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We've just heard about some improvements and fixes on the website, and we think you'll like them, too! Here they are:

- A 'Try again' button has been added to the error page that is shown when
a page takes too long to load. It will later be translated in all the
offered languages.

- The results for a book search now show the correct registration dates
for the books, instead of the date of the last journal entry. Nice bug fix, thanks!

- The results for a forum search now show the thread title, not just the
title of that specific post. They also show a bit more of the post itself. This makes it easier to search for a certain forum post by you or someone else.

We love these improvements, thank you very much!



We love these improvements, thank you very much!

That. :-)


Nice improvements, fixes and update!


Good job!


We love them too!


Thank you techies!


Thank you


Petre 3 yrs ago
Good job!


& thanks to the support for playing the Messenger. :)


Great improvement indeed...I at first I thought I was lost until I click the try again button.

Great job indeed


Krissa33 3 yrs ago
Great job
Thank you :-)


wingMissMarkeywing 3 yrs ago
Thank you. Love our site.


Here's a small, but nasty one. It's also kind of hard to explain, but we'll try.

On the page where you pick a location for releasing a book:
When you select a shortcut from the shortcut list (the one on top), the zone list below is populated with other zones in the same city, and your chosen shortcut zone is shown as selected in that list, too.
Up until today, if you then selected another zone in that city from the zone list to use instead, that selection wouldn't stick, it would be ignored and the shortcut you'd chosen first would still be selected (and used!) when you clicked [next].

My friends, no longer shall this happen. Selecting a different zone from the zone list will now work, and as a visual cue, the previously selected zone will no longer show as selected in the shortcut list on top. Hurray!



Nice one, explains a strange release I did some time ago.


Here's a small, but nasty one. It's also kind of hard to explain, but we'll try.

Thanks! Good to hear of all these bugs being fixed.

I wonder if this is related to (or exactly) the bug I've run into often.

Problem: I want to release a book but the available release zones do not match the site I have in mind, so I create a new release zone. I release the book. If I now want to release another book at the same zone, the new zone doesn't show among the available zones for that city. It takes the system a good few hours (but normally within half a day) to show the recently created zone. (I have found the same problem when I create a new zone and upload a zone picture to it immediately. The created zone doesn't list for half a day, not even for the first book. Nowadays I create the zone, release the book, and only later upload the zone picture.)

Current workaround: If I then continue the release process without selection a release zone, I get an error, indicating that I should select a zone. Voila! The zone list displayed after the error message now includes the new zone, and I can select it and release the book.

Is this the same bug or a related one?


Is this the same bug or a related one?

Unfortunately, not the same one, but it's one we know about.


Oohhh-- This one makes me really happy. I missed being able to switch between shortcut and city, and am glad to have it back. Thank you!


Thank you,


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