BookCrossing Day Contest, 2nd edition. The winners are known!

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Here are the final results of the voting for the BookCrossing Day Label 2015:

We've had a total of almost a 1000 valid votes this year. Thank you all!
This year, every participating label received more than 25 votes; that means that there was no label that wasn't some people's avourite. That's a very nice thought for all of you who submitted a label.

Now of course you'll want to know which label won. You can see it on the voting page, right here:

The third prize is for Azuki, who drew the lovely 'Follow the Yellow Book Road' label. Great work!
The second prize goes to ApoloniaX, who created the wonderful label with the newspaper-reading cat. We love it!

And the winner is:
(drum roll, of course)

Label 9, two children reading a decorated book in (mostly) black and white, by the talented bookczuk!

Congratulations! We love this design and we're looking forward to seeing the labels in the Supply Store very soon. Bookczuk will receive a free pack of 25 labels in the language of her choice, and the matching round International BookCrossing Day stickers, and other supplies to make up a nice BookCrossing Day release kit.
Her design will appear in the Store within a couple of days.

ApoloniaX gets three months of Wings on the house! And Azuki gets a month.

The designs that were in the contest can be used to make your own International BookCrossing Day Labels, or regular BookCrossing Bookplates, in our Bookplate Creator; if you want to do so (and why wouldn't you? There are some great ones!) click on the image first to enlarge it before you save it; you'll get a bigger file and a better result.
Oh, and please do us a favour, and do not use these designs for home-printed labels (unless you're the artist). Thank you.

Finally: make sure you order your International BookCrossing Day labels and stickers before April 1st! We need to make sure that you'll get them in time, and for that reason, they will disappear from the Store on that day.


and to everyone else who created a label. Great work, everyone.
But I must admit I'm so happy that bookczuk won. Label # 9 was my absolute favourite, the one I voted for. I guess I really must purchase some...


Congratulations on your winning. They were all beautiful but I just loved Follow The Yellow Book Road.


I like this handdrawing design made from bookcrossers for bookcrossers :-)


That's my granddaughter behind that book, with the long curling hair. :) And the other one I tried to draw that it could be boy or girl. Thank you all for liking the sketch enough to vote for it. The selections were fabulous; there were 3 or 4 others I really thought would win. I hope they get made into just regular labels with the label creator, even if they don't have the IBCD info on them.

Edited to add: It's hard to see, but I did put in BookCrossing tag lines, in several languages, among the curls and details of the book cover design.


It's hard to see, but I did put in BookCrossing tag lines, in several languages, among the curls and details of the book cover design.

Thanks for mentioning that, I hadn't seen that yet, but they are clearly visible in the bigger version of the picture


Three great entries from three great BookCrossers. Well done. :)


Three great entries from three great BookCrossers. Well done. :)
I second that. Well done, everybody!


Congratulations! My favourite was the one who won (and I thought I recognized bookczuk's pysanky inspired style, even if I didn't know whether she entered at all ;)), very closely followed by the Yellow Book Road, and this one had third place for me:

I thought they were all wonderful!


HomerLibrary 3 yrs ago


Congratulations to all of you! And to all who contributed and to all who voted!


MyssCyn 3 yrs ago
I love the design!


And especially to the winners! All three! Congratulations!

I loved joining the competition and to see all the entries. They are great!
Wow I just reread the first message and saw, at least 25 votes for all the participants, we are all winners :-).

(It would be nice to be able to watch last years entries as well, is it possible to put them on another page, or maybe at the bottom of this one?)


Congratulations to the three winners and everyone who entered. It was so hard not to vote for my entry, they were all so beautiful! I'll be back next year!!


The design I voted for didn't win, but I'm thrilled that the cat was liked :-)
(Btw, she doesn't live with me anymore, she just did so for some 2.5 months - she was homeless and I found a great new place for her, she is already informed about coming second place.)


Looking forward to buying the labels.


and also to the other very wonderful designs!

Anybody know when we can order these?


I really love your design and the cat by ApoloniaX too. And a few others... this year the quality is just so high and everybody put in a lot of thoughts into it.

Also really glad with how many people have participated in the voting.


So many great designs I had trouble choosing just one favorite. :)




And how do we access the others to create our own? Since I plan to release a lot of books, I'll buy some of the winning label (which was wonderful) and make some of the others too, since I liked several of them.


No, you'll see them in the Store when they are. I need to prepare all the images in the different languages first, and the round stickers are being printed. In other words, it's in the works!

And how do we access the others to create our own?
That's pretty much explained in the first posting: you can download them from the page where the winners are shown.


ApoloniaX and Azuki.
Great 2nd year of World Bookcrossing Day coming up I feel 😀


and ordered it from the store (and those by ApoloniaX too as it has a cat...)

Thanks a lot to everybody that created those nice label-pictures!


and ordered it from the store (and those by ApoloniaX too as it has a cat...)

You're fast! We've been putting them online today (yes, it took most of the day, but now it seems to be done.) We'll post a separate announcement and a sidebar news item, too.


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