly why).

There is nothing you need to do now. 'Rachel''s accounts are blocked. You can just delete the PM... or print it out and embroider it in cross stitching to frame it and hang it over your computer, if you like. It's up to you.

In all seriousness: our thanks to those who reported it as soon as it happened. That was very helpful. Now we can all go back to our daily BookCrossing lives!


I appreciate the update, but after years of no spam here I was not worried when this phishing showed up in my mailbox. At least it didn't interrupt my dinner hour with a robocall....
Thanks for taking care of it.


You guys are terrific! xo



some 25 minutes ago - and her/his account has already been suspended since yesterday. I'm confused, could gmail really be this slow or what? I guess I'll report this, just in case.


her/his account has already been suspended since yesterday.

That can't be right, we blocked that one this morning and then edited the first message in this thread to include that username. Sorry to confuse you!


Thank you for not advertising your silly supplements here. This is more about bulking up (or slimming, as the case may be) our bookshelves. :D

To reply while maintaining your privacy, you must use this web page:

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Account blocked. Because that does not sound suspicious at aaaaaaaaaaaaaalll...
Thanks for the heads up!


Gee, looks like you missed an opportunity to gain a new BFF. :p


Gee, looks like you missed an opportunity to gain a new BFF. :p

Wow, as she is an astronaut fighting Isis...she NEEDS a BFF.


MrsPeel 3 yrs ago
That spam is so funny, I wouldn't even be mad to get it. :)


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