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Hello All!

Just an update regarding the localization of BookCrossing:

As you know, the German team helped us by testing the program we implemented last month. All went well but they found that editing the translation proved to be more difficult than it should be. Because of this, we are going to find an alternative so that translating the site will go as smoothly as possible. Please know that we are researching translator programs and still have every intention of contacting you soon. We are looking forward to begin the process!!! Sorry for the delay....Happy 'Crossing!

*Also, please feel free to pass this information to anyone who may miss this forum post. Thank you!


winglizzyblackwing 9 yrs ago
Thanx :)


wingMoemwing 9 yrs ago
Thank you!
I reposted this in the Dutch forum. I didn't bother to translate it... for obvious reasons ;-)


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