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Hi there,

I am from Nantwich in the UK, this is something that sounds interesting, is there anyone else nearby here that is interested in books and swapping them, or just talking about them?

I look forward to talking more about them with like minded folk!

Hopefully this is a good first post, as I never know quite what to say initially!


Welcome aboard, we're glad you found us!



Thanks, I am looking forward to reading some different books and helping people to read my books!
I have plenty to go around!


There are 51 registered members in your city but I don't see any recent activity on Nantwich on the go Hunting PAges. That said, I see some bookcrossing activity in other Cheshire areas, so this is a good start. You may want to research for members around your area to see what comes up : )

Books&People>Browse Members>United Kingdom>Cheshire>......


wingCamperfanwing 9 mos ago
Hi Batdude
Welcome to Bookcrossing. Just have a look around the Fora and see what it has to offer and before you know it you'll be right into it. Enjoy.




I hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome! Your opening post and reply are both good and it sounds like you will enjoy bookcrossing, so I'm happy you joined us :)


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